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pamela_ho 287w ago
Placing an order is hard if everything on the menu looks good. Night out with my running buddies Jas & Jess for dinner! We were supposed to try Savour at Purvis Street but the queue was sooooo long we abandoned Plan A and opted for Thai! 😜 #sgfood #friendship #sgig #instasg #instagram_sg

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I found this little oasis after driving around for almost an hour up north looking for a quiet place to work! 😵 Everywhere was crowded, crawling with humans. I wanted to curl up into a ball and whimper. Raced back to my car to hyperventilate.
Anyway, I’m happy now. 😌
No WIFI here, but it’s OK. Gonna transcribe an interview. 🎧 Just give me a good strong black coffee in the afternoon, some nature, and I’m good to go. 👩🏻‍💻☕️🌳 #workingwriter #publicholiday #nature #oasis #peace #naturepark #lovewhatido #coffee #longblack #macbookpro #mykindofbliss #transcribing #ihatecrowds
Yay! My fav player @garbimuguruza is otw to Singapore! 🇸🇬 Looking forward to having her back here for the @wtafinalssg. 🎾 Cya soon, Garbi! 📷: Garbiñe Muguruza
#garbinemuguruza #vamosgarbi #wtafinalssg #wtatennis #porscheracetosingapore #singapore #sgsports #sgevents #singaporeairlines
Yay! She’s otw to Singapore! 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬 Looking forward to having her back here for the @wtafinalssg. 🎾 Joyeux anniversaire, Caro, and see you soon!
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Merci à tous pour vos messages! 🤗‬
‪thank you everyone for your birthday wishes ! 🤗
My perfect way to spend my birthday a plane to Singapore and the #WTAFinals ! 🎉🎊🎂🎁🎾🇸🇬 ‬
@nikecourt @yonex_com @lyonaeroports
#carolinegarcia #wtafinalssg #porscheracetosingapore #wtatennis #wta #singapore #sgsports #sgevents
Yay! She’s otw to Singapore. 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬 Looking forward to having her back here for the @wtafinalssg. 🎾 Cya soon, Kaja!
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#Singapore 😀❤ #Acequeen is coming 👸🎾 Can't wait for my last tennis stop of the 2017 @WTA season!
#karolinapliskova #wtafinalssg #wtatennis #otw #countingdown #singapore #porscheracetosingapore #sgsports #sgevents
Doing prep work for an interview over a rojak dinner. Familiarising myself with the elements of sound design for film, e.g. ADR, Foley etc.
Was fun listening to films, like excerpts from Royston Tan's '15', the original Japanese version of 'The Ring', and seeing how the soundscape of LOTR's Middle Earth was created.
We take sound for granted, that's for sure. ‘The Ring’ 🇯🇵 for example uses silence so effectively to scare the shit out of people like me!
#workingwriter #sounddesign #soundengineering #research #homework #interview #lovewhatido #nevernotlearning #LOTR #soundscape #lordoftherings #sound #theartofsound #foodporn #foodgasm #sgfood #sgfoodporn #nomnom #rojak
Love this wefie by Uncle Theo & Aunty Mona! They posted it on my FB wall to wish me happy birthday and it made me SMILE. ☺️ Throwback to two weekends ago: When you haven’t met your dear friend @euniceolsen in a while and actually miss her crazy family!
PHOTO: @theodoreramona
#throwback #friendship #olsenfamily #wefie #repost
Meet Philippines-born Eisa Jocson. She’s trained in ballet & pole dancing but one of her most iconic works is ‘Macho Dancer’, a transgressive gender-bending performance that will blow your mind.

Fascinated by the dance vocabulary of male strippers in Manila nightclubs, she approached the young men to teach her macho dancing. This highly acclaimed piece of work has since toured festivals around the world!
In Singapore, ‘Macho Dancer’ carries an Advisory 16 rating, but it’s much more than a flesh feast. Eisa makes important observations about gender, seduction politics and power relations, and will be sharing about her socially-informed works from 2009 to the present in a specially-commissioned performance lecture.
This double bill (27 & 28 Oct) is part of the Esplanade’s da:ns fest. Ahead of that, I did an interview with her. I was curious: What compelled her to learn the dance form from male strippers? How is it different from western Chippendales? Did she have any apprehensions? etc.

Full story:
Photo Credits: (L) Jovel Lorenzo, (R) Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker
#EisaJocson #MachoDancer #dansfestival #esplanade #alistsg #dance #machodancing #sgdance #sgarts #sgevents #singapore #workingwriter #lovewhatido @esplanadesingapore
Finally caught @pangdemoniumtheatre’s ‘Fun Home’ last night - their 2017 season finale musical, adapted from Alison Bechdel’s 2006 autobiographical graphic novel.
More than a coming out story, it’s a story about family, something I feel Pangdemonium has explored quite bravely this season, in its various manifestations.
Call them a ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ family if you must, but I believe this story will make many ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ families heave a sigh of relief to know they’re not that unique after all. I know families who struggle with very similar dilemmas.
But even if such a family is vastly different from yours or seems somewhat bizarre, I believe we can all find some sort of parallel with our own lives in its specificity. I definitely did.
Nikki Muller’s ‘Telephone Wire’ and Adrian Pang’s ‘Edges of the World’ broke my heart. Small Alison’s ‘Ring of Keys’ and Medium Alison’s ‘Changing My Major’ also stood out for me in its humour and wonder.
I didn’t walk out in tears but I left feeling connected to the story and to the characters, grateful that it gave voice to so many unspoken things in our society and validated so many people who probably feel alone in their torments. That, to me, is the power of putting stories on stage.
Kudos to Pangdemonium for never shying away from such stories. Looking forward to the 2018 season.
Fun Home runs till 15 Oct, only four more shows. In Singapore, it carries an R18 rating.
#pangdemonium #funhome #funhomemusical #sgtheatre #sgarts #sgevents #family 📷: Mine x Pangdemonium (Credit: @crispianchan) @nikkimullerfly @tracie_pang @benjaminkheng
If everything in my life fell apart, but I had these people with me, I’d be alright. 😌 Celebrating my birthday - and my super helper Lores’ - with the most important people in my life. ❤️ #family #birthday #pamho2017 #holeefamily #gratitude #blessed #friendsarethefamilyyouchoose
Mummy Massacre. 🤕 He was lucky I lost my appetite before I got to his face.
#halloween #eclair #dessert #foodporn #foodgasm #sgfood #sgfoodporn #nomnom
Paid a visit to my nephew Earl, who was made to work for his snack today. 🐰🌀 Is this really necessary, hoomin?
#earlthebunny #bunny #bunniesofinstagram #willworkforfood #lionhead #mysistersbunny @desireneho
Dad made dry mee siam. I'm stealing his pic! 😍For this, I'm heading east later to my parents' place. Thank god I can write anywhere!
#ForFoodWillTravel #DadsKitchen #homemade #homecooked #foodporn #foodgasm #sgfood #sgfoodporn #yummy #nomnom #drymeesiam #family #drool
Ever wanted to access the backstage areas of the @esplanadesingapore and learn how things work BTS at this state-of-the-art performing arts centre??? 😃 Good news! There will be 8 guided tours coming up and they’re all for charity! ❤️ The best part for me is that you’ll hear unique stories and personal experiences from the celeb guides! Do check this out.

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🔊Specially for their 15th anniversary🎉, in collaboration with @alistsg , @esplanadesingapore presents eight special tours led by well-known artists like actors @hossanleong & @siti__k , indie musician @thisisinch and jazz goddess @ranisingam who have all performed in the Esplanade, and Esplanade insiders who are responsible for keeping the arts centre running like clockwork. .

Explore the backstage areas and uncover the technical wizardry of a world-class performing arts centre, guided by individuals who know it best. See the Durian through their eyes! .

Each tour is for 20 people, followed by a light tea reception. All proceeds go towards fundraising for the construction of a new 550-seat theatre on Esplanade’s waterfront. With a minimum donation of $100 per person, you can help bring the arts to the next generation of artists and audiences. Head to for tickets now!
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Eggvocado toast, coffee and a good read. 🥑🍳🍞☕️📖 Burst into tears this morning, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, while reading. Few reads have managed to do that to me. One down, three to go.
#eggvocado #avocado #eggporn #breakfast #coffee #reading #books #readerofinstagram #mykindofbliss
This guy. 🤣

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Today intro a sibei power seoul food in Seng Kang. This stall serve one of the most authentic and non-mainstream korean food.
Non-mainstream meaning nt those usual yoganehneh kind of thing.

Located in food court means price is affordable. But though in food court, the food is not cock. Its restaurant standard, if not, even better. Ingredient is fresh and generous. Confirm wont short change you like gahmen.

Steamed egg ($4): This is the 8th wonder of the world. The egg is fluffly externally and silky smooth internally. Put in mouth, u will tink is ah ma cake. Bite it, and you will think is chawanmushi. Even the stock also taste like it. And wat comes next will be a rush of wok hei fragrance like kallang wave. How come steam egg got wok hei fragrance? I tink even Albert Einstein also tak tau. Tia gong is the bowl is seasoned till got wok hei. But still a myth.

Army Cheese Stew ($29.90): eat this and you forget seoul yummy even exist. The bean paste is strong like the force in this one. Even when you lim the soup, it will leave the powdery bean sediment behind. It also leaves a slight sweet soya bean after-taste. Free soup refills somemore! Ingredients are also fresh and the cheese really bagus. Not those smelly salty kind but those milder creamy kind. Combine with soup, is a match like 梁山伯 and 祝英台.

Fried Chicken wings (6 pieces $11.50): If you eat this, you can say nehneh to Neh Neh Chicken. Confirm plus chop. Its like they remove the skin, fried the skin and steam the chicken wing seperately, then put them back again. The skin is so crispy like aluminium foil and no have smelly bui bui smell at all. The meat underneath also juicy machiam steamed. Every bite, the chicken will squirt. Personally prefer the soy flavour as the sauce not too overwhelming and spicy like the spicy flavour one.

One life have to come here once i tell you. You will never find such a good deal anywhere. Nice and cheap food, have a taste of wat real korean food is like.

Ps: To go even more affordable, use kopitiam card. Mai say lim lei bo tell u.

#ahbengstyle #ahbengfoodie #koreahawker #hawkerstyle #sgfood #armystew #foodiemusttry #eatcheap
Bravo Caro! 💪🏼 Into her 2nd final in two weeks. Love @carogarcia’s game and have been rooting for this Frenchwomen for a while now. 🇫🇷 Still hoping she’ll qualify for Singapore.🤞🏼 ALLEZ ALLEZ.
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#ChinaOpen #CarolineGarcia #FlyWithCaro #PorscheRacetoSingapore #wta #wtatennis #tennis #wtafinalssg