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desbins 287w ago
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Teguh Ostenrik in front of his work called "Patung Menembus Batas" made from Berlin wall debris
#GGSGdigital #mobilephotography #huaweip10 #raw #lightroommobile #portrait #pursuitofportraits #artist #berlinwall #jakarta #kalijodo
Happy Independence Day

Teh Botol Sosro " Aslinya Indonesia "
Client : PT.Sinar Sosro
Agency : Flock
CEO & Creative Chairman : Ivan Hadi Wibowo
Production House : Lynx
Film Director : Desmond Ng
Executive Producer : Rob O'Hare / Bhucenk
Producer : Gita Tamara
1st Director of Photography : Teoh Gay Hyan
2st Director of Photography : Deska Binarso
Art Director: Budi Gareng
1st AD : Pranoto Adi
Offline : Eric Chooi
Online : Emon ( Vhq Post Jakarta )
#aslinyaindonesia 🇮🇩 We are all different.
Race, name, title, origins.
Even twins aren’t guaranteed to be the same.
But, we are one.
Our red & white, our heritage, we are no different.
We forget that we are different, and onwards we unite.
Whoever we are, we are Indonesian.

Long live Indonesia. 🇮🇩