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puggins 287w ago
Huge thanks again to @tonyhawk for 4tg straight successful #thth. #onelove brother. Thanks for the gear

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puggins 220w ago
Seriously don't know what I'd do without with out this guy. #holdingmetogether #bestfriend #chewbacca
puggins 233w ago
Saturday hangout with Chewie
puggins 235w ago
I don't always like #florida but when I do its because of views like this
puggins 237w ago
Said my goodbyes to the jeep today...sad to see her totalled #jeep
puggins 240w ago
4 hours of basketball later and this is just one of 4 ice packs I need #gettingold
puggins 240w ago
One nice thing about the dog waking me up to go outside at 730 in the morning...
puggins 242w ago
Some quality puppy time going on today
puggins 249w ago
Aldo is all tuckered out from all the people hes meeting
puggins 249w ago
Best friend puppy status. Aldo made his first friend.
puggins 250w ago
On the road back to Tampa. The drive sucks but the view is holding up #florida #nofilter