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Got my 23andMe results.
1. I apparently do not have a great grandmother who is Cherokee
2. I have far, far more European blood than I imagined
3. Random SE Asian DNA?
4. I stand by telling rude strangers who asked me about my heritage that I’m not mixed even though it’s clear I am, lol.
Subbed in bay scallops for shrimp in @skinnytaste’s Garlic Shrimp in Coconut Milk, Tomatoes and Cilantro (they were half the price of shrimp!) and it was SO GOOD. 😋 #skinnytaste
Cheat Day! @inagarten’s Perfect Roast Chicken with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, red potatoes, and Walla Walla sweet onions. #foodporn #sundaydinner
Back in the spring, when I was stress baking to get to keep myself sane at work, I fell off the wagon, sensible eating-wise. Once a week treats became daily and then a hot summer struck and I fell deep in love with my nemesis, ice cream (I went for a whole year without buying a pint of it!). Now, with lots of changes on the horizon + wedding photos to think of, I have returned to a life of quinoa and veggies and lean proteins. I’ll still have a cheat day, and I’ll make that bad boy count, but almost two weeks in, I’m feeling stronger and happier already.
Decided today would be a good day to grill, so made a slightly adapted version of @skinnytaste’s chipotle chicken with cilantro lime quinoa, with grilled chicken instead of slow cooked chicken. It was so good.
The sky over the Space Needle, just after sunset. #k5fall #sonorthwest
@m_dee_vee and I have started rewatching The Crown, so I decided to make a suitably royal dessert of profiteroles (a small batch from a @dessertfortwo recipe!). My pâte à choux was a touch on the wet side, so didn't get the lift I wanted, but they taste really good!
#tbt, fall edition: Back in 2011, the Neuberts and I commandeered the Whittle Family RV and headed to Forks, Washington at peak #Twilight fever. Pro tip: it is NOT WARM on the Washington coast in November. #lapushbaby
A baby squall rolling in over Elliott Bay this afternoon. #wawx #k5summer technically but really #k5fall #seattle #nofilter
I make Coq au Vin on the first sub 60 degree day of fall. This year, I used Ina Garten's recipe but also added in Julia Child's recipe for red wine braised onions and sautéed mushrooms. It is...extremely good. Fall--I'm ready for you. #foodporn
I looked up a recipe for Mongolian Shrimp and then sort of followed the steps and this was the delicious result.
Today was (probably) the last sunny AND warm day of 2017. And the sunset was beautiful.
While I'm not mentally ready for the return of normal Seattle weather (I will always be a Californian at heart), I'm excited to be able to use my Dutch oven once more! Made delicious red wine braised short ribs and Yukon gold mashed potatoes last night. #foodporn
@m_dee_vee is on his way back to Canadia and I'm researching how I might be able to move there tomorrow! Jk jk, preparing for all the job interviews this week with the loveliest pep talk in my head.
Congratulations to @evanelizabeth and Ryan! Such a gorgeous wedding on a perfect PNW day! And they left the reception on a boat, which was A+++
Tomorrow is the first #cougarfootballsaturday of the season--so a Coug-themed #fbf is in order. This is from Homecoming 2004, when I was part of Coug Guys and Gals. This picture makes me feel old.
@m_dee_vee returns to seattle on Friday for people watching, tacos, and, of course, @evanelizabeth's wedding!