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  Posted: Apr 16, 2012 12:27 PM
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Me and my daughter Jicyra
  • @pretty_picture_perfect I kno right. I def didn't go in. But OK! Anywho her father n my brother are teammates🏈 why would I hate? It's all good n the boro. @jicyraa u made my day. ✋✌

  • you made mine too honey 😊

  • Beautiful daughter man

  • Nice pic!!.

  • Attention dumb bitches this is not myspace repeat this is not myspace. Grow up

  • Shit just got real!!! Lmao. But are y'all gonna repeat the same shit. Just shows how people give negativity more attention then positivity. Y'all made these comments all about me n not about the picture. Smh. N ur all repeating the same stuff. Shame.

  • Beautiful Picture

  • 😂😂😂 what's with all the raging food talk and capital letters... U mad bro?

  • This bitch wanna call that child ugly, But she wearing a pigtails in her head & look lilke a tranny!! #GETALIFEBITCH

  • what kinda shit ppl. say.....she looks just like her dad an the picture is priceless...alot of girls dont get to,have that pic..

  • @nbrace413 whose your brother?

  • Hey hater, please say "Goosfraba"

  • Wow lol

  • Twinz

  • Love you bro #85 keep strong man

  • Im done fa real now. Follow me if u wanna see some more "ugly" pics lol

  • pee90x 5y ago

    @pretty_picture_perfect Lmfao bitch u look like u've been embalmed! No wonder most of ur pictures are of other shit! Since y'all like lookin at my pics keep lookin bitch. My hair is my choice. Heaux it short cause I want it that way! U no culture having ass picture editing bitches kill me! Talkin bout u ain't fat? Who confirmed that for u? Hoe we wear the same size! Difference is I'm pretty! Hahaha. I can't deal with these Basic ass low life low IQ having ass HEAUX's. @nbrace413 tell ur brother to get u some quality weave then butch cause that 8in wet and wavy shit is for the birds. Lmao EVERYBODY THINKS UR FAT @pretty_picture_perfect and EVERYBODY THINKS UR A TRANNY @nbrace413 EMBRACE IT LADIES!

  • pee90x 5y ago

    @jicyraa ur stunning mama.

  • @jicyraa ur a beautiful young lady...sometimes ppl r just ignorant and they thrive for attention I say ignore that bcuz her 5 minutes of fame is up...the black ppl especially women need to lift our young ladies up instead of adding to the deterioration of their self confidence...there is too many young girls trying to be Nicky Minaj and a Barbie that it is refreshing to find girls that embrace their natural beauty!

  • @nbrace413 ur stupid she's beautiful get a life u hater she's black and beautiful I'm happy to see my black brother with his beautiful black daughter

  • She's beautiful Chad! Nothing like quality family time. Tomorrow isn't promised 2 us so time with the ones we love is the most important

  • @divinezoe perfectly said

  • @jicyraa don't pay attention to negativity boo. You living, you're a child of God, and you're blessed! Your fam loves you and that's all that matters. It's always going to be somebody hatin and that's a good thing because that means you're doing something right. Love you boo!!!

  • @brenda_pschic love you!! 😘

  • BEAUTIFUL picture! She is beautiful!!!! This picture is one of best pictures he's posted. It actually holds substance. If he post a picture of something with NO true meaning and just has financial value people will compliment the shit out of it. He actually post a picture of his daughter which is priceless and people act evil and wicked! What the hell is really wrong with ya'll? Seriously, something has to mentally be off for people to talk about a person much less a mans daughter like this! It's sad how heartless and shallow y'all are. Y'all are pathetic!

  • @pretty_picture_perfect youre fat so your opinion on who's ugly doesn't count.

  • Also she probably has an instagram and follows her dad so instead of feeling sporty and so bad ass behind a instagram account delete your comments so you don't possibly mentally rape a girl over shallow bullshit!

  • @zacmckinney_ryan your comment towards @pretty_picture_perfect wasn't no better smh...people just step away for the phone keys! Look n don't tap IPhone's down!....lmao she said another ignorant ass comment omg boo u look smarter then what u type so please try to use your brain! Ev1 be blessed I'm off this!

  • Daaammmnn @jicyraa u got these HOEs hating and u ain't even tryin Fucc em the way I see it is they wanna be in your spot You continue with your Success n let these SIMPLE MINDED BITCHES HATE :-)

  • @pretty_picture_perfect um why are u being a hater for like serious u just mad cause she is a beautiful dark skinned skinney girl all I can say is yu make yo self look bad but @ochocinco your daughter is beautiful

  • Org pants again!... #Yeah!!!

  • Ppl are so sad, this shows it ! ! !

  • @jicyraa one thing these childish girls will not have is a daddy like yours. Your rich he's famous and the girl that's talking probably don't even know there dads. Just ignore them they some haters that need a life...

  • For grown ass pple to be talking about a child shows you have no class and respect...smh you never talk about anybodys child regardless who the fuck you are

  • She looks just like you..

  • mzzjem 5y ago

    @only1p I will not let ur fat,sloppy,low life, ass get a shine of me! Deuces ps hit the gym biatch

  • Love the watch

  • sayy0 5y ago


  • I just believe that everything you think in your mind does NOT have to be verbalized. Just because you think it, doesn't mean it HAS to be said, ESPECIALLY when it's not nice. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG when it comes to someone's opinion because that's just what it is...THEIR OPINION! God gave us all our OWN brains so that we may have the luxury of thinking for OURSELVES. But it's when you take it upon yourself to voice your opinion KNOWING that it's negative & has the potential to hurt someone's feelings. There's a fine line between saying how you feel & just being rude & inconsiderate. @pretty_picture_perfect & @nbrace413 those are your opinions & you are definitely untitled to them, but they were opinions that should have been kept to yourselves...seems to how they weren't very nice. I don't think this people are riding @ochocinco dick (altho some may be), but I jus t think that most of these people have an issue with mean girls & when you guys made those comments, that's what you came off as. Mama & Grandma ALWAYS said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." & "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". I think that's what these people were getting at with their comments. Let's just stop talking about each other people. #PlayNice! We learned this in Pre-K...Many BLACK girls don't have fathers in their life, I QA fortunate to have mine (Mama & Daddy been married 30 years-NO outside kids or affairs), so @jicyraa don't worry about the negativity. The pic is very nice. Focus on the bond & love that you have with YOUR father that most of the people commenting may know NOTHING about. As long as you're true to YOU, you'll always be beautiful...INSIDE & OUT! Now let's just all get along...😘❤👫👫

  • Lovely pic!! And if anyone ever called my children ugly it wouldn't bother me one bit... The fact of the matter is I know them better than anyone in the world and I know there beautiful! Ugly reflects ugly, just remember ladies everything you give off is reflection of you! So tho you may think your cute a negative attitude and ugly spirit reflects an ugly individual! God bless you!!

  • Shes soo big

  • Love the pic @ochocinco I got many pics with me n my daughter as well I live y

  • *love to see that

  • People are just jealous and looking for attention. She is a very beautiful girl!

  • Ur twin

  • She is beautiful she looks just like you

  • I don't even know why imma feed into this, maybe its cuz I have kids and the comment really bothers.....but all and all, I'm really a kind angentle soul, and I have 7 sisters so I definitely know how to treat and respect a woman......but @pretty_picture_perfect you really are ugly, as quiet as its kept [shhhh]…and I really don't mean to be rude, but the name just doesn't fit the profile..... and again, not being rude.....just bringing #awareness.....and before you even attempt, all my shytt is on if you dare ===> get wit me!!

  • OH.... @pretty_picture_perfect , judging by the flicks on your page and the shot you took in the doctors would appear tpwith the thick neck you have accumulated, it would be because of the oversized helping of swine you have on your plate in your before talking about someone's daughter you may wanna take a trip to your local Walgreens and have your blood-glucose level checked....<=== realist shytt I ever wrote......===> get wit me!

  • To be a father is a Gift and to embrace and share that gift is a gift to others and sets a positive path for others to follow may GOD continue to bless you and Your Children keep posting pics of your greatest accomplishments the world needs a reminder of what's worth cherishing and what's not...beautiful Picture :)

  • 👏👏 👆👆

  • It's some bored washed up ppl on here smh nice pic @ochocinco and @jicyraa

  • I am just floor by the bs on these comments. I think it's a beautiful thing to see a man take pride in his children especially his daughter and the audacity of some ----- to follow him to only have negative s... To say. Get a life and follow someone else.

  • Still goin hard...

  • How old is ur daughter@ochocino?

  • I am legit LMAO and damm near ROTFL at this whole convo! @nbrace413 I love it!

  • Who is this guy? I

  • Why fight wit a muppet....

  • *im from the uk and decided to add him cos he a hot black guy with tatts lol is that sad? Maybe but who cares lol fyi they look the same age #blackdontcrack

  • Lmao @mrzherb I love it too. But now I'm a hater who doesnt kno who my dad is. Lmao.

  • Cute pic! Btw.. LOVE the watch uve got on!

  • @pretty_picture_perfect I'm not gonna have you continue to be disrespectful on this mans page, when clearly you know his daughter is on here and can read all your left you a comment on your flick over atcha' momma know the flick....the one you took with the "Planet Hollywood" overdue bill....hmmmm.....and my apologies to @ochocinco & @jicyraa (tru beauty)

  • @nbrace413 the funniest part is all these fans that are going hard like they r gettin paid to defend his kid

  • Ocho isnt going to read any of these comments lmao

  • Your Twin

  • @jenevia3 exactly. N Ocho don't give a fuck. That's his baby girl n I bet he cares less about what I got to say. It's funny tho. But people give negativity too much energy. Lol.

  • truth is @jenevia3 and @nbrace413 ....his daughter did read those comments and responded, and I don't think some grown folks on here took that into account, so that's not too funny.....more like sad

  • Look at you sooooo proud..,

  • LMAO.....#pewn-pewn-PEWN.......-gott'em!!!!


  • Proud Father.

  • Y'all giving these girls waaaaay too much attention! Ignore ignorance!!

  • She look just like u...#wrd

  • Why y'all fonkin on instagram lol

  • @jicyraa I like that dress... I was so busy reading all these comments that I lost focus on the picture, but that dress is really cute!

  • Pahahaha!! Riiiight

  • Don't forget we seen ur pics b4 u hid them..stop playn!!!!!!'

  • OMG @ochocinco if future kids don't look like her, DNA!!! #Adorable

  • #instragram thug!! LAUH!!!! Btw like the new profile pic..pahahaha!

  • She is beautiful ocho

  • Why are people beefing instagram thats stupid

  • Right that's what I'm saying instagram beef

  • Nice....daddy's Lil' girl

  • prttyb 5y ago

    Y'all look just alike

  • Twins!

  • Yes omg y'all look alike

  • Twins.... just shave her head

  • So you think eve is a good role model for your daughter?? With all that throwing wine bottles at people and jumping off tables to fight!!! I thinks not.

  • @ochocinco she's very beautiful...

  • @mrsdartez ... I'm with u on that one...

  • Chad, she has your smile:)

  • 10ae 5y ago

    Cute pic

  • Too cute

  • She looks like you

  • Twin pic😍

  • Precious 💗

  • Y'all look like twins!....omg ur genes r strong!

  • Love your pic

  • You have got to be one of the dopest dudes I will never know.

  • She looks more like your sister

  • She really like your sister, nice one😃

  • She is so pretty :-)

  • Twins

  • @ochocinco nice family!

  • Pretty teeth ocho ☺👈😘😍 retweet back @ ochocino okkk

  • Now that's your twin 😍😘😞

  • @ochocinco lol we have the same name except mine is spelled J'Quyra😊. Best name ever!

  • Damn she looks just like you!!

  • so good

  • twins!

  • yadiya 5y ago

    Very nice

  • Beautiful

  • Awww! :)

  • Nice pic bro! Thats the problem with our ppl all they worry about is hair,nails and shoes...ppl think for sec dont you think that child can do her hair? Ugh the things ppl say mannn...Great job to u chad n her mother

  • Your twin

  • We don't have to be glam 24/7, she looks sweet on her chill with daddy day

  • Happy belated father's day!

  • @ochocinco Beauty is within and she's lucky cuz she has natural beauty and beauty inside....Stop hating....She's still young has lots of time to worry about that...Plus why dnt step mom take her out and do girl stuff...BEAUTIFUL PIC!! Children r a blessing...Great on taking care of urs....xo

  • Y'all are twins

  • cab3sa 5y ago

    She so big now. I remember her when i volunteered at Phyllis miller

  • She Went To My Church We Was On The Same Dance Team

  • Twins

  • Lol whatever happened to just liking a pik or moving on ...anywho great pik .besides Jicayras looks she's Also an amazing ,spontaneous and on a sunny day with one cloud to the right side of the sun (lol jk) a really smart person and a even better lil sis from another mother =) love ya always ..m'oblige di on mo @colormethugg

  • I bet your like the coolest swagged out farther there is besides Russel and Jay z lbvs

  • She is beautiful like her mother lol non just playing looks just like you

  • You disrespected your daughters when you hit a woman. What if someone best your daughters ass, you'll be mad!But you can't be mad because they saw you do it #horrible

  • @jicyraa Don't sweat the angry people. You're beautiful babe!

  • *Beat

  • @naturaljournii u going in hard on all his

  • Yep!!

  • mzism 5y ago

    Beautiful that is ur true love...

  • Big ups to daddy

  • Like her father ,she is a true beauty! :)

  • twin

  • ew

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