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Day 2 - Our afternoon trek was an out & back through Lorna Pass.
3 128 Meters
300 Photos
101.2 KM
97 Fist bumps/High fives
28L of water
12 River crossings
7 Grizzlies
4 Friends
3 Chilly nights
2 Camp hosts
1 Life changing trip
Where the Rockies meet the Prairies.
This was a pretty wild creation way back when.
@jarrettmoore @strahanloken @winkgrant @fultron and a whole bunch of others put in a ton of work to dig a dirt skatepark. One of the most interesting formations we came up with. #tbt
📷 @seetohlang
HBD to our little boy. He turns 2 today. Taco party on Saturday!
Weird, another bike photo.