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I’ve stopped shopping for clothes and replaced it with plants. Slowly turning into a #crazyplantlady and I’m loving it.

This little baby is Maranta leuconeura or prayer plant. 🎍 It’s a great little house plant that needs bright or indirect sun, but it’s generally tolerant of lower light areas. They don’t like being dry, so make sure the soil is evenly moist, but you’ll want to make sure the soil drains well too. 🍃 The leaves of this plant curl up during the evening and curl down in the morning which is really fun to watch, but if it’s curling up during the day it might be unhappy about the amount of light or the pot it’s in. Since they are native to Brazil, daily misting is required to provide humidity. All the information I learned while stumbling into @shopanneise yesterday from @peacockandcompany. Sadly, I’m not taking any of those pots or plants I shared in my story home on the plane tonight. #awayjogoes
To all my other #houseplant lovers in the #SF Area can you recommend your favorite nurseries and plant shops? I’m trying to grow a jungle in #highwoodhaus this way @longanisaburps can feel like he’s in the Philippines. 🤣
  • Yay you sound like me!

  • @biancamaycheah hahaha I am obsessed!

  • I just got one of these last week!! I looove it

  • @aeriallynn let me tell you about this particular shop...I wanted to buy everything and then bring it on the plane with me. A little crazy? I think NOT. People sitting next to me might think otherwise.

  • i want to start shopping for more plants too!

  • @winniesbalance_ once you start you don’t stop.

  • This plant is beautiful! I'm so amazed how certain plants respond to things and it really makes me wonder about their life? If that makes any sense. 😁When I went to the teaching greenhouse at the Huntington Library in San Marino, I seen some beautiful and interesting plants and it has made me see them differently ever since!💕

  • Haha the plant craze is so real!! I love it!!!

  • @melisfit_ aahahah its so real, but now I have a house that can keep plants alive because of all the sunlight I get so I'm like bring it on! I've always loved them but couldn't keep them alive in our dungeon condo.

  • @nikkeemarie it is so beautiful and I'd love to dive deeper into what you mean about their life? I think plants are so incredible and we're more like plants than people care to realize I think. Most of us really connect with the elements of nature. We thrive more when we're in the sun, feel cleansed around water, and can grow best when we're in the most suitable environments.

  • These are beautiful!!!

  • I go to my local farmers market. They sell plants, and I pick the brains of the sellers. Usually their stuff is growing in the same climate. All else fails I go to my moms house! She has such a green thumb! I’ve got to get planting! Cherry tomatoes and zucchini are on the planting list this spring!!! 🌿🌱🍃 have fun! Your kids will love it!

  • wow this is a cool plant 😍

  • I got plants just like this at Flora Grubb in SF maybe two years ago! Check out @floragrubbgardens

  • 💚💚

  • It was so nice meeting you! Thank you for stopping by! I can’t wait to see photos of that new home of yours 💚

  • You are talking my language! I probably go a nursery every other weekend. Our last house had so much light that I got to pick and choose. But, having so much sun light is good because of can get outdoor plants that will thrive inside as well. I honestly just find a spot for new plant, watch it to see if it’s happy there for a week or so and move it somewhere else if it’s looking sad. I also only water when the soil is dry. A lot of people over water their inside plants. I’m still searching for new nurseries but on this side of the bay the one right off the freeway 680 S in Sunol is fun. It’s called Plant and Pottery Outlet. They have a lot of indoor plants and a ton of pots and really good price points. Sometimes they don’t have a huge selection but again the pricing is 👌. I’ll let you know if I find another good nursery!

  • Love this plant. My goals for 2017 were to keep my plants alive. I did better than I have in the past, about 50%. Just replaced a few. Love the positive energy they bring to a space

  • @peacockandcompany aww why thanks. You can take a little home tour on my IG story highlights. There’s a little category called home. 😘😘😘.

  • I wish i was better at keeping them alive

  • @yammyjammy I love @floragrubbgardens. We’ve got some things from there. Looking for more options too.

  • @bunny650_bbg which ones for plants? And oh man a veggie garden will be another project one day.

  • @taralaferrara each have their own needs for sure. But the key is sunlight.

  • @pj_rude thanks PJ let’s go check out this nursery soon!

  • @gofitjo my house doesn’t have much 😫

  • So pretty!!! Haha you need to teach me your ways. My only plants that don’t die are the ones that survive in the desert 😭😂

  • Cactus Jungle on 4th Street in Berkeley and Clement Nursery in Richmond District in SF are my favs!! SUCCULENTS GALOREEE

  • @kimiboocha thank you! My dear friend @mike.sagun said Cactus Jungle too

  • @melliecay do you get sunlight? Are you overwatering them? Each plant has its own needs.

  • @thedesignhousestl they really do bring amazing life to any space.

  • These plants!! 😍😍

  • i have these !!! they’re d gorgeous

  • @rachlmansfield I want some in my house. They are gorgeous.

  • LOLOL plants are next on my list!! Hopefully will get a bunch next weekend

  • They look amazing! I wish I New a place usually get them from Costco or homedepo 😂

  • I need part of your green 👍

  • Yess! I'm on the same page👌

  • yvonne 1M ago

    wow this plant looks UNREAL!

  • Good choice.. plants for clothes. My style, too💃🌱

  • @tiffwang_ let me know if there’s any nurseries you discover

  • @tiffwang_ i can’t believe your doing remodeling/furnishing all st once! Crazy.

  • Plant goals! These are gorgeous!

  • @jackieoxo our Costco doesn’t have the amazing finds that @_maeeee found

  • Hahahha well I’m just getting started. Thankfully there’s a lot of resources out there and I live in a greenhouse lmao

  • @yvonne it’s crazy right? It’s even cooler to watch it rise up.

  • Might be a little bit of a haul from most of the Bay Area, but @diggardens down here in SC is the best!

  • @danayfred I’ll still make a trip.

  • @ms.melissa.balaze they amazing! I can’t wait to get back home so i can continue making my home.

  • @_tiffanie79 which have been your favorites so far?

  • How gorgeous are these plants!

  • @floragrubbgardens in SF is my favorite. Best selection for both indoor and outdoor plants. Plants and Friends is a great little neighborhood spot in Hayes Valley with unique indoor selection. Happy plant shopping!

  • I love marantas. Must be the Brazilian in me. They have a beautiful selection of these, and others, at @floragrubbgardens in dogpatch. It’s also a beautiful space to sit and grab a coffee/tea 💕🌱

  • @gofitjo at College of San Mateo’s farmers market the florist (from half moon bay) adds little plants to her wares.

  • Ohhh those are my fav! I have one too, it greets me every morning with open arms (leaves 🌿)

  • Yes, want to know more about plants and gardening and where to go in the bay 🌿! Will def be watching u closely plant lady!!

  • Yesssss same with me!!!

  • @gofitjo I don't have a favorite, I just buy random plants☺

  • Lol I love that you tagged my planstagram 😂

  • I put my prayer plant in my bathroom. He loves the moisture 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • I loveeeeeee @crimsonhort in oakland

  • @highway92succulents is one of my favorites. It's in Half Moon Bay. I also enjoy @ruthbancroftgarden in Walnut Creek.

  • I bought this plant at the SF alemany farmers market for $3!!! Mine almost died bc I took too long to repot it, but now it’s doing so well!! @crimsonhort is great! My absolute favorite is @flowerlandshop!

  • I’m such a crazy plant lady too! My prayer plants I got from @floragrubbgardens all died for some reason. Everything else I’ve gotten there have thrived beautifully though. For east bay places: Oakland- @crimsonhort & the Oakland flower market (better selection in the spring and summer) Alameda- Encinal nursery (my best spot for prayer plants!) Berkeley- The Dry Garden & East Bay Nursery. Hope you enjoy exploring gardens! And soon you’ll be propagating and exchanging plant babies!

  • @addictedt0funk ok can you take me the to this farmers market soon?!

  • @plantsforeveryone hahaha yup!

  • @gofitjo sweat date! CORE40 at the church and then head over to alemany! It’s my favorite thing to do on Saturday’s I don’t have plans!!!

  • Love the leaves on this one! So cool

  • These plants look cool huh @leah13cim @melissachristine9

  • @gofitjo what an interesting pattern on the leaves

  • so cool!

  • So pretty!! I’m becoming this person as well. My goal is to have an indoor jungle 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Waaaaa I live around the corner. Next time let me know. Would love to grab a coffee

  • @nomadic_habit no freaking way. Ughhh would’ve loved to hug you finally.

  • @chicandsweaty me too. I want.

  • Ahhh @peacockandcompany is my favorite! My house is full of her plants, including this one! Glad you stumbled upon that little LB gem!

  • riamae 1M ago

    @gofitjo Check out @leonandgeorge. They deliver for free too!

  • 🤣 👍

  • @riamae 🙃💚🌿

  • @riamae amazing I will thank you.

  • @savemejah @melissachristine9 whoa. They sure do. I love that it’s called prayer plant. And love love love that they curl at night and flatten out in the morning. 😍

  • I realllyyy tried to like this plant. I stared at it at the plant store a few times but something about the perfect leaves and texture look like insect backs and I just caaaant do it. It could have to do with the phobia I have of clusters. Moral of the story is this plant is like beetle shells

  • @rrayyme I loved that I got to see them move while I was in the store. It went from open and down to up and rising by the time I left. It was like magic. But yes I can see that especially with ur clusters phobias. Did you want to move all the patterns?

  • @gofitjo It just makes me uneasy 😬😬😬like I have to get far away to stop thinking about it or drop a big cement block on top to crush it 😅🙌🏼💪🏼

  • @gofitjo why am i so weird🙄

  • @pj_rude ohhh, I've always wanted to go I there, I can see it from the freeway

  • Ohh yes I need to go plant shopping so bad

  • I have turned into a crazy plant lady since my divorce...loooove having live plants in the house! This plant is beautiful 😍

  • I have turned into a crazy plant lady since my divorce...loooove having live plants in the house! This plant is beautiful 😍

  • 💚💚💚

  • It’s a way of life! 🌱

  • I used to have a prayer plant and I couldn’t keep it alive! I gotta try again!! Lol

  • 😍

  • Plants so truly the bestttt

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Friends in the#SF Bay Area! I want to connect with you this Thursday evening and there’s a few more spots left for my intimate Wellness Workshop at Anthropologie in Palo Alto @anthro_paloalto. RSVP via the link in my bio!

Thursday, March 22nd
Unlike my last speaking event at #anthro, we’ll gather around the table with like minded hearts while I share the same tools and methods I use with my coaching clients to set health and wellness intentions that are attainable and sustainable. I’ll share some of my personal health hacks and favorite wellness products that are now available at @anthropologie. Hope to see you there!
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User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 20, 2018 4:29 PM (UTC)
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gofitjo 18h ago
Furnishing #highwoodhaus has made me want to turn in an application to be a professional homebody, but it doesn’t stop my travel bug. One of the things I love about being my own boss is creating my own schedule and having the ability to work from any where in the world. @away just launched a brand new carry on that has a front pocket, easy access to all the things you need to work from anywhere in the world.

If you could pack up and just go right now, where would go? #travelaway
gofitjo 22h ago
When I first started my #fitnessjourney I was embarrassed to talk about it. I hated admitting that the reason why I was so unhappy and depressed with myself was because of my self image. In some ways that truth felt so superficial, but the reality is my low opinion about myself wasn’t modesty, it was a destructive path that led to a Joanne that lacked self confidence to carry her through work, life as a mother, my marriage, and all other aspects of my life. I remember lacking the confidence to manage my team at work which almost led to me giving up on a leadership role that my bosses knew I had the ability and talent to handle.
It’s taken me a lot of working on self love to get to a place where I have control and a grasp on areas in my life. Day by day is a learning lesson and I’m still working on it, but today I’m just thankful that sharing my fitness journey has not only allowed me to be in better shape, but its truly given me so many other gifts in life: friendships, joy, stronger relationships with the people directly involved in my life, and the opportunity to meet people I would’ve never met before.
Remember this: ✨your story is important. Your voice is valuable.✨ What you have to offer to the world is bigger than you know. Start to believe in your own ability to change your world and others around you. You never know who’s life you can impact by sharing your journey. #gofitjo #inspireothers #empoweredwoman
User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 19, 2018 3:25 PM (UTC)
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Kick off your week with a side of green juice! The green juice recipe I prep each week is on the blog. Click on the link in my bio. I’ve got a long busy day ahead and a 🤒 child at home with me, mutha hustler/juggler in full effect today. #gofiteats #gofitjo
“Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you're feeling. To have the hard conversations.” - @brenebrown

I spent the morning listening to @oprah’s #supersoulconversations podcast with Brené Brown which was so powerful. These past few days I’ve felt numb, a little uninspired, and unmotivated. I took a few days away from the gram to connect and be present in life and some emotions I’ve been running from. I wondered if it’s the new moon bringing up old wounds and pain from friendships that no longer exist in my life that I so dearly miss. I sat with those feelings and man it hurt! These days we tell ourselves and each other that the best way to heal is to move on, but are we just repressing emotions that will eventually find it’s way to the surface to haunt us later in life?

This week my challenge to my fellow #soulseekers is this: Ask yourself “What do I need?” And instead of running from the messy and hard conversations, face it straight on with courage. Keep in mind that “you can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.” 😘
Thank you to all those who helped me figure out my brunch outfit on stories today. Some days I’m on top of my game, other days I look like I put my make up and clothes on in the dark. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I get a lot of people who have been asking me about things I wear, use, and now #homedecor here on IG. I do my best to let you know where I snagged it from. To get the product details for this look and others, follow me on the app. Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop the product details directly from app I also link other options in different budget ranges or in case whatever I’m sharing is sold out. There’s also a Jo’s Favorite section on my blog that I update monthly. #liketkit #LTKunder100

outfit details → #sfblogger
Does ‘happiness’ ever feel fluffy or unattainable?

When I started this account my profile read “An everyday woman on a journey for health and happiness one rep at a time.” Just like most of you I followed women who were my fitspiration, had the body type I wanted, the work ethic I admired. I would look at them and think “I want THAT!” I quickly realized I was not them and they were not me and some were not showing parts of their story that I so desperately craved to see. ✨TRUTH: REAL JOY is embracing all of you✨ the good, the bad, the ugly, the unsexy parts that are often dismissed and not shared to the public eye.

But that’s not me, that’s never been me. I’m a woman who struggles to get up every day to go to the gym. I’m a woman who chooses to eat pizza for dinner from time to time instead of my prepped meals. I’m a woman who will not always feel beautiful in her own skin. I’m a mother who occasionally finds her self yelling at her kids and then cries at night feeling like she’s the worst mom in the world. I’m a wife who sometimes puts her husband last on her list of priorities.

I am NOT perfect, WE are not perfect and that is a beautiful thing. Because true joy is learning how to lean in and love your whole self, all your flaws, and mistakes. True joy is looking at all those shortcomings embracing it and still moving forward with a smile because life is a beautiful mess. This is #relentlesslybeautiful this is #relentless living. #gofitjo
Separation and divorce was the next logical step. I didn’t wait to stay married just because we became parents. It’s not my style nor my belief. It was years of pain and running around in circles resolving the same arguments over and over again. 2016 was a rough year for our marriage and 2017 was a year of re-establishing the foundations of our relationship after recognizing WE were worth fighting for.

“How We Saved Our Marriage” is on the blog today and a post that I’ve rewritten over and over again. As a community we’ve talked about it on my IG stories and it’s finally ready for you to read. So I hope you grab a cup of tea, a matcha or a @live24k tumeric latte and enjoy a little heart felt #messyconversation on
Kiss your own fingertips
and hug your own curves.
You are made of waves and honey
and spiced peppers when necessary.
I hope you haven’t forgotten.
- words by Emery Allen
How long have you been at war with your body? How many years have you been trying so desperately to learn how to love your most authentic self? ✨I know how hard the journey is, I’ve been there and I’m still on this road. But I’ve learned that the first step to loving myself is to stop seeing myself as broken parts and to start seeing my SELF as whole. The moment you can open your eyes to the greatness that you are, you’ll see that the things you were trying to fix were never broken in the first place. They were just parts of your story. #selfloveisthebestlove #youareenough #relentlesslybeautiful #mytinycorner
User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 13, 2018 4:11 PM (UTC)
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Stepping into comfort with the brand new @underarmour HOVR Phantom running shoes designed with extra cushioning to help eliminate the impact on every run, including heel strikers like me. #UAHOVR #ad
Love when last night’s dinner makes the best left overs for lunch. Made a healthier version of Filipino chicken adobo by swapping the soy sauce for Braggs Liquid Aminos. #healthyswaps @longanisaburps ate all the left over 🍚 so quickly heated up some @traderjoes cauliflower rice and sprinkled a little more braggs on top! #gofiteats
Are you someone who loves leftovers or just #canteven?
#healthyish Chicken Adobo Recipe
2 lbs of chicken breast cut into 2 inch cubes or a mixture of thighs and breasts if you’re #vegan you can use tempeh or tofu.
1 1/3 cup of white vinegar
1/3 cup of braggs liquid aminos
** you can use more if you want more sauce just stick to a 3:1 ratio of vinegar and liquid aminos
1 scoop of unflavored @vitalproteins
1 chopped medium onion
6-8 cloves of garlic
1. Sauté onions in a large cast iron or ceramic pot on medium heat for 3-5 minutes.
2. Toss protein into the same pot and brown for about 5-7 minutes.
3. Then add garlic and cook for another 3 minutes. Stir occasionally.
4. Add liquid aminos, collagen peptides, and vinegar into a bowl or mixing cup and mix well. Then pour into the pot.
5. Cook for 25-35 minutes on low/medium heat.
Serve over rice: white, brown, cauliflower, whatever you prefer.
😋🤤 Mabuhay and enjoy. #recipeshare #lunchideas #mealprepideas #filipinofood
Before you start writing down your workouts for the week and making plans to crush your fitness goals, here’s a little reminder for you.
Leave all the negativity of yesterday in the past. It's done, gone, and can't be replayed. Look at tomorrow with bright eyes and an open heart to make your choices that will lead you to the life you want to create. If something isn't bringing you joy, leave it behind. The negativity won't fuel your dreams, it will only bring you crashing down. You want to live healthier, do it! Make the change, make the commitment, and move forward. In life you get a second chance, it's called tomorrow. Take it and remember you got this. #movenourishbelieve #yougotthis #mondaysbelike 👊🏾
I gotta be real with ya, I didn’t want to go to class today. I wanted to hit the snooze at least another 20 times and just stay in bed, but I knew deep inside that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be taking care of the part of me who craves to move. So instead of pulling the covers over my head, I made it happen. It’s barely 9AM on a Saturday and sweated out all my 🍹cocktails from last night thanks to @soulcycle. Now time to enjoy my weekend with the @adobofam. #soulgifted

P.S. cracked my phone taking this pic with the self timer. 😑 😫 on the brighter side: I’m healthy, able to move my body, and can still find laughter out of it. #diditforthegram
details for me outfit #liketkit #adidaswomen #alphabounce #zne
User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 9, 2018 4:03 PM (UTC)
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You guys asked for it and now it’s live on the blog. 🌙✨ Woo Woo 101: The Basics of Healing Crystals🌙✨

On the blog I broke down all the basics of crystals, where I buy them, how to choose them, and how I integrate them into my modern day life. Also my favorite online crystal shop @soul.makes is generously offering a discount code which is in the blog post!
P.S. the tray in the photo is from @urbanoutfittershome
Do you use crystals in your life? If so how? Comment below. —
#healingcrystals #woowoo #metaphysical #blacktourmaline #soulmakes #smokyquartz #rosequartz
User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 8, 2018 10:32 PM (UTC)
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One of the things I love about a good workout is that it knows no gender, sexuality, or skin color. A good workout is me, my body, and the equipment I choose to use for the day. It sees me as a human, without judgment. It gives me empowerment to go about my life the best that I can and it does this for everyone.

Tried #soulactivate for the first time today and I think it’ll be my favorite format. It’s utilizes HIIT and intentional recovery with more resistance than fast sprints. I’ll definitely be back for more and I highly suggest giving this class a try. What new fitness class or exercise have you tried recently? #soulgifted #findyoursoul #walnutcreek @soulcycle
We need to teach our young girls that A STRONG WOMAN is one who feels deeply, and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. Her smile is a product of both struggle and happiness.

Teach your daughters how to be brave, not perfect. Ladies, celebrate you EVERY DAMN DAY because you are worth more recognition for what you do than just one day. #youareamazing #internationalwomensday #youarebeautiful #youareloved #youarewholeandcomplete
photo by @tonhyakae for @lafemmeforteproject #lafemmeforte
User Image gofitjo Posted: Mar 7, 2018 11:42 PM (UTC)
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Officially home for a while after back to back travel this month and I got the chance to check out an @Orangetheory class in my area. #sponsored Typically, I’m not one for fitness classes as my workouts are often my only alone time in my day, but I loved OTF’s format. The workout is circuit style heart-rate based interval training that involves weights, TRX, body weight exercises, some treadmill, and the row machine. 🤪 All things I love. What I loved was getting a report of my workout after. I rarely track my own workouts so seeing splat points was pretty cool. If only it could measure how amazing I felt afterward! 💪🏾 #KeepBurning Try it for yourself:
Probably not the best idea to be sipping on a turmeric latte on a white rug but #diditforthegram 😂.
I’m about to prep my blog posts on crystals and all that lovely woo woo stuff. But before I do that I’d love to learn more about a woman or two in your life that inspires you to live your best life. Tag a woman in the comments below and let her know what she inspires you. #womensupportingwomen
Love is the ability to live your life with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome, the ability within yourself to distinguish within yourself between love and fear regardless of what is going on inside yourself or outside. ✨this is authentic power✨ you become clear, forgiving, humble, and loving. You are grounded in harmony with a deep sense of relentless living and loving.

Ending a full day of coaching calls and I’m feeling so lucky and grateful to have found a path in life that makes me feel so fulfilled. My clients thank me, but I’m the one who should be grateful. You set my soul on 🔥.
Friends...we need 🐶 some advice! The day we moved into #highwoodhaus our poor little #boxerpuppy Zoey jumped from the back of our SUV and into the backseat. She yelped as she did that and started to limp raising her rear left leg. After 2 weeks of monitoring and no signs of improvement we took her to the vet, they gave her pain and anti-inflammatory meds. After x-rays and exams we learned she tore her CCL (its equivalent to an ACL on humans). For the two weeks we’ve monitored her at home, she still puts weight on her rear leg, there seems to be no signs of it worsening, and she’s still in good spirits. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We’ve opted to try to heal her without surgery and just wanted to see if anyone of you have any words of wisdom, advice, or even just kind thoughts, etc. Zoey is in a pen most of the day for monitored rest, she’s taking glucosamine, we give her CBD for the inflammation if she’s putting too much weight on it for the day, and in a week we’re going to start a little bit of at home physical therapy and mobility exercises. Thanks in advanced. 😘