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  • father john misty!


  • tfulto 287w ago

    Oh fuck yeah. Didn't realize FJM and J. Tillman were one in the same, this is awesome.

  • puck724 287w ago

    Who are these people

  • dix.b 287w ago

    ex Fleet Foxes drummer.

  • Agree w sailormarkie.

  • pizzamob_ 287w ago

    Am I the only one who hasnt even heard of half the bands they've been listing? lol

  • @miguel_e try phantogram...and if you havnt heard of the black keys you need to get out more:)

  • inkdup 287w ago

    Those that keep saying "I don't know these bands" THAT'S THE POINT! To get intro'd to new music! Quit accepting the. Cookie cutter BS you get fed from main stream media!

  • @inkdup thank you!!

  • k_fka 287w ago

    Although I agree with a lot of you that half of these bands are random and a complete mystery to me, you have to understand that these are just hints of the lineup and aren't indicative of the lineup as a whole. They're not going to release the big names till tomorrow! They're building the excitement. Calm yourselves, my friends

  • Is this the naked brothers band?

  • People need to realize that this is like the 17th band out of like 80 as it was last year. Regardless it will be fun as fuck, and there will be amazing music.

  • markrcko 287w ago


  • I agree. At festivals this size you/I typically are familiar with only about 50% of the artists prior to the show unless you are a hardcore musichead. Gotta go into it expecting pleasant surprises, that's what a great festival does.

  • Exactly @pashavafaee!

  • Everyone check out Caveman and Portugal. The Man if you're complaining that you haven't heard the bands. Also Alabama Shakes are pretty awesome.

  • mlev811 287w ago

    One headliner will be dispatch! Check out their website and they have it listed as one of their summer festival spots

  • @evanmolineux yes it is!

  • inkdup 287w ago

    @miguel_e as a musician and someone that works in radio, it is frightening how much people just accept what is "popular" I'd much rather discover something new and amazing than be force fed the same 10 songs or artists on repeat

  • inkdup 287w ago

    And to think, it was only a little over a year ago that NO ONE knew who @awolnationmusic was... FESTIVALS like this are how people find their new fave band!

  • I call beach house being the next ban announced

  • I'm waiting for the Dodos. Hoping for the Dodos. Praying for the Dodos. BEGGING.

  • allinthat 287w ago

    I agree on the epicness so far

  • leduyster 287w ago

    @wishihadswag why are you talking bout the black keys? There's no way they are playing there again. They were there last year and three years before that.

  • Baja men?

  • zeninez84 287w ago

    At the drive in better be in the line up!!

  • gmasnosno 287w ago

    One more hint for today please!!!! I can't wait till tomorrow 😍

  • Im so excited..portugal. The man and fotz an the tantrums are two of my top 10 bands and those are not even the headliners. Now get radiohead and jack white and outside lands could make some music history

  • *fitz *and

  • kefordham 287w ago

    If you don't like half the bands on here, then sell me your eager beaver tickets. Fuck! I'd gladly take them.

  • xciyo 287w ago

    @ktbeckham Right?! You gonna go this year?

  • @wishihadswag Both of those bands are amazing seen both of them live

  • @sean_henderson It would be awesome if they got Jack White he is amazing!

  • Dispatch is playing according to recent album/touring news

  • pizzamob_ 287w ago

    @miguel_e haha I know! At first I only knew Bloc Party as well. I just started listening to Alabama Shakes and they're pretty good. Hopefully I will get to see them :) @sm1rks Coachellan? Really? lmao Sorry that I'm not "indie" enough for your standards lol Either way I already bought my tickets and I'm going. Doesn't matter who plays, I'm going to have a great time :)

  • @sm1rks haha yea didnt know thought the keys would be back but whateva haha. U see phantogram when you were there last year? Theyre one of my favs haha

  • I'm in love with Father John Misty!!! Thank you Ranger Dave! <3 J. Tillman is an incredible musician.

  • My two favorite bands are playing Baha Men and the Naked Brothers Band.

  • @miguel_e don't worry man..even if you don't know these bands--trust me this is a SOLID lineup thus far!!

  • cmkerns03 287w ago

    Whos this

  • xciyo 287w ago

    @ktbeckham Haha I was just talking to him about that! If we all end up going, let's meet up! :D

  • xciyo 287w ago

    @ktbeckham Ahh man, telllll me about it. I've been waiting more than a month LOL

  • Ranger Dave! You the man!!! The lineup is already prime! Tomorrow is just gonna be the whip cream!!!

  • Guaranteed if you look up most of these bands you will probably know atleast one song by a few of them. I have been listening to the ones I never heard of and they are so good I cannot wait for OSL regardless if I know most the bands or not

  • tomato919 235w ago

    FJM 2013 too?? I hope so!!!

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