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User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Apr 15, 2012 11:14 PM (UTC)

4 Lo-fi
The Greatest Artist of All-time #krayziebone #krayjack #thelifeapparel
  • Agree 100%!!

  • He's so under rated. Deserves alot mote credit. It's amazing how his talent started from day one and he is still pulling tricks out the hat nearly 20 yrs later. He matured so much. I cant stop talking about how talented and intelligent he is!!

  • G.O.A.T. INDEED!

  • Damn!!!

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User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Jun 17, 2017 5:57 AM (UTC)
9 Normal
"I had a very close encounter with the devil
And he showed me all these elevated levels of myself
Took me to the highest mountain and I pedestal myself
Didn't realize he had planted a rebel in myself"
#ChasingTheDevil #Temptation #Views #Hiking #BrandNewEveryThing #WhatIf #NewWaves #TheRoadLessTraveled
User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Jun 12, 2017 12:25 PM (UTC)

1 Normal
I'd call my cousin Christian to wish him a happy b-day 6/11/87 #IfHeavenHadAcellphone #RIP #TheMainMan #NewWaves #VampLife
User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Apr 21, 2017 2:53 AM (UTC)

5 Gingham
😢😢😢 Reminiscing on my dude thats no longer here. I remember the 1st day we met at the LADSM meet til the last time we hung out in Vegas and everything in between. Thank you for being a real one since day one. Having you around as a friend was a blessing. You definitely will be missed brother. Gone way too fucken soon.. Thanks Carlos for the vid on priceless memories with him. RIP homie...where the hood at was ur joint #LADSM #TheBrewCrew #626cartel #MrChicago #OlSweetness #Bras_33 #OleCoyotesRus #ThankYouOJ #TopDownChromeSpinnin #RIPAlvin. • • •
Repost @dope_987
User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Apr 12, 2017 3:53 PM (UTC)

9 Normal
Rest in Paradise Alvin. I'm gonna miss the crap out of you. "Never got to say thank u for being a friend" but you were more like a brother. You made a huge impact in my life. I'm glad we got to tear shit up together for some 12yrs, i just wish it wasn't over.The crew will never be the same without out u OJ. I love you man gonna miss you forever #RIP #LADSM #TheBrewCrew #Mitsubishi #Eclipse #4g63 #TooSoonJr
User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Aug 25, 2016 3:29 AM (UTC)

6 Normal
User Image theworldsenemy Posted: Aug 17, 2016 6:22 PM (UTC)
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One of my fav tracks "Flowers melting up into the sky (Lost our way) Hear my heart were our love collides (Lost our way) We hear the songs we found in the time we lost our way" #KrayzieBone #LouLou #ThieveryCorporation #LostOurWay #FixTape4 #RoadTrip