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  Posted: Apr 17, 2012 7:26 PM FEED
19 Sierra
its my #birthday!

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Higher than a mountainside, looking for the next adventure 🦅
🏡 Looking back through some of the places I spent time this summer. So much fun camping, making jewelry and living life to the fullest with friends 🚙 🔥 🌲 💦 💨
Ima Snaaaaaaake 🐍 what i would give to head back to Idaho and swim in that geothermic waterfall 🤤 @visitidaho
Wheelin & dealing 🚙 Hot creek on fleek ⛺️
Ritter Range looking nice for sunset 🌅
Sunrise & Grapejuice 🍷 🍄 Girl the back of your head is ridiculous
Just finished up these Tibetan Turquoise wrapped in sterling silver for Trans-Pecos Festival of Music & Love @sexycooljewels
I thought milky way season was over.
The days are getting shorter and the nights are colder. I've also been eating a lot more food than usual. Idk if my body is getting ready for hibernation or I'm sill playing catch up from burning man 🤔. Any ways went out exploring in this open meadow with a cool river cruisin through it. Then stumbled across this dope camping spot with a 🔥pit already made 😝
Every dog needs a cat to meow, every once in a while 🐶 🐱
Yacht Party for Sunrise 🌅 🚲 that ship gets so ratchet
Went to check out this tropical waterfall with some homies after work and caught this long exposure with my #dji. Definitely one of the dopest waterfalls i've been to. The water was warm and you could climb all over it! Look on the right you'll see the staircase looking section where we climbed down and reached the lower pools. You can also access by boat or raft via the snake river. Now off to have fun