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  Posted: Apr 14, 2012 6:37 PM FEED
3 Sierra

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Clear, frosty mornings are what I prefer.
Lake McDonald
Because this end of the park is closed because of the Sprague Fire off in the distance, we got some silence and solitude on our hike.
Logan Pass
Half of the park is closed to ongoing wildfires. Still scored some epic hiking and views.
Wyoming forgot it’s supposed to be fall. Onward to Yellowstone.
It’s great to be back with my B.
Cascade Canyon
The magnitude and beauty of this park is mind boggling.
Temps hit the upper 20’s last night. Woke up to the sound of howling wolves at 4am. Moose visited the campground while I drank my morning coffee. And got to wake up to this view...Saturday is off to a bang!