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User Image behindthechair_com Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:10 PM (UTC)

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Hello.... question for my fellow professionals. Does the kind of work my fellow stylists do reflect/look bad on me?
One stylist has really bad color leaving the salon...another stylist in our salon that is constantly sending clients out with color on either in foil's or on the scalp. To my best knowledge this is against state boards regulations and I'm afraid that they're going to walk in and fine the salon for her negligence. We are an independent booth rent salon. #behindthechair #hairstylist #hairdresser
  • Address the issue to the stylist. Tell them what's wrong and if they continue then what type of action will be taken.

  • If you’re also a booth rent stylist, then each boot renter is responsible to run their own business as it’s own entity. Where I believe it could reflect poorly on you is, a consumer is not nuanced enough to know that all of you are “the salon” so once they become fed up they will start bashing “said salon”. I would perhaps address it with the owner to see if they would like to consider some changes for the overall brand but if not possibly finding myself a new spot in which to run “your” personal business. Hope that helps and makes sense!

  • Individuals are part of a team and one bad apple makes everything taste bad!

  • 👆🏾All of you “are not” the salon(not are), but individual business owners. Sorry just noticed that typo

  • Does it reflect on you? In my opinion yes. If a salon has an award winner or two on staff the whole public image of the salon is elevated. Works the same in reverse. One or two poor stylists can drag the public image down of everyone.

  • Yes, one person can definitely ruin everyone else’s reputation. I would speak to the salon manager and ask her to speak to the stylist to educate her on what to do/what not to do.

  • You represent the salon and each other to an extent, but you’re certainly not responsible for a member of your teams work.

  • The salon is a team wether your booth rent or commission! You gotta talk to her, if I saw someone leaving like that and I was a client sitting in the waiting area, I know what I’d be thinking! I’d have the salon owner have a discussion with her, bring up how unprofessional it looks.

  • Even though you are not responsible for other peoples actions I do believe that those actions can affect the reputation of the entire salon. If I were a client and experienced a bad color service I wouldn’t try a new stylist at the salon id go to an entirely new salon all together.

  • Professional salons ended with booth rental....saddest of days for all the work done to elevate our profession. Yes, I am “old school”.

  • Even though you're not affiliated clients will never understand that. I went through that for years and will never be in that situation again. Especially with sites like yelp all of your reviews are under the same name. As far as stateboard is concerned, I was always fine because they would see everyone else's mess so my clean labeled station looked flawless and I never received a fine. Check out a studio place such as @solasalons . I've rented from them for almost 5 years and I absolutely love it.

  • Absolutely! If the owner will not make changes I would find another salon to work in.

  • As a client I hear more things about a salon as a whole not just a stylist independently. So when I hear negative things it’s “I’ve been to that salon and had a bad experience” not “I had a bad experience with Susan at that salon”

  • I would approach management, then kindly tell your coworkers the situation, teamwork makes the dreamwork.....

  • @merelyn5 I completely disagree. I’ve been in a booth rent salon for 8 years and it’s far more professional than the commission salon I worked for previously

  • @merelyn5 I completely agree with you @erinmarie2023 I've worked my butt off to be a successful booth renter (now salon owner). The personal marketing that's only up to you, being your own receptionist, working our own numbers. Everything I've seen in the salon world is that majority of booth renters are FAR more professional. Commissioned or hourly stylist are getting paid no matter what and tend to not get every aspect of the business as renters do. I personally feel as if commissioned stylist get lazy and comfy in their salon and tend to stop growing after a while.

  • No matter how you structure your business there should always be a standard to which you hold everyone who is a part of that accountable. Booth renters may be their own bosses but you are the law in this case and should have some minimums that they need to adhere to, to protect your business. SET THE TONE.

  • I would mind my business n not make an innecesary enemy n drama, the truth is you will get a lot of her clients sooner or later, you cant change peoples habits n relationship with their clients, just how i see

  • Yes everything that goes on in the salon you lease in, is a direct link to you.

  • Absolutely. Tread lightly with how you approach this issue, but you will definitely be associated with any of the hair that is coming out of your salon, whether you did it or not.

  • As a salon owner I have had both booth renters and commissioned stylists. The majority of clients, especially new ones do not know the difference between the two nor do most of them care. They just want to get their hair done The salon owner is responsible for each and every stylist in that salon and should not allow that type of unprofessional behavior.

  • So very unprofessional 😧

  • Move. Surround yourself with professionals. I understand it bothers you, but in the mean time focus on yourself and your clients 💖 most stylists are set in their ways and chances are if you confront them there is going to be unnecessary drama. Keep your head down and get out of there!

  • Yes it does but you can't do anything about it in a booth rental situation. Find a better salon.

  • Not sure what's up with this situation, but why trash your situation when "The Boss" is out of town! Give it a break! She will be back soon!!

  • Yes it reflects on you if a salon is bad people will nlt want to go to you. Surround yourself with people whp strive to be better

  • @silvanadno totally. I have worked with people that send bad hair out and their client notices that it's bad. But they also notice what I do in the salon. Needless to say... sometimes you end up with more clients that way.

  • @gen_eeee i built an entire clientelle on people who were inconsistent or people who had bad habits, it is so hard to work with people who are too casual and treat people like they are at a barnyard, at the end people see,,, and i used to get rmbarrased for people who did even outrageous things but i realized some people like it that way, and learned to respect my space and theirs, good luck

  • It sure does, it doesn't matter that you are booth rental. People don't see the difference, if one person is trashy, it makes the rest look trashy. You should really consider finding another salon.

  • Can you say “ghetto”? Dude, how do you see yourself? And when you do, how does your co-workers fit in that scenario? Do they support your “dream self”? Get to a salon that you are proud to work at. Proud to take your clients to. I wouldn’t say anything to your present owner, but you are allowed to elevate yourself.

  • When I started as an assistant. I worked with 30 booth rental stylists. I saw crazy shit I didn’t know was a technique as well as seeing truly amazing work. But I also realized that these stylist were all different ages and were trained multiple different ways over all their years. No one way was right or wrong. It’s part of being an individual artist. Since you’re all rental stylists in your salon then you’re your own business. So in this case you need to mind your own business. You’re not the owner. If the clients of those stylist don’t like what they are doing or the quality of work they are receiving. Then they can complain about it. Basically you need to make a decision for yourself. If your think these stylists reflect badly on you. Then you need to go get your own private studio where all the mirrors around reflect nothing but your own work. Otherwise if you choose to stay where you are. Then focus on your own work and stop judging others. We only have the right I judge ourselves. We may not all have the same style or quality of work in the business but bottom line we need to just respect each other’s work. And in this business being different is a good thing.

  • Doesn't the chemuical processing stop ? Wow!! Hopefully she has em signing a release form #lawsuit

  • Move to a salon that has like minded professionals. Don’t say a word to your coworkers it could make things weird for you. Just focus on your clients and find a new salon. Best of luck😊

  • @lisalovesruby i agree. Policing them isnt part of your job. Get with like minded people and you will be so much happier!

  • What??? Ru serious??? We cringe when clients wanna leave without a blowdry🙀

  • @sbartlettxx3 I agree, when someone leaves a poor review on Yelp, they mention the salon as a whole, NOT the individual stylist who effed up their doesn't reflect well.

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