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User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Feb 1, 2018 5:42 PM (UTC)
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Through @sv_debug, not only have I gained a support system but also a family. Each individual brings their own aptitude for protecting their communities. They give us a platform to have our voices heard and with that so many doors have opened since the day I met y'all ✊🏽. I love my fam. #thankfulthursday #throwback #protectyourpeople
#Repost @sv_debug
Big day advocating for a package of #youthjustice bills in the state Capitol with our allies @youthjusticela @humanrightswatch @antirecidivismcoalition @cdfca @ncylnews and PJDC. Families impacted by juvenile life without parole sentences, Miranda Rights for youth, and ending juvenile fees right in the forefront #protectyourpeople #debugscience #debugsanjose #freecali #freeouryouth

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User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 21, 2018 3:32 PM (UTC)
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WOAH, I'm blown away from the outpour of love and support from you all!! Thank you for the empowering messages! It was a humbling experience to say the least. It wasn't about me but about those behind the walls that are counting on this, having that weight on my shoulders is what sparks the nerves to ignite but I was able to get through it and touch that many more lives. We turned hearts and opened the minds of our youth! Fern gave an oversight on #DeBug while I touched on #LWOP and Christina did her thing on #FMR. Spoke with 50+ students who were very intrigued and receptive with all that we presented! We passed around the story Frankie and I wrote that was published on @sv_debug website and did an exercise where the students read a paragraph each. It was pretty dope to hear our story through the students! A few even commented on how they felt after reading it, it helped shine a light and humanize Frankie, otherwise known as an inmate serving LWOP!! At the end of the sessions they were asked if they believe in #secondchances and majority, if not all, raised their hands! Then whipped out their phones to sign #seekingredemption petition on and share!! #thisoneisgoinginthebooks #ouryouth #ourfuture #BellarmineCollegePrep #success #DeBug #DeBugthesystem #FUEL #LWOPawareness #FMRawareness #seekingredemption
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 20, 2018 3:22 PM (UTC)

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I have the first time jitters lol. This will be my first time telling my story, publicly 😵😳 but I'll do what I need to do to spread #LWOPawareness #seekingredemption #reachingouttotheyouthtoday
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 19, 2018 4:28 PM (UTC)

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Tomorrow, we will be introduced by @sv_debug to speak with the students at Bellarmine College Preparatory High School at their Justice Summit Week Breakout Sessions ✊🏽 DeBug and F.U.E.L joining forces #proudmoment #theyareOURfuture #followyourheart #followyourpassion #makeanimpact #standforsomething #LWOPawareness #endLWOP #debug #debugthesystem #protectyourpeople #FUEL #seekingredemption
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 19, 2018 4:12 AM (UTC)

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#Repost @hairbyina_kilikina
That part👉🏽 #WeGotAProblemThatNeedsSomeAcknowledgement #LWOP #LwopAwareness #EndFMR #FelonyMurderRule #EndLwop We’re just the wives that don’t see justice in sentences given for crimes not committed, sentences that don’t fit crimes done, we refuse to sit down and shut up. We are human, we get frustrated, we want to give up, we cry and then we get back up and keep striving, keep pushing even when we can’t see the light, we won’t give up on our husbands or the people we have met along the way, We aren’t the women that are “okay with and just like meh it is what it is” NOPE we out here regardless of the put downs, we see what’s right and what’s wrong, we’re finding the root of the problem, we aim to do our part to fix it! through the ups and downs and we won’t stop👯‍♀️ Today we met some amazing people doing big things, obtaining numerous degrees, giving back to communities, volunteering, speaking and networking to reach as many people as possible, All people whom had life sentences! Thank you for doing your part and giving back and NOT FORGETTING who you were and where you came from yet what you’ve over came🙌🏽 #FUEL #SecondChances #EndMassIncarceration #Capitalism #SaveTheYouth #TheyAreOurFuture #MoreSchoolsLessPrisons #Actions #Connected @frank_n_boo @connected_against_all_odds
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:57 AM (UTC)
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Drove up to SF w/ @hairbyina_kilikina for the Prisoner Reentry Network 4th annual and met some AMAZING people. Humbling experience to talk with these men and women who are ex-lifers. God bless you ALL in this new journey you are walking, getting your BA's, mentoring, public speaking, and giving back to your communities. I salute you all!! @niraaguirre @moonchild7_mianta @allofusornone @united_playaz #exlifers #doingbigthings #secondchances #freedom #networking #fuel #endLWOP #seekingredemption
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 18, 2018 6:28 PM (UTC)

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YAAASS! Now, this is what I want to hear in our music. Real shit, he spits about real problems, world issues! Give him a follow. #voicesoftheyouth #woke #Repost @lgp_qua
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 18, 2018 5:59 PM (UTC)

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User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 18, 2018 1:53 AM (UTC)
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User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 14, 2018 7:31 PM (UTC)

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This young woman, Raina, and her beautiful daughter, Vaeh, have both passed away in a tragic car accident. Please help their families lay them to rest, any amount of donation helps. Thank you ♥️
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 12, 2018 5:12 PM (UTC)
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Hey folks ‼️If you haven't signed the "Seeking Redemption" petition on Change.Org please do so now and share. The direct link is in my bio ✊🏽Also, we'll be hitting up some festivities this weekend, let us know if you'd like to join us to get signatures ❤️#FUEL #seekingredemption #LWOPawareness #secondchances #endmassincarceration #peopleoverprofit
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 11, 2018 11:14 PM (UTC)
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Thirteen years ago our fate took a turn for what I thought was the worst, at the time. I reflect on this day, not to dwell on, but to remember life can change in a matter of seconds. I miss you with every fiber of my being, yet, I trust in God with this path He paved for us both. We will continue on, as we have been, fighting for change. I LOVE YOU, HoneyLove xoxo #frankNboo #reminiscing #13years #down #heavyhearted #imissyou #iloveyou #youaremyeverything #everythingido #idoforyou #forus #iwillbringyouhome
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 10, 2018 6:02 PM (UTC)

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ACLU Southern California - Unlock The Vote - Please read ‼️ For further questions or clarification, contact @wachkee #beheard #registertovote #unlockthevote #California #jails
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 6, 2018 3:12 PM (UTC)

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Thank you to all who have signed and special thanks to the ones that have helped this cause even further by reposting to help us promote this petition ✊🏽 We can't do this without the help of each and every one of you. We are only getting started but I know y'all are in it with me for the long haul 💯 THANK YOU 🙏🏽 Here are some messages that have caught my attention and wanted to share #FUEL #LWOPawareness #seekingredemption #YOUareCOURAGEOUS #rehabilitation #rehabilitationworks #secondchances #myGodisaforgivingGod #saveouryouth #moreresources #lessprisonsmoreschools #prisonindustrialcomplex #capitalism #massincarceration #moderndayslavery
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 5, 2018 5:22 PM (UTC)

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Please sign "Seeking Redemption" on (link in bio)
•First Term in an Adult Facility (First Felony as an adult)
•Commute - Remove Life WITHOUT the possibility of parole to Life WITH the possibility of parole
•Case by Case •No Guarantees
•You do not need to be a registered voter or a resident in the state of California to sign
Help us make change and create HOPE by signing, reposting, and sharing link.
Any questions or concerns regarding this petition or to obtain clarity, please email either of us #SeekingRedemption #Hope #SecondChances #LWOPawareness #EndLwop #EndMassIncarceration #MoreSchoolsLessPrisons @frank_n_boo @hairbyina_Kilikina
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 5, 2018 3:59 AM (UTC)

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Tomorrow our LWOP petition will be launching‼️Be sure to turn your post notifications on so you're alerted once it has been posted. THANK YOU for the love and support over the time we've been promoting it ✊🏽 The link will be on my profile
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 4, 2018 5:54 AM (UTC)

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We'll be hitting up jails/prisons to get signatures from families but if y'all know of any events coming up in California, please let us know! #FUEL #LWOPawareness #takeaction #secondchances
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 3, 2018 12:09 AM (UTC)

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This is how I feel when I wear my Protect Your People shirt ✊🏽♥️ Swipe to see the actual image. #protectyourpeople tell us who you wear your shirt for! Order shirts through @sv_debug #frankNboo #LWOPawareness #fightingforchange #secondchances
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Mar 2, 2018 5:19 AM (UTC)

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The following cast are "joining forces to change this broken system"
#Repost @sisterinmate
You're more likely to go to prison in the United States than any other country in the world, so in the unfortunate case it happens to you, this is the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON. Narrated by Academy Award® winner @susansarandon, the nonstop film chronicles the stories of two men who spent decades behind bars for murders they did not commit. With additional narration by activist celebrities like @officialdannytrejo, @patriciaarquette, @ijessewilliams, @icet, @rza, @bustarhymes, @tommorello, @macklemore, @breal, @deepakchopra, @warreng and more joining forces to change this broken system, the Survivors Guide exposes a failed punishment model. Gripping testimony from inmates, guards, staff, police, analysts, lawyers and reformers lend further credibility as documentarian @matthewcookeofficial examines the system cell by cell and by contrast, the dramatic programs proven to work.
#survivorsguidetoprison #documentary #dannytrejo #prison #jail #sisterinmate #criminaljusticesystem #justicereform
User Image frank_n_boo Posted: Feb 26, 2018 3:49 AM (UTC)

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Meet the crazies ☠️ #motheranddaughter she always has my back right or wrong but will keep it G with me to own up to shit when need be #shealwayshasmyback #supportsystem