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  Posted: Apr 16, 2012 11:55 AM FEED
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march 2016 - i went out to havana to cover @majorlazer . i went with little to no information, i didn’t know how to get into the country or even if i was going to get in trouble coming back to the states. i just knew this was the opportunity of a life time, and to be honest i had the time of my life that day with a group of strangers in a country that i knew nothing about. on nov 17 @majorlazer will drop the documentary of their experience in havana on  music. super stoked to finally see it! check the link in my bio to see the trailer
life is meant to be lived and dreams are meant to be chased.
gotta make my way back out to denver soon -archives 2015
i found the cable to my scanner vol. 1

93 - the rookie szn

#fbf alcs vibes
i had a personal size deep dish last night, i really tried to give you a chance, bro it wasn’t even big enough to feed a four year old. nyc 🍕 forever
sometimes i forget that I have a website where i can throw up all these pictures, tbh it’s mostly that i’m too lazy to keep updating the site. anyways i added some photos from the @berlinmarathon . most of it is finish line photos, because after @biznezninja and i got pulled over by the cops on the vespa / trying to figure out street signs in another language i decided to play it safe and just stand at the finish line.
hit the link in my bio to check them out

one on one with patrick sang ( @kipchogeeliud coach) and @firstrun in berlin a few days before the marathon.

check out more on @firstrun ‘s page with some stories that patrick shared with us that night