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Stormy mornings like these. My favourite kind of everything 🌧🌊
Studio sawdust selfie 💁🏼🔨
Any friends looking to move into a beachfront Tugun Palace? Must live up to current room mate / friend status of @taeganrreid by basically being amazing in every way 💞. An obsession with wine would be helpful as would having $3 million to buy the place for me. Enquire within 🏡😭 #dontleavemetaetae
Today I got to watch my beautiful bestie get married to the man of her dreams in London. Not only did she get her MBA last month, but she planned a wedding in 6 weeks and made sure I was a part of it. I'm so happy you met the Disney man of your dreams Janey, and someone who reminds you that you are nothing but a sunflower in a field full of daisies. Happy wedding day my darling 👰🏼🌻here's to a lifetime of pure love 💞
When @riadolema shucks your pomegranate and gives you a bowl to eat whilst sunning 💞💞💞💞💞
Italy is my spirit animal 🍷🇮🇹