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bornking7 287w ago
Peace to the Queen #Todaysdegree #Thequeen #3/4ths #peacetotheearths

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HAPPY 54th ANNIVERSARY TO THE 5% NATION OF GODS AND EARTHS ACROSS THE WHOLE U-N-I-VERSE. ALLAH IS SEEN AND HEARD EVERYWHERE SO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CIPHER IS TO ENLIGHTEN YOU TO LET YOU KNOW THAT THE TRUE AND LIVING GODS IS RIGHT AMONGST YOU. P.E.A.C.E *7) #allahsfivepercent #nationofgodsandearths #peaceallah #fivepercentnation #dayone #steelcity #truthcipher #region6 #happydegree #representwhereyourefrom
Peace to my physical one of my fav cousin Karl last time we built he was running the street of the Bronx doing graffiti under the name Rageone. Karl was instrumental in putting me in tune with some of the gods in Pelan aka the Bronx at the time one of them was my good brother @tapreme who was the first to bring me to Allah School in Mecca in the yr Born Understanding. Never forget the ones that we're instrumental on your path to Knowledge of Self. Just wanted to give a special shout out to my cus who is now a well known photographer doing big things. proud of you cus all praises due to Allah. This reflection was taken by my beautiful Cousin @arimarlel at my Grand ol Earth Repass in Yawd. #familyovereverything #familyfirst #physicalfamily #nowyallknowthegov #butdontcallmethat #betterrespectmyattribute #andrespectthehonorable #peacetothegods
The 🌍Is Yours. Happy Physical to the God @nas
PEACE TO THE GOD @razfresco TAKING IT TO MATTAWAN WITH THIS ONE ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🚨🚨🚨"FLOWS" MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW🚨🚨 | 📽DIR. BY @ZACFACTS 👀🔥 they said the flow was too insane and tried to lock him up inna mental hospital📽😷 #MOVIE #howusurvivethroughlifeeveryday #HUSTLE #PEACETOTHEGODS
PEACE TO THE GOD @smoothboss Ayo If you Didn't Know The God Born aka Smooth B, had Knowledge of self you wasn't doing the Knowledge. it's their in a fine mist you just had to draw it up #Funkyforyou smoothB.Verse smooth B notorious, glorious
Knowledge is infinite, I live in a fortress
I'm so astronomical, yet on a physical plane
My body's just a shell, in control is my brain
I strain to gain spirituality
So I can finally be in unity
Harmony with the all eye-seeing
Supreme being
Knower of histories and mysteries
I'm mystic, also stylistic
Not materialistic, simplistic
Humble while others tumble, stumble
Smooth B, not Bumble
Rumble, no, that's not likely
That's in my old 'school daze' like Spike Lee
Smooth B, my rhymes get better with time
I should get an endorsement for creating fresh lines
And as I grow older, lyrics get hyper
Cause I'm a dominant black pied piper
Spreadin peace and love throughout my travels. #PEACEGOD #niceandsmooth #smoothb #allahfivepercent #tdot
#PEACETOTHEGODS In celebration of Emancipation day (August 1st), commemorating the so called end of slavery, Toronto Based rapper/ The Remix Project Alumni, Freddy King, releases visuals for his single “Revolution” featuring Shamuel Jackson and founder of the “Stolen From Africa” brand, Logik416.  The video takes setting in some of the most historic communities of #Toronto for African and Caribbean culture: Regent Park and Eglington west (Little Jamaica). With Caribana festivities coming up this weekend, often we forget the true means as to why we “jump up and tunn up.” Lest we forget, this is a celebration of our resiliency and freedom!
Freddy King “Field of Dreams” Album is set to be release August 29, 2017
✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 IG Links:
AIM Entertainment @a.i.a_entertainment
Stolen From Africa @AlldaySFA
Logik @Logik416
Shamuel Jackson @the_blackjamesbond
Had to build with the OG @lordjamar on my 📞📚real quick & thx the God for that #phonebookchallenge GOT EVERYBODY DOING THE KNOWLEDGE REAL RIGHT! PEACE to my Brothers that Excepted the Challenge @chace_infinite x the Yung God @asap12vy make sure y'all cop his Album. & The Yung God @razfresco HOW YOU SURVIVE THRU LIFE EVERYDAY #knowledgeofself #BookPhoneChallenge #ceeallahnation #phonebook #longdistanceplan #allah #serviceprovider #peacegod #brandnubian #allahujustice #stacksofknowledge #peacetothegods
When @redmangilla & @methodmanofficial ARE ABOUT TO DROP 1 OF UR FAV JOINTS 🔥🔥🔥🔥#DAROCKWILDER B.U.T THE GOD TAKES A MOMENT TO SAY PEACE TO THE GODS ‼️7️⃣🙏🏾 SO APDTA TO MY AALIKE KNOWLEDGE BORN AKA SHAKWAN AKA MR.MEF , ALLAH MATHEMATICS & DJDICE FOR HOLDING THE GODS DOWN. & PEACE TO MY BROTHERS THE GREATEST ALMIGHTY SHING SHING REGIME. #allahsfivepercent #peacetothegods #thegreatestandonlyregime #peacetothegodsandearths #shingshingregime #mef #wutangclan #redandmeth #methodman #redman
PEACE TO THE GOD @lordjamar ON THIS ONE 📚Y'all wanna make the BOOK PHONE a CHALLENGE???...Then make it happen!!! YOUR ON THE GRAM HOLDING MONEY TO YA EAR, THERE A DIS CONNECT 📚☎️📞#bookphonechallenge