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  Posted: Apr 15, 2012 2:01 AM FEED
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at an old vintage theater about to watch a horror flick ... we're the only ones here. kinda creepy!

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it seems kind of unfitting to celebrate life when so many lives were lost this weekend. we feel extremely lucky to have woken up to wish our daughter a happy birthday—she turned three yesterday (🎉).
when darkness prevails, the tenderness of her heart is what keeps our hope alive—now more than ever.
happy 3rd birthday, naomi camilla! (🎊) we promise to do everything in our power to make this world a better place for your generation—y’all deserve so much better than the world we live in. #naomiturnsTHREE
🍂 we’ve been nestling into the new season. enjoying the comforts of home and each other now that school + work schedules keep us busy. as a thank you to @dyt069 for working so hard, i gifted him a limited edition #jimbeamofficial @gentlemansbox. it’s the perfect mix of style + grooming products to make your favorite gentleman feel good. it’s the little things that put a smile on daniel’s face. 😉
for a limited time, use code MODERN5 to receive $5 off your first month’s box—it’s the perfect little something for the favorite gentleman in your life! 🤵🤵🏽🤵🏾🤵🏿
#gentlemansbox #besavvy
first day of #preschool for our kleine maus. 🐭
honestly, i'm a mix of emotions, but the feeling that outweighs them all is immense gratitude—for our tribe of supporters who've helped us from the hazy newborn days up to now. we cannot thank you enough for helping us journey through parenthood. that smile on her face is because of y'all. 💕
back home just in time for the #eclipse! philadelphia was a whirlwind of a trip—such a dope city with the friendliest folk! thank you for the trip recommendations. i adventured my way through philly's food, sites and culture. ♥️

reuniting with my favorite people was the highlight of my weekend. hope the last days of summer have been equally good to you! ✨ 🌒 🌙
heading to #philadelphia for a week-long work trip. it's my first time! have you been? what should i see, do, and eat? ✈️ ✨ #jetlife #milleyinphilly
we've been reflecting on all the supportive hands that have helped us raise naomi, especially my darling cousin, @shellsh3ll, who has been with us through many milestones. 💛
their sweet bond put my heart at ease when i made the difficult decision to return to work.
nearly two years later, we're a mix of smiles and tears as we close this chapter and venture towards the next.
you've been an invaluable gift, michelle. thank you for sharing your heart with us and taking such good care of our girl. 💕
#ittakesavillage #cousins
working from home on friday's means today's office space looks like this. ✨
we moved into our hood nearly two years ago and we're still finding new gems. glad to have @princecoffeepdx just a few blocks away! ☕️ 🌿 👩🏾‍💻
sick in bed (🤧) and scrolling through old photo albums. i realized it's been over a year since i updated my #housesofportland series! i stumbled upon this rehabbed beauty last week after a trip to our favorite park. i still have mixed emotions about the evolution of #portland—i welcome the new mix of eateries and small businesses but hate when it jeopardizes the homes (and families in them) that have been here for ages. glad this old gem is still around. 🏡
there aren't sacred enough words to describe the feeling of her embrace. i think my soul called for it. long before she was born. how kind of the universe to encourage her to answer.
— daughter
i think the best part about all of this is watching her discover the simple joys and wonders of the world. 🌿
i tend to forget how beautiful and simplistic life can be. thankful for the reminder.
roadtripping with the naomi is much easier when activities and treats are involved. that's why @puregrowthorganic snacks are a lifesaver when you're on the go and in-between meals. we threw a couple of bags of #pgo veggie chips and animal crackers in the car for our trip to the oregon coast and homegirl was set! if you're planning a getaway with little ones in tow, stock up now! available at @amazon; click the link in my profile + use "20PURELOVE" for a discount on your order.
happy snacking!
#puregrowthorganic #partner #ad
we snuck away from the city yesterday and woke up on the oregon coast. the change of scenery is exactly what we'd been longing for. there's something about the smell of ocean air, sand between your toes and the warmth of sunshine that helps you feel brand new. 🌊 ☀️ ✨
all is good in our corner of the world. daniel's mama is in town from germany (🇩🇪) for a few weeks and naomi couldn't be happier to have her oma around. i think we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when she arrived—her energy is a blessing. ✨
there's so much beauty and adventure during this season and somehow we're all feeling a bit restless over here. in need of new sights, sounds, places to explore and get lost in. so, i'm refocusing on how and where we spend our time—making sure every bit of it is spent intentionally to help us stretch our minds, hearts, and view of the world.

have any places or communities inspired you lately? 🌿 🌍 #danielandnaomi
her imagination continues to blossom. seeing the world through her eyes is really a beautiful thing. ✨
some days i press pause on the busyness of life—all the things i need to do, plan for, anticipate, work through. i make metal space to reflect on earlier times. to remind myself of where we used to be and how we're doing now. it grounds me knowing that no matter how turbulent or uncomfortable the circumstances of life may be, as long as we have each other, we'll always be okay. #throwbackthursday #danielandnaomi
of all the things i've hoped for in life, i never imagined i would be lucky enough to share a life with these two beautiful humans. we've been through a lot—it hasn't always been easy. but i am grateful for every single moment that has led us to now. 💕

thank you @pdxkersten for the sweet family portrait!
i held our daughter during the hazy hours of this morning. she'd woken up too early and was trying to nestle back into a deep sleep. i cradled her head against my chest and watched her eyes slowly drift. it reminded me of her newborn days, when it was just her and i, watching the sunrise while i nursed her back to sleep. 〰
it also made me think about the phases of #motherhood. the magic of it. the moments that remind me of the tenderness of humanity. seconds of affection you wish would last forever. challenging days that you wouldn't mind erasing and trying again.

i often ask myself if i'm doing this mothering thing right—if i am doing everything that it takes to raise a good human being. i am constantly questioning. one step forward. two steps back. arriving at more unknowns. naomi's wide, luscious hazel eyes often search my weary face for answers to the riddles of this world. sometimes i fall flat. but, i am trying. i am trying. i am trying. and i hope that smile on her face means i am doing enough. #honestmotherhood