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User Image cirquedusoleil Posted: Feb 2, 2018 10:00 PM (UTC)

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Remember your first Cirque du Soleil show? ❤️ Share your story with #MyFirstCirque! You may be featured in our Valentine’s Day video on February 14.
  • Junior high school. Watched a video in French class. Really wanted to be a handbalancer. Had never seen handbalancing before. I was a gymnast.

  • My first sow was Algeria!!!! That is by far my most favorite show yet!!!

  • #MyFirstCirque was when I was only a couple months old. My family saw a preview of La Nouba before it opened to the public back in 1998. I was only a few months old but I was quiet through the entire thing. I grew up with La Nouba in my entire life and was able to see the final bow on New Years Eve. This show and this company have helped shaped me into who I am today. I cannot completely express how much I love Cirque. Thank you. ❤️

  • A trip to Atlanta: Kurios!

  • First Cirque show was a present from my parents. Saw O on my 21st birthday, and it was absolutely magical. I’ll never forget it.

  • Oakland, CA 1997, just graduated from college, worked as a temp for some event company that was organizing some events for the US Conference of Mayors in San Francisco. They hosted the mayors for a Cirque Du Soleil show playing in Oakland. It was called QUIDAM. They had some extra tickets so I got to go. No idea what I was going to see, but the first few minutes just blew me away!!! I loved the show! Bought the soundtrack! Played it constantly. And I’ve been a fan ever since! Have seen all the shows that have come to LA (where I now live)! It’s always a pleasure to see something beyond a typical circus show... it’s a pleasure to see art, creativity... always a pleasure to see Cirque Du Soleil!

  • @brittani.rae remember your first cirque italia show? 😂

  • #myfirstcirque Alegria in Paris, 2008ish :)

  • #myfirstcircus First show what we saw it was Zaia husband and I flew to Macau specifically to see that show.. still remember that sensual tango and beautiful adagio .. and after we were always trying to catch every Cirque du Soleil show in every country we visit: Ka ,O, Michael Jackson One, Kooza, Saltimbanco , soon we will go to see Toruk the first flight. .. in 2013 we even had chance to visit a Headquarters in Montreal ( during our dance competition it was a part of the excursions program )... Always amazed by every program and artists!!! Thanks for your art 🙌❤️

  • Salvador da Bahia 2012 with my mom and my little brother like we were children. Wonderful moment!

  • Saltimbanco in Florence with my boyfriend and best friends. What an awesome day!

  • #myfirstcirque was the MJ Immortal World Tour when it traveled to ATL. I was already a dancer and I just LOVED MJ. So, that show was so magical for me. ♡ A few days after I saw the show, I was still so excited and I figured that I had to get into the circus world somehow. I found a place to train at...and was with Open Air Circus for 3 years on training on straps hopefully to be in a CdS show one day. My life changed because of that show. I changed my career...traveled all over the states to train...I moved close to NYC just for better training.. and I still go see "MJ One" any chance that I get. Haha!!

  • Riga, 2012

  • #MyFirstCirque was Saltimbanco when I was 16 at the @royalalberthall and I’ve been back to the Albert Hall to see Cirque every year since (21 years now!) 😁

  • I haven’t been there yet 😭😭😭

  • #myfirstcirque was Saltimbanco during their tour, in my city - Kyiv, Ukraine. I fell in love with Cirque du Soleil and since they don't come to Kyiv anymore, I have to chase their tours all over Europe :)

  • #myfirstcirque was Alegria in Moscow,Russia) the second was Saltimbanco❤️❤️❤️love it

  • #MyFirstCirquel was #lanouba in Orlando was amazing story and the second time #o was in Las Vegas with housband in our honey moon.

  • Quidam in Tel Aviv, Israel with my love @stasmits it was magical fascinating and funny! We were super excited for your arrive! Plz come here often❤

  • It’s been my dream to see it. One day 💙

  • My first was Beatles Love in Las Vegas! Incredible music mashups and breathtaking visuals!

  • My only show was Mystere in Las Vegas in 1997. The best part of my trip!!

  • My first was last night! It was the O at the @bellagio with @mdawnmarshall it was amazing!

  • La Nouba !

  • Can’t remeber the name but a man with no head, a little girl with a round hat and a living room and and red balloon. We had a vcr tape with it I watched when I was 6/7 each show in Perth I’ve been to

  • #MyFirstCIrque was Alegría I saw it on DVD and fell head over heels in love with @cirquedusoleil and I was so lucky to be able to watch it live with Dralion in Venezuela (where we don't have good shows coming anymore)

  • @elliott.jenna I think that's Quidam. Great show!

  • #myfirstcirque was Mystere in 2005 it was love at first sight 😍 I went w my boyfriend back then, I Am bless to live in Las Vegas so ever since I have watch Kà, 3 times!!, The Beattles Love, and Zumanity, hoping one day to go see the rest of the shows in my beautiful city and anywhere else in the world.

  • I saw Quidam on tv when I was a teen. It is still my favorite show. I saw La Nouba live in Orlando, twice.

  • #MyFirstCirque was Alegría on TV💓 that show just changed my hole perspective of what a cirque should be, it was pure magic, emotion and even today it gets me crying everytime I see it. From that moment I became a fan and I just can't stop feeling emotion every time I talk about you guys. In 15 days I'm gonna go and watch my 4th live show here in Costa Rica, and I just wanna say....thank you for making me transport on all the shows to magic places you surely are amazing.

  • #myfirstcirque! I was 6yo when my parents brought me to see Saltimbanco in Montreal. What a magical night, I was mesmerized from start to finish. I will always cherish this memory ❤️

  • My first cirque du soleil was torque. When it came to town.

  • #myfirstcirque was Amaluna atthe national Harbor with the woman who would soon become my wife. I had never had an interest in the circus, which is what I thought Cirque du Soleil was. I was wrong. She convinced me to go to the show for our 5th date and I was blown away. We went out during intermission and took a picture in front of the Amaluna sign before returning to the audience. I thanked her for the experience, told her I loved her, and we shared a kiss. We make it a yearly tradition to see a Cirque du Soliel show. This year we are catching Luzia at Tysons Corner.

  • Alegria in Brasília, Brasil

  • Varekai in São Paulo! Amazing

  • My 1st #cirquedusoleil was in Santiago de Chile, quidam

  • Trip to Las Vegas. NV in 2013. I saw Mystere. It was AMAZING!

  • Varekai Los Angeles 2003 I think

  • My husband and I's second date. Quidam, Des Moines, Iowa 2012. The rest is history. 💕

  • My first is going to be today! My parents surprised me for my 18th birthday💕

  • laulcr 2w ago

    #myfirstcirque was Joyà with the family. I was amazed from the begging till the end specially with the music and how personal the show feels. 😍

  • #myfirstcirque was Quidam, amazing

  • My husband took me to my #myfirstcirque, which happened to be my favorite show #varekai, as a just because present. March 2015.

  • #MyFirstCirque show was Varekai in 2012, Santiago de Chile

  • Allegria. It was magical!

  • #myfirstcirque Allegra in Chicago! Front row. WOW!

  • #myfirstcirque Front row QUIDAM ! It was mind blowing . I caught a red balloon and still have t stuffed inside my programme . It was the start of an amazing circus love affair

  • @cirquedusoleil do we have to send videos or just comment what happened?

  • @mmehraaannn 😍 well I wanna get featured 😁

  • Cabinet of Curiosities. 😍

  • Allegria, Chicago. Been to every show in Chicago since. 3 in Vegas, and 1 in Orlando.

  • #myfirstcirque 2017 Atlanta 💙💙

  • dagy03 2w ago

    Alegria and saltimbanco 😍

  • First one I saw was #Alegria on TV. Then my dream came true and got to see the Cirque live in Amsterdam (#Quidam). Now I live in Belgium and go whenever they are in town. Ready for #Ovo in March! #myfirstcirque

  • "O" in Las Vegas Super Fantastic!

  • Quidam was my first and my favorite! @cirquedusoleil came to town, I wanted to see it so badly, then like magic my mom got tickets from her job! They just gave them to her. It was perfect, I will never forget this show and I make an effort to see as many shows as I can! @cirquedusoleil is so magical can't wait to see other shows!

  • Out first show was in Las Vegas and we went to see “O”. We were hooked all the way through! ❤️❤️

  • #myfirstcirque was quidam when I was 11 (1998) in Manchester. My family and I have been huge fans since and see cirque whenever we can. Fairly sure I've seen them all except the ones in Vegas and new ones that haven't toured to the UK yet. X

  • C'était pour l'anniversaire du @cirquedusoleil à Montréal! J'avais gagné un concours qui m'offrait deux billets un mardi 18/19 décembre je crois pour y assister juste en avant de la scène donc des bonnes places! C'était magique, mon coeur d'enfant était émerveillé! Je suis bénie d'avoir vécu ce moment car j'avais vécu des moments plus sombres! #MyFirstCirque!

  • My fiancé and I went to my first @cirquedusoleil show a few weeks ago... #VOLTA in Miami. I had been wanting to see a CDS show for years. I saw Volta was coming to town, but I was disappointed that I/we couldn’t afford tickets. On Christmas, his gift to me was tickets to Volta. The day came and we brought his sister who will be my maid-of-honor this summer. When we walked in, a house manager told us it was our lucky day and brought us up front and center. The whole experience felt like a dream. Nothing like that ever happens to us! I watched and listened to the show in amazement... a smile never left my face. I felt so special and blessed that day. We met as performers in the same company, and to share the watching experience of such a phenomenal show was priceless. Volta really touched our hearts as we love to share our art as free sprits, but often get bogged down as greys in a world that tells you that you should strive to be an elite. In between tours can be tough, but Volta renewed my/our resolve to continue being a free spirit. As long as I am able, I want to continue giving an uplifting experience to fans the way CDS uplifted me that day. Thank you Cirque VOLTA... we will never forget the experience.

  • Amaluna, Rome!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Quidam in MTY México! I was 18 Me and my best girlfriend skip school days and buy flight tickets because we're from a small town in the north of México just to go to the cirque it was such an amazing experience!!!!!

  • #MyFirstCirque! C’était avec mon amoureux @yan.gagnon.121. Nous étions à Vegas, En déc 2007. Je rêvais de voir le spectacle « O » mais il n’y avait malheureusement pas de représentation lors de notre séjour, mais je tenais absolument à voir un spectacle du @cirquedusoleil, alors nous avons vu « Mystère », et j’ai adoré !!!!!! ❤️

  • #MyFirstCirque! #Saltimbanco in Vilnius 2011, #Alegria in Vilnius 2013, #Amaluna in Frankfurt am Main 2016, #Ovo in 2017

  • #myfirstcirque was La Nouba in Florida . Ever since I became a cirque addicted . Been to Vegas, Cancun , Rio and would go anywhere in the world just to see these wonderful presentations . Love!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • #MyFirstCirque! Fue Michael Jackson The Inmortal World Tour en el 2012!! en CDMX con mi marido. Fue mi regalo de cumpleaños asi que desde el 27 de junio estuve contando los dias para viajar a mexico y disfrutar del show... Creo que incluso estuvimos en el mismo hotel de la banda :). Como olvidar a un artista que con una sola pierna hacia de todas las acrobacias posibles wow! Ame ese show..

  • Mystère when we first moved to Vegas. Loved it! #myfirstcirque

  • Nope just kidding it was O at the Bellagio! Haha i saw so many when we lived there. #Zarkana was my favorite though

  • #myfirstcirque was Ovo last year and they came to town, and I remember watching a YouTube video about and immediately fell in love with @cirquedusoleil and I was so excited to hear that they were stopping in the city by where I live, and it was was the best experience ever just watching it!!! I would go see another show all the time if I could!!!!

  • #MyFirstCirque experience was when I went to see Dralion in 2000 with family when I was 6 years old. I remember when I was entranced by the different artists on stage. Dralion kicked off a family tradition of going to see @cirquedusoleil whenever they visited town. It created numerous happy memories that I share with my family.

  • My first cirue du soliel was in Caracas, Venezuela, i went to Dralion show, and it was sooooooo amazing! I just loved it, i have the dvd but go and see the show by my self? It was something out of this world! When finished and the staff were saying goodbye, i was crying of joy and happiness, it was just perfect! My connection to you is just beautiful, the cirque was born in 1984, and i was born may 15 of 1984, yes, we are 33 years old, thank you Cirque Du Soleil!

  • #Myfistcirque was two years ago in Mexico City with my sister @sritadg #corteo

  • My first was "O" in 2007!

  • Zumanity with my love

  • The Avatar, in Colorado at the Pepsi Stadium I think. I was beautiful.

  • #Myfirstcirque the very first time I watched a Cirque du Soleil show, I became truly in love with it, it was Alegría. I watched it on TV and I still hadn't had the opportunity to watch any show live, but I have seen on TV several shows: saltimbanco, the new experience, Alegría, quidam, Varekai, corteo, la nouba, zaia, Zed, O, Amaluna, Luzia, Toruk. I hope you bring Amaluna to Colombia I'm a big fan.

  • My first cirque du Soleil was on TV very after years. Was very years ago un the Las Vegas from Venezuela #MyFirstCirque @cirquedusoleil

  • Quidam in Amsterdam 1999, loved it and never forgot about the headless man #myfirstcirque

  • Quidam in Salvador (Brazil) around 2008. It was magical *-*

  • m0gdan 2w ago

    #myfirstshow @cirquedusoleil was #turok in Vegas last year.

  • 😊I❤ Soleil #SOSVENEZUELA 💛💙❤

  • *-*

  • Corteo in Calgary, Ab - 2012

  • Pittsburgh varekai 2002 , my parents brought me to see my first cir su sol show , I picked out T-shirt merch that has crazy patterns on it was my favorites Shirt for a long time . I’m a dancer so I aspired to train as hard or aspire to the flexibility , talent , and grace as the Cir dancer/acros . Cir will for ever be my favorite! 🧚🏻‍♀️🧞‍♀️👯‍♀️💓.

  • I saw Quidam on tv in 1999 and became mesmerized by a dream. Tried to learn all I could about Cirque. Saw Nouvelle Experience on tv and was amazed at the progress from that show to the others. I was in awe at how someone could create a fantasy world and story through great circus talent, music & costumes. Then I went to work for Disney in 2001, I was next door to La Nouba! I would go on my days off to watch the show. Making sure I payed attention to every act from a different seat and angle. I loved it! Moved back home after Disney and saw Dralion was coming to my town. I worked for them and saw the magic from the inside. FANTASTIC! I have since seen Algeria, Quidam in person, Delirium, Varekai, OVO, Michael Jackson: Immortal World Tour, Toruk and others on DVD. Soon I will see Corteo. One day I hope to get to Las Vegas to see O, Mystere and Zimmanity! I have hope that I will see them all. Truly a fun experience and great way to escape reality! #MyfFrstCirque

  • Entire family, la nouba. Can’t forget.

  • Mystere in Vegas when I was 8 years old!!!

  • Quidam 😍😍😍

  • Alegria <3

  • One (Michael Jackson Tribute) in Las Vegas 2 months ago!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Quidam!!!!! I still love it oh so much!

  • @lilyclaire.majv ahahahhaha ouiiii

  • Saltimbanco 💕 the music enlightened my spirit, have been to all that have visited my city 👏

  • Varekai, just perfect ♥️🦋

  • Quidam♡ i fell in love with the wonderful world that is cirque du soleil 🎪❤

  • @cirquedusoleil #michaeljacksonone was my first. It was heart felt, detailed, and most of all entertaining. #o was definitely my favorite this far, but One will always be #myfirst

  • @kdrichard great story of your first show, I got lucky too when I went to see Corteo back on 2014, we could get a little closer to stage and center

  • #myfirstcirque was La Nouba in 2002. Inspiring, mesmerising and breath-taking! I’ve followed CdS ever since, seeing my 8th show in September ❤️ to say I am obsessed is an understatement 😍⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Alegria!!! When it came to Brazil 🇧🇷 ❤️

  • #MyFirstCirque! show was Varekai in Helsinki 2017. Absolutely amazing ❤️☺️

  • #myfirstcirque was a surprise! My friends took me to “O” in 2009 as a birthday present. Been in love since. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. Every time I see a show I’m left in wonder and awe at what the human body can do and I admire these world class athletes and performers. Cirque is truly one of the most magically things one can do. Cirque takes you to a different world and allows an escape from realty for a short period of time. Watching “O” felt like being in a dream, and every show after it has as well 💕

  • @lauragarcccia ooooh que ilusión baby!😘

  • #myfirstcirque was Ama Luna in the Royal Albert Hall for my birthday. Had watched Algeria countless times on DVD before my parents bought me tickets for my birthday 💙

  • #MyFirstCirque was Dralion at Guadalajara, Mexico in 2009. It was amazing!!! I fell in love with @cirquedusoleil I have seen most shows presented in Mexico. In 2016 My husband gave me as a birthday present a trip to Las Vegas to watch #cirquedusoleillovebeatles and #cirquedusoleilO We have tickets for #sep7imodiacirquedusoleil in Miami next April

  • #myfirstcirque The drums beating into my chest of Mystere! The wonders that overcame me and the no stop awe of immersion!

  • SALTIMBANCO Vienna 1997

  • Alegría Atlanta 1995

  • Veraki!

  • my First show was La Nouba, I loved it with alll my heart !!!!! since then I Love cirque du soleil, forever the best !!!

  • #myfirstcirque Vegas- March 14, 2017 w/ @butkovichrick

  • #myfirstcirque was Celine Dion’s A New Day in Vegas, my second was an experience as my mother got pulled onto the stage, my third was A New Day again, my fourth O ... and my fifth will be Ovo in Leeds ... I can not wait ...

  • I am going to the Michael Jackson Show in two weeks or so!! I’m soooooo psyched!!!😍😍😍

  • Who knows...I have seen so many of these incredible shows I can't even remember the first one!!

  • Mine was Ka in Vegas

  • @nuriatorrero I think that LUZIA will go to Mexico after is North America Tour! Stay tuned!

  • #myfirstcirque was in Las Vegas! Went on a family trip when I was just seven years old and saw the amazing Zarkana! A few years later I saw Totem with my dad in my home country of New Zealand! I’ll never forget the amazing experience.

  • @caro_olamarre yeiii I’ll love to watch Luzia 😍 thank you for letting me know

  • Alegria!

  • I think I was around twelve or eleven when I first saw Quidam on dvd. My mother had borrowed it from a friend and my entire family sat together and watched it. It was magical and I was hooked!😍 Everything about it spoke to me. Since then I've seen several shows on dvd and La Nouba, Saltimbanco and Varekai live with my family. ❤ I also finally got to train circus and aerial hoop for myself, and made my first performance with our little circus group in 2016! 😊

  • Magical and unforgettable. Watched the performance in Singapore.

  • Quidam is one of the best!

  • TORUK was a dream come true for me. It was the first cirque show I ever got to see and it blew my mind!! Always lovely, Cirque de Soleil, always stunning. Can't wait to see the next show! 💕

  • My first show was Kooza! Its was so magical! 😄😍😍❤🤗

  • My first show Algeria for my 18th birthday in Montreal!

  • @bgnade @xjenniferpowellx
    @jackiefoil --> Hi everyone, We LOVE your #MyFirstCirque stories! May we include parts of your story in one of our Valentine’s Day videos (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) tomorrow ? Let us know by signifying your agreement (either by answering “yes” or “I agree”, for example. Thanks again for your beautiful message. We love you!

  • bgnade 6d ago

    @cirquedusoleil yes. Would be honored!!!

  • @cirquedusoleil yes ☺️☺️

  • @cirquedusoleil of course. ❤️

  • @cirquedusoleil yes 😊 absolutely

  • @cirquedusoleil "yes" "I'm agree completely" 🤗🙌 super happy to be part of your video of Valentine's Day

  • Varekai, buenos aires 2012

  • #myfirstcirque was Iris in Los Angeles. I was so captivated with the show that i told myself to attend any cirque du soleil show that stops by LA.

  • My first cirque show was in Stamford Connecticut in 1996, not idea what it was called but was amazed and have since seen many shows. KA is [email protected] fav.

  • Corteo at The Forum. Inglewood, CA.

  • I’ve seen Corteo, Totem, Zumanity and Mystere. And will see Luzia in 3 days

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