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My airbnb roommate

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That thing where you go visit your pal in the hoosegow.
My partner for today’s LA Bike & Pedestrian Count was doing her second of four shifts for this year’s count—creating safer streets for all, and keeping this underachieving dingdong in a reasonable hat size. #whogetscountedcounts #LABikePedCount @lacbc
Officially ruined for all other cheesecakes.
Kicked off 56 with an even older friend.
The saddest bucket I have ever seen.
Thank you @maggiemaeaprons for the prettiest, most delicious cake I've ever been conflicted about cutting into. (P.S. Half gone already and totally made the right call.) @the_insatiable_more
Kicks the ass of all other bridges.
If I lived near this tree, I would probably have to move. #aiiiiiiiiii