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  • nightbird 287w ago

    How'd u do that?!!!

  • @nightbird I took the pic w slow shutter cam and then threw a space filter on it with picfx. That's it!

  • nightbird 287w ago

    The app is called slow shutter cam? That's the only thing missing now from the iPhone is the ability to control the shutter.

  • @nightbird slow shutter cam. It's one of my favorites. Get it!

  • nightbird 287w ago

    I will. Thanks!

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Hand delivered from the tenth sub level of @necroticarmoury . So pumped to install these on some new cabs. Thanks @putrid_idiot
Extremely excited to officially announce Deep Cross’s first release. Deep Cross is the result of Mike Cockrell (Jezzebeam/Red Ox) and I’s esoteric meanderings. Recorded by Ian Rundell (Cherubs/Spray Paint) and mastered by @straightupsatan. FFO #Swans, #Godflesh, #trepaningsritualen and all around weirdness. Honored to be a part of the @somaticaustin family. Scope the link in the bio #deepcross #somaticrecords #drone #industrial #doom
My submission for #theinternetgiveaway for #dwarfcraftdevices and @simonthemagpie contest. Gear used: #iphone7+ and #FieldScaper for the audio sample bookends, #korgminilogue and #komaelektronik #bd101 delay for the dial up audio. Recorded to #tascamportastudio 4 track.
Bootleg study jams courtesy of my dude @insidesleeps ✊🏽
#Repost @communion_band
Communion 8:30
Moloch (UK) 9:15
False (MN / Gilead) 10:00
Cloud Rat (MN) 11:00
Thou (LA / Gilead / Southern Lord) 12:00 $20 / $30 Under 21

Don't miss out!
Last minute DEEP CROSS show this THURSDAY w @hide_music and a killer lineup at a new DIY spot. Gonna be a good time.
#Repost @communion_band
Friday July 21st at The Lost Well!
Early Show / All ages
$20 / $25 Advance $25 / $30 Door
Get your tickets in advanced, this is not a show to miss! #thou #cloudrat #false #moloch #communion #doom
Beyond stoked to play w @truewidow again on Friday! First time in 7 years and this time w @communion_band
How @posolewithbenefits missed this at Moore's trading post, I'll never know
#Repost @thegrandbilliards (@get_repost)
Tonight! Come play some pool and soothe your ear holes, wit DJs @chest_vest and @john_the_sock! $1 high life from 10-11, and $4 mini pitchers all night long!
Tonight @thegrandbilliards The Kings of Trill-DJs Bobby Hill @chest_vest and Joseph Gribble. @john_the_sock are gonna bring you Country and classic rock jams from 10- 1. $4 lonestar minipitchers and free pool for service industry all night AND $1 high lifes from 10-11. Stop by and tell @john_the_sock happy bday!!!!