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User Image who Posted: Feb 16, 2018 9:58 AM (UTC)

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All women have a right to a positive #childbirth experience that includes:
-Respect and dignity
-A companion of choice
-Clear communication by maternity staff
-Pain relief strategies
-Mobility in labour and birth position of choice

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User Image who Posted: Mar 21, 2018 10:35 AM (UTC)

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Remember: Antibiotics DO NOT treat viral infections, like colds and flu.
Help us stop the spread of #AntibioticResistance, let's #StopSuperbugs!
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#AirPollution may not always be visible, but it can be deadly.
Clean air = healthy future
User Image who Posted: Mar 20, 2018 5:06 PM (UTC)
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DYK: 445 000 people died from #malaria in 2016.
In most malaria-affected countries, sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net is one of the most effective ways to stop malaria.
In Odisha, #India, health activists go door to door at night - when the mosquitoes bite - to ensure the nets are being used correctly.
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Is there enough physical activity in your life?
Insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. You can prevent noncommunicable diseases by being physically active!
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#AirPollution causes 1 in 9 deaths. It is the biggest environmental health crisis we face.
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Pregnant women must be able to access the right care at the right time.
Regular contact with health services throughout pregnancy will protect mother’s and baby’s health.
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#AirPollution is an invisible killer.
It lurks all around us, preying on the young and old.
It kills 2 million people from heart disease.
Let’s stop it! #BreatheLife
User Image who Posted: Mar 18, 2018 9:06 PM (UTC)

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Giving several vaccines at the same time reduces discomfort for the child and has no negative effect on a child’s immune system #VaccinesWork
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Did you know that "super bugs" resistant to antibiotics can be found in food?
Prevent foodborne diseases with the 5 keys 🔑 to safer food:
1 Keep clean
2 Separate raw & cooked foods
3 Cook thoroughly
4 Keep food at safe temperatures
5 Use safe water and raw materials
#SafeFood #AntibioticResistance
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Breast milk provides the perfect source of early nutrition for babies. 🤱🏽🤱🏿🤱🤱🏼🤱🏻🤱🏾
Support #breastfeeding mums anytime, anywhere.
We can ALL help.
User Image who Posted: Mar 17, 2018 9:33 AM (UTC)

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When communicating with someone with #dementia:
-Be patient
-Be understanding
-Use simple language
-Show compassion and respect
#MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness
User Image who Posted: Mar 16, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)

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If we stop vaccination, diseases that have become uncommon will return. Vaccines are a great tool that can eliminate disease from the map. #VaccinesWork!
User Image who Posted: Mar 16, 2018 3:48 PM (UTC)
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The #Rohingya population in #Bangladesh 🇧🇩 is highly vulnerable and has experienced severe trauma. They are living in extremely difficult conditions.

Additional funding is required to support their health needs.
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Two new #polio cases were confirmed in #Afghanistan in the past week. Each case is one too many. Today, 70,000 vaccinators will complete one last round to vaccinate any kids who were missed during this week's immunization campaign. To #EndPolio we need to reach every child. #VaccinesWork!
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🐶 Do you have a dog?
99% of #rabies cases in humans are caused by dog bites. If we vaccinate dogs, we can end rabies and save lives.
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Health workers in #Syria have endured 7 years of attacks, shortages and distress. But they continue to work. Meet some #HealthHeroes in Syria
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Where you live in the world dramatically affects your access to essential health services. It’s time for #HealthForAll!
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Here are some ways to reduce your #cancer risk. Let's beat cancer!
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Seven years of #Syria’s health tragedy.

Attacks on health have continued at an alarming level.

During January-February 2018, there were 67 verified attacks on health.


Health workers, hospitals, facilities are #NotATarget
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Meet Farzad. He is 16 and he is a volunteer in the national #polio vaccination campaign in #Afghanistan.
Farzad is making sure every child is vaccinated and protected against polio. 70 000 of vaccinators like him are on the move across the country this week to vaccinate 10 million children.
THANK YOU, volunteers! Thanks to your efforts we are getting closer to our goal to #EndPolio. #VaccinesWork