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Seeing this gazebo made me wonder if any wedding ceremonies have taken place here, or even proposals. It was such a quiet and secluded spot in this maze of a garden. Rather peaceful. At times during this I have been switching between being stressed out and achieving inner peace. Bit of a maelstrom. But I guess that is part of life. Stress will always come in some form, but the same can be said about peace. Even if it seems too small and insignificant according to our minds.☯️

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So much going on in my mind. All the possibilities, yet trying to piece together this puzzle can be maddening. Yet I can already see the prize for winning in this photo. A memory of how much I enjoy traveling and propels me forward. It is quite the travel bug I caught, or maybe I have always had this wanderlust soul that screams to explore. I have my own plans that I aim to come into fruition by the end of the year. First off however, I need to gain traction in my business. 🤩💻📸 This should be fun...
Further up the beach is the drop off into the sands. One area into another. Both areas slowly yet constantly changing over time. Change is inevitable. My life has certainly gone 360 for the past couple of years towards the better. I no longer feel the standard norms are for me. Even thought about tiny house living sometime in the future instead of fancy manors or apartments that is typical for some that believe having the latter would make them happy. I only know what fulfills myself however: a need for travel. To explore. To be a digital nomad. See the world while I am still here.☯️🚙
And of course there is always someone parasailing. 😜 I would never do it without a lifejacket since I can’t swim. 😅 Bit of irony there. I like being by the ocean yet cannot swim. Life certainly has a sense of humor. 🌊
I eventually got my lighthouse photo, but also saw an opportunity to add something more to make it visually interesting. Case in point, the guy fishing. I am unsure what @rondelhayephoto saw through his lens. Curious to see. 😊📸 What I saw was a sense of serenity. Life simply being. How simple life can be to the senses.☯️
Eventually I did take photos of the lighthouse as well, but one piece of focus was on the waves. Just has this way of soothing my nerves with the rhythmic crashing of waves. Already missing it.🙁🌊☯️
@rondelhayephoto taking photos of the lighthouse in the distance while I take a behind-the-scenes shot so to speak. His eye was on that distant lighthouse. Mine was the shore line and the people traversing it.
The wood debris wasn’t the only feature. Interesting formations were among the boulders that @rondelhaye pointed out to me. All these little wonders naturally created by nature...☯️🍃
Quite a lot of debris on the beach at the time. A hidden visual story telling of previous storms in the area. It was the only visual disturbance on these shores besides the people hanging out here. Some admiring the view, a few parasailing and even one fishing. Never a dull moment.
So what did I do on my final day in the Charleston area? Visit Folly Beach again of course! Only this time it was to visit the northern area with the lighthouse in view. @rondelhayephoto came of course. I remembered this site from one of his wedding photo shoots during a sunset and wanted to see the place myself. Quite the long trek to reach this spot due to limited parking, but did end up seeing rows and rows of beach homes. I don’t know if I would attempt at purchasing an expensive beach home though. I have other plans.🤔🚙
Amazing when you think about it. How we’re conscious and able to experience this space called the Universe. How we’re made of the same atoms that other living creatures, nonliving and even the stars themselves. Life is full of amazing things, yet many including myself can sometimes have a habit of losing that focus and worry about what amounts to superficial things. “I don’t have the latest iPhone X!” “I don’t have that fancy Lamborghini!” “I wish I had that large fancy home it’s because of this person or this politician that I don’t have it!” All this worry over satisfying the ego and being miserable in the process. Granted I do find myself thinking this at times, but it has been having less of a grip than before and it feels wonderful knowing how I am not as limited as I use to think.☯️💚
I feel as if I have set in my mind what I really want to do. But it will take a while to see it in fruition. This project is one of many towards my own goals to travel more and photograph it all. Better to jump in instead of second guessing everything. What exactly that is? You’ll have to wait and see. 😉🚙
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Visiting the new Star Center in Michigan City. Come pay a visit!😊👍
Feels like a lot of times I am traversing uncharted waters. Too scared of what ifs to jump in and row out to explore beyond that little island of mine. I would miss out on an entire world that is waiting for me out there. Most would just stick to the safe island with that hurricane of change looming in the distance. I’d rather row away and feel that adventurous excitement. 🚙💚🍃
Tired yet energized. Frustrated, yet yearning for more. Depressed, yet knowing that it’ll pass and good times will roll. A constant cycle that I have viewed as long as I remembered. I see it in nature with the seasons. I also see it from the positive times to negative time and then back to happiness. Seems the same for everyone and everything in this Universe. Yet this view of what is positive and negative is only from my perspective. What can seem positive to some is negative to others. Something to ponder over...☯️
There is one thing that I have recognized that is holding both me AND YOU back from achieving success. Something that paralyzes us because of that unknown factor. What is that one word? FEAR. Fear of failing? I do a lot I admit due to being on a tight budget. But in order to make it I have to make those calculated risks and TAKE ACTION. It always comes down to taking action no matter what your mind or what others think. Do what you believe in that will help others in a positive way. I will never change if I don’t get out of my comfort zone and still have a long way to go. I still have fear over what ifs, but so does anyone else. My biggest fear however is triumphing for one simple reason: I don’t want to live my remaining years full of regret. Full of “I wish I did this...” and be unable to do anything about it. I don’t want to waste the limited time I have on this Earth. This persistence and patience I am feeling as I type is why I know I will eventually succeed in life and actually live.☯️💚
I have something I must confess.
Like many others, I have in the past blamed others for situations I have gone through that are negative. Blaming others for where I am in life, for what keeps me from success, and also from getting anything done. In the end, it always comes down to me and my decisions on how I spend my time and energy. I can either do it in a positive way that uplifts others, or be a negative nancy by letting other peoples’ negative attitudes affect me and what I can achieve while also bringing others down to my level or lower. That final decision always comes down to me, as it always comes down to you as well. It is how people will remember either of us. I want to be remembered for showing how an autistic can be an entrepreneur just as easily and travel the world to view and meet others despite the stereotype and become a positive influence. What would you like to be remembered for?☯️💚
At times, I am stuck with wondering what to do. I think we all have gotten to that point before, where the stress is high and we are unsure of how to press forward. This can sometimes freeze me up and unable to do anything when I should. Or...being still is the best solution. An answer is trying to come out, but we don’t stay still and quiet to listen a lot of the time. Just stand still in silence and meditate.☯️
Today feels...not the most productive. I am fine with that as log as I can do something to inch a little bit forward, whether it be work or personal development related. Every inch will help towards the long term goals. Simply work with what I have. ☯️
Not the positive morning I was expecting, but not every day is going to be. Life is simply what it is. A fluctuation of positives and negatives. Negative things happen, but everything in life is ever-changing. Just as yesterday was a positive experience, today started off in a negative way that was unanticipated. All I can control is my reaction and how I perceive it.☯️💚
A bumpy road ahead of me indeed. No trail or road is completely smooth throughout and the same goes with life. Yet there are so many interesting sights to see along the way regardless of how uneven the forking roads can be at times. Easy to forget about that beautiful heron walking through the water when you keep focusing on complaining constantly about a tiny pebble in your shoe while not bothering to get it out and/or refocus on what is occurring around you.☯️💚