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I was sitting in my living room getting ready to call it a night and then this happened. I draw alright but my penmanship lacks sometimes.
I bartend on a rooftop downtown. Life is good to me. Come through to the Hotel Metro's Zen On Seven! I will be serving until ten.
I'm finally doing artwork again.. No plans for this when it is done. 18 x 12 I think..
Sometimes I try something beyond the usual. Never once will puppies not be an inspiration.
That one thing you can't see yourself ever not doing ever... That's skateboarding for me.
Some people sit at the bar and try to hit on others. Some sit on their phone and like more posts on Facebook the more drunk they get. And me- sorry can't hear you- I'm doing this.
We're out in Colorado and Nick heard a bear. Or the wind. Either way it's gorgeous here. Cheers!