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Those flowers look tasty Miss Nichole 😇😈
All smiles after their walk 😃
Starting my day with an 8 pack 💪🏻😉
When you've had a terrible awful week and your friend brings you vegan doughnuts 😌😍
Moooom let me outta here I got things to sniff!!
Here's a selfie with my empty bowl Miss Nichole!! Hint hint..
My little girl can't wait for cooler weather! 🍂🍂
Buddies 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
nap1188 10w ago
Stop mom! I am not your "pretty little flower" 🙄
nap1188 10w ago
Hi! My names Sammy and I'm super extra adorable!! 🐶👅
nap1188 10w ago
These smiling faces make my days ☺️😍
nap1188 11w ago
Teddy has the most smooshable face 😱
nap1188 12w ago
How dare you give me a bath!! This is an atrocity!!!!
Mabel 👿
nap1188 12w ago
When you're getting ready to leave but see these faces staring at you 😩
nap1188 12w ago
Yoo my best frend and I giv yoo hug!! 🐶❤️❤️
nap1188 13w ago
So many labs!! 😱😍