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User Image behindthechair_com Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:11 PM (UTC)

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  • @sarahcarrollstyles I drop them- and when they ask why, I politely inform them that to keep them on as client cost me more money and stress than to keep them or I don't feel like our relationship was working out.

  • @sophistiquesalon our time is money! We could have put someone else in that time slot who wanted in! Good job for implementing that!

  • Has anyone had a client fight the charge with the cc company and lost the money after the fact? I’ve heard that that can happen but didn’t know how true it was.

  • Interesting as I had put a 50% deposit on a service for microblading and the girl cancelled on me and now went silent after she said she would refund my deposit.

  • @thebarefootbrunnette you are protected by bank. Just call there, no need to wait for girl

  • @sophistiquesalon she had me send it through PayPal. That’s the down side. $200 is hard to get from an unresponsive person. She has no plans to even do the service at a later date (paid for in Oct, scheduled to be done 1/5/18 and cancelled on 1/3/18).

  • my salon does it! for all services nails, hair, massage...

  • I so needed this. I've been challenged by a client regarding my last minute cancellation charges because I've allowed her get away with it several times and of course when I put my foot down of course she had a cow but she did not cancel. I love this idea and will consider implementing it.

  • @jessi.arr YAAASSS!

  • Is should be!!!!

  • @thebarefootbrunnette go through PayPal they will fully refund you and then I would report her to the better business bureau

  • @aliciar8686 I’ll give it a try, not sure her email address/account is still active but will see.

  • @hairandmakeupbyerica we were literally just talking about this !

  • @jessicamagadan I had a nutty client that came to me to fix a bad cut (done by someone else) She sat there an nit picked every single thing I did to fix it. A 1 hour appointment turned into 2 hours. She later called me and left a message that said she absolutely loved the cut and her husband raved about it. She said she just wanted the bangs a little shorter. There is no way I was letting her back in my chair. She turned me in at the Credit card company and said she received the worst service of her life. I wrote them my side and apparently I didn’t even need to do that. They just need a copy of the signature agreeing to the payment and I was able to get my money back. She was so crazy. 13 years of doing this and is still my only dispute.

  • @thebarefootbrunnette it doesn't matter , PayPal will try and insatiate contract and will ask you to contact them if you don't hear back with a given time ( I think it's like 28 days) they'll send you a refund.

  • I feel like one of the things that's happening are people wanting in as soon as possible , then agree to book but get impatient and go in to the first person available . Which would be all fine and dandy if they cancel their appointment at least. Or reply to confirmation message.

  • I'm not putting $30 down on a haircut I haven't even gotten yet.

  • emyets 3w ago

    @klagrg YES

  • Ah hell no ! No way

  • @jessicamagadan yes we’re going through this right now we charged her the xl fee and she did a charge back with her cc company

  • A deposit was the best thing I could have done.

  • Yes .. for sure! I find that deposits eliminate last minute cancellations bigtime!

  • Hell yes, very much needed. Time is $

  • Get over yourself 👍🏾

  • @myjosephwork i really dont see this happening anytime soon. I love being in the salon. It is an experience.

  • @bonebrreaker the numbers show that you are in the minority and even if you are not, rents and overhead are destroying all brick and mortar operations.

  • And here’s the thing...IF you have a habitual last minute canceller and you’re over it, then yes 50% is reasonable. But other than way. People won’t book. Shit happens

  • @myjosephwork what numbers??

  • @bonebrreaker Salon closures

  • @myjosephwork nation wide??

  • @poetgonemad I have to ask what value you have for the person/business providing the service. If you don’t bail on the appointment then you have lost nothing. If you don’t show without cancelling you are responsible for the business and the stylist losing money for time set aside for your service.

  • Ridiculous. You got stylists out here who are CRAP requiring a deposit. Best believe if I booked my appt. 3 mos. In advance with a GOOD stylist I'm not canceling! A deposit is tacky!

  • It’s hard for me, as a stylist, I was almost in tears today cause I had a $200 who rebooked with me from the last time, and was a no call, no show. I tried to contact her a few times and couldn’t. I might not hit commission now cause of that, and my car is broken down and I need that money to help fix it. But, it might deter clients away? Maybe on service tickets that might be over a certain price?

  • Yes absolutely

  • Asking for a CC upon making an appointment is not unheard of, a lot of upscale salons and spas do this we do, and then charging a 50% cancellation/no show fee is also acceptable (of course you can make an exception for emergency’s) but it does cut down on the last minute cancellations and no shows. Time is money and business is business.

  • @kylaterblanche I miss you already 😂❤

  • I charge a no show fee i do not force them however if they don’t pay i will not offer another appointment..... they always pay 💪🏻😉 xx

  • @jazzyj0mama I consider myself a “good” stylist... I still, on occasion have the young, indecisive, instant gratification kind of client who can’t wait the few weeks to get in with for that balayage they want... ($280 and up) but they book the appointment... and in the consultation I tell them our cancellation policy, yet they still don’t call or show.... because they probably got impatient and found someone cheaper and available... deposits might seem tacky, but it’s also tacky to no show. I have considered, for said reasons, to require a deposit for my time. On services exceeding $100 or two or more hours.

  • @lilrockstar23 Well put! 😊

  • @jazzyj0mama or if I have to spend 400 on hair for an extension install, and they decide to no show. Nah. A deposit is smart on some services. I'm not charging deposits on all over colors or haircuts lol. I am charging where I need to do I don't go bankrupt when people decide to have a lack of common curiosity.

  • @jessicamagadan I've had someone dispute the charge for her perm through her cc company. And it took it right out of my account. I had to contact her and inform her that it was not fraud (she was 98) and that she authorized the charge for her perm. She had to come back in and pay me. So yes. It's possible. But I also don't think it's super likely people will do that. Or if you have a booking app handle it for you they probably also have certain ways of making the agreement final.

  • If someone is booking out more than 3 hours of your time then a deposit isn't unreasonable. We are taking 50% deposits for services over 3 hours. This includes a party of 3 people getting 1 hour services.

  • @davidmarshyyc a good read!

  • @mybobotay if your logic is solely based on the value placed into a business, the next time you go to get any work done on your car, make sure you place a 50% deposit down while making an appointment.

  • With new clients booking a big service, absolutely. I was played 3 times by the same client (a new client). Each time I booked a 4 hour slot, 3 times she cancelled last minute with pathetic excuses. The 4th time I refused to book without a non refundable 50% deposit. She came that time. I was a fool I let her play me 3 times. But I won’t be anyone else’s in the future. Life teaches you good lessons if you pay attention. I wouldn’t for smaller services or long term repeat customers, but with new ones you need some guarantee.

  • @sarahcarrollstyles yes!!! I have had one client who has been in the hospital a couple of times and she's worries I will drop her... umm no emergency (real emergencies) I understand and don't worry about at all... not showing up bc "you forgot" or you are too hungover... nope sorry, pay for my time 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • @lisaisabella89 yeez should dae this for the month of December at least! 🤣

  • YES. day of, hours of canceling huge appointments or even no showing = zero income for the stylist. It’s the same for other industries. Hold people to their commitments

  • I was actually thinking the opposite of tacky. As said before, the upscale salons do require a deposit on services. You think about it, the higher the service fee the more risk you are taking if they no-show. Most doctors offices require deposits for services and no one gripes about that. I think a deposit should be acceptable in all industries. What is tacky is when someone makes an appointment and no shows or cancels last minute.

  • Ano 😂😂😂 @my_shoe_love

  • @poetgonemad do car mechanics have a chronic problem with people making appointments and not showing up? You’re comparing apples to pears.

  • I have a simple formula. The first no-show is free the next one is charged 50% and the third one they are fired. No exceptions. If it's a new client and they no-show then they are fired. I also have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Last minute cancellation is the same as a no-show.

  • @poetgonemad if you don’t show to a dr. or dentist you pay half or full visit.

  • @mybobotay do you know many mechanics? I do, and yes they do. If you have people scheduled to come in and it looks like you have a busy day you bring more mechanics in. Let's say half the people don't show up. Now you have way more mechanics then needed and your paying them to do nothing.

  • This is acceptable^ @mybobotay not everyone cancels so they shouldn't be charged 50% upfront.

  • I don't require 50% but I do require $25 on a new clients.. it's not so big they freak out but enough they don't want to loose it.. it has worked out great so far.

  • @poetgonemad you might know one that does that, but I know several and they never expect a deposit. Anyone that expects a deposit from me will lose my business. I understand if you have been stiffed, but you haven't been stiffed by me.

  • @rachicorn_84 ... you should start this


  • I am all about the deposit...if you’re a client and don’t want to leave a deposit, I’m sure there’s another stylist out there that will help you out. Just wont be me. Time is money and I have a family to support.

  • Im not sure why anyone would have a problem with a security deposit. Tattoo artists have done this for years for obvious reasons and we dont think twice about it. The deposit comes off your total bill anyway. Whats the problem?

  • My salon requires deposits for all new big color client services such as fantasy colors, balayage and bleach and tone. The deposit is only refundable if they call in the appropriate amount of time to cancel or reschedule. It works really well for us and clients seem to have no issue with it.

  • YESSSS! why do we have to not get paid bc someone didn’t prioritize! You book and appt you keep it or you pay for it 🤷🏼‍♀️ why should I feel bad that you forgot.....time is money people! We are professionals and professionals get paid for their talent and time!

  • Would love to do this at my salon but feel like no client would and are you allowed to keep credit cards on file to even do deposits ? Like for a returning client .

  • Love this!

  • Quite honestly, it would turn me off as a client. I never ‘no show’ and I am great to my stylist, but I wouldn’t give my business to someone I’ve never been to who wants 50% up front. What if they wreck my hair or no show on me? I know this would help weed out some of the bad customers, but it would certainly do the same for some of the good ones too. Just my perspective!

  • For long pricey appointments it really stops people from wasting your time. But for those appointments I require a consultation first so I personally can tell them there is a deposit policy. Too many clients don't respect our time. It's a business not a hobby no matter how much passion you have for it, You still need to make a living.

  • Yes because they like to cancel the day of..

  • In my opinion it would be more acceptable if you offer some discount if the client pre-book before leave the salon (if is already an existing customer) this should be enough motivation.. or something like £20-£30-£50 should be more likely to be accepted .

  • I hope so

  • Doctors do it all the time! There is a charge for not showing up to your appointment!

  • @poetgonemad the motivating factor isn’t a proper cancellation. It’s protecting from a noshow. Using your mechanic reference, it looks like you’re understanding the business loss involved. With hair it’s a specific time slot reserved for someone where the time is not being paid without the opportunity to rebook. We don’t do this in my salon but I understand the motivation.

  • That's a stupid way. just tell me the drama if you can't return an item in Nordstrom or target because you change your mind . Do you think a simple salon can beat a credit card company. Buyer wins 95% of the complaints. Easy way to lose clients.

  • @thekristinevans I can't even believe some of these comments. Lol.

  • @hucyduzzhair right? That's what I was wondering.

  • If muthafuckas want to waste yo time of course! Lol

  • Every cl

  • Policies are great but every situation is different

  • Great policy!

  • @la_huracan why would you come 15 minutes early? That’s another customers time and money spent and deserve the full time and attention from their stylist.

  • Let’s make it the new norm💪🏼

  • @paintedbygina I always show up a little bit early , say my appt is a 330 I show up at 315 and there has been more than a few times my service didn’t get started until 4pm . Services I was paying nearly 400.00 dollars for . So the Time I’m referring to is all the time I’m waiting past my appt time . So in my example 30 min

  • drgart 3w ago


  • @jcolahairsalon 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Yup. On stylist yesterday got stiffed for about half of her $. The girl only had this much.. 🙄 no credit cards, no friends to borrow from, no mommy to pay.. she was in hi school.

  • @la_huracan well it sounds like you may need a new stylist 😉 lol! time management is super important a stylist shouldn’t always make their client wait that long they need to book out accordingly or accomadate for their persistent latenesses. Communication is important in building trust with our clients especially in such a competitive business.... however, its also unfair if a new Client books on a Saturday at 11am for a double process and doesn’t show up when I have 3 other loyal clients who would have loved filling in those time slots that the big service has blocked out. In this case I believe it’s fair for the stylists, their other clients, and the company.

  • @davidehinton right!! Entertainment for real!

  • Should be industry norm. Def.

  • andidp 3w ago

    @amanda_red_does_hair this is not a bad idea

  • Alot of nail salons do this already. To guarantee the client will show up and not waste their time waiting when the spot could have been filled.

  • Oh. P. S. I typically drive low production German cars and take them to independent specialists not the dealer. A couple weeks ago I had an issue and my guy suggested I go the dealer or he’d have to charge me for the part up front not knowing if that’s what it needed. I’ve never had a problem paying him ahead for parts.

  • @em.dasilva ca devrais etre comme ca au salon

  • @shaleaj1 if all salons and spas would make this standard we would all be in better shape.

  • @beautifullivesmatter that’s so wrong!!!

  • Nope. All my clients are regulars. I rarely have a cancellation, and if i do there’s a good reason for it. This just tells your clients u don’t trust them at all

  • @vudohair I just might

  • Please let this be a thing 🙏

  • Let this be a thing 😍

  • Yess!

  • @beautifullivesmatter that’s when you do the color and right before the blow dry. Get the rest of the money!! Otherwise she will leave wet! But with the disclaimer for the deposit the rest is due before leaving or schedule when you have the full payment.

  • I love this!

  • @styledbydessilina I tell everyone the price 1st though before they even get here. It’s never happened to me. But I do take 50% on extensions. I had a girl back out after paying a $800- deposit. Deposits are non refundable.

  • Our salon just started a new booking process for wedding parties. We have them fill out an info pack (how many people, what type of hair, makeup?, extensions?...etc.) and they have to leave their card info down as well. If they cancel/no show they still get charged. #ourtimemakesorbreaksourpaychecks #timeismoney


  • Just had a no show this morning.....🧐. I like this!

  • I guess you can do this to new customer. If its your regulars. I dont feel there a need to as it is base on trust.

  • Definitely for new clients, if it’s a regular client it wouldn’t be needed, if any short notice cancellations happen from regulars, 95% of the time it’s a good reason 👍🏼 but new clients are the worst with cancelling last minute!!!

  • @glambyroxy__ we were just talking about this!

  • @danagarmon is right. It’s a cancellation FEE and, if it’s written/printed policy, they can’t dispute it.

  • You can’t do a deposit. And, frankly, I wouldn’t ask a client to pay in advance of the service unless it’s a bridal party — then we charge a reservation fee (again still not a “deposit”). There’s no way it holds up legally. What you CAN do is a cancellation fee.

  • @nocturnus_ interesting thread to read

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