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User Image tylerperry Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:59 PM (UTC)

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Snow in Georgia!
  • Day off with pay, without using PTO? Are you hiring lol. Just kidding enjoy my job with Piedmont Atlanta. Love it. @tylerperry

  • Out Now!!! Most Controversial Film of the Streets #FlatbushTheMovie The Story Of The Bloods & Crips Of New York City!!! - On YouTube or Click Link In My Bio 900k views in 2 months

  • I have finish your amazing book it has really help me put things into prospective. Despite of the challenges the setbacks i have hope to look forward to knowing and believing God is working it all together for the good. Thank you so much Tyler you are truly a genuine person and God is using you to help others rise higher and to fulfill their dreams. I believe that I am one day closer to my due season and dreams coming to pass in Jesus name I pray Amen.#HIGHERISWAITING

  • It looks beautiful❤️

  • So true they can't drive in snow

  • So true I prayed all the way home please don't let no one hit me. Also are you hiring I need to do something? I like your benefits day home with pay when it's not your fault. Thank you for being you🍷

  • Yes we got snow in Houston Tx also, thank God for his protection!

  • Funny, this would be considered a dusting of snow here in MN😀

  • As I sit at my desk at work I'm thinking how I rather be getting up going to work at TP studios as my full time job

  • Those are some cute houses.

  • Beautiful

  • Was it bad

  • I love your commentary !! Have a great day today and stay safe. I'm from Tangipahoa Parish ,but, moved out West as a child and my story is similar to what I have heard you discussing . I love your movies and have found that comedy and laughter is the very best way to get through life...ohh, it would be so horrible without fantastically gifted actors as yourself. Have an awesome day and stay safe !!

  • How can I become a [email protected] the Tyler Perry production team?

  • Love your work and dedication

  • Will be watching Tyler

  • Fr tho 😂 😂😂

  • @tylerperry I left you something worth reading!!!

  • djrh61 1M ago

    Send some this way please.....

  • That’s really nice of you Tylerperry giving people a day off on snowing day is great because driving on snow is not safe.

  • It does shut them down. I was stuck in Atlanta for an extra day. 😊

  • I do anything get on your show ( If loving u is Wrong) here I come

  • That's funny. They do not play with snow...okay 😂😂

  • Great day to sit by fire and relax!! God bless!

  • It cracks me up how Georgia shuts down with 2 inches of snow but truth is they are just not prepared for it. Jersey is a whole different ball game. What 8” of snow, ....Yeap there is still school and work, you better get your butt moving. LOL!

  • Love ya Tyler Perry! I want 2 b just like you! I am a major at ASU ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY! My major is Theater minoring in Voice.

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  • Wow, safety first 🙏🙏

  • Wow... not in Chicago. There has been snow taller than my car and I still had to work 😒

  • Thats insane lol soooo pretty though!!

  • Yes please be careful 6 days ago on that day my nephew was killed in that same snow and Ice ..

  • Hello beautiful

  • I'll be on set tmrw Can't wait 😄 @tylerperry

  • How can someone in Virginia audition or get your attention

  • thats true..we do notttt know how to drive in it lol or even we cannottt

  • love how you care for your stars n workers @tylerperry

  • Which site can i download if loving you is wrong?

  • Lord I Scream So DAM loud ,, good Lord Yes This episode woke The Block Up 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾.💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Maravilhoso parece que você estar em uma cidade de um filme. Te amo beijos

  • Beautiful!!

  • Deep south usually gets paralyzed....first time snow for some...awesome


  • 👀🤦🤣😂 snow 2inchs I wish

  • Lol...He From The Windy City,That Little Snow Don't Mean Nothing...#facts

  • Hi Tyler i would like to audition for one of your shows or if nor me one of my kids where do we go for it

  • I was thinking @tylerperry it would be awesome if you put Tasha smith and micheal white in the have and the have nots or if loving you is wrong would be awesome @tylerperry ! Call me if you need a writer !

  • I would love for you to read my book and make a play about it

  • Inbox me about my book tressabecton on Facebook or hangouts

  • 😂😂 wow that’s crazy peoplesayilookjustlikeyouandimyourlovechildhiremewherecaniapply snow in Georgia wow

  • jbalf2 1M ago

    You got that right, I was celebrating in a sweater and residents were crying and homebound lol , Alpharetta with snow was amazing !!

  • Beautiful

  • Why does it look like the set for ,If Loving you is Wrong ? Only with snow

  • #Right💯 "ATL Weather was trying to take me out"!!😷🙏 And...I'm happy to be back in Cali! Where I left wildfires in my front yard hoping for something better!🤔 Didn't want to leave my kids & G'babies though. @tylerperry

  • Georgia girl,,,always


  • And AM in Georgia

  • Just a little of snow. Come to Michigan in Traverse city, Mi. It's melting now because of some what warm weather.

  • Wanna come work for you

  • Hello my name is Jess go by JettyFlee. I’ve started my clothing line although that isn’t the reason of me creating an account it is about my 64 year old uncle who has been hospitalized for some town now in which is has been having kidney failure. I’m asking for a small donation amount to help him be able to get the survey needed to save his life. All of this occurred around the time I’m staring my business so I raised as much money as I could out of my pocket to help my uncle but it still has not been enough. Please if you or know anyone that could help I would kindly appreciate it and will be giving out FWTC hats for ones willing to help. Just message me & I’ll be sure to give you a hat. (Black only available)

    Thank you

  • Love Georgia


  • Mr. Perry i just want to say Thank You for how you have helped people in our Community on the News. I Thank You for always giving back. God Bless

  • @kela.lindsey this whole neighborhood is a movie set

  • Tyler!!!! FRESH NEW TALENT ALERT!!! His 🌟 is Definitely on the rise. Please take a look at @dmcalister_ page. He is an aspiring model and actor. He's gifted, humble, works hard, and hungry!! If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback it would be Greatly appreciated!! 🙏🌹🌹

  • Hello Mr.Perry

  • Dam that set is so cool

  • He doesn't help people who post about their talented family members. So why waste your time. He's stuck ul

  • We watch all the movies we give you all the support in hopes someone in our family given a chance but when that doesn't happen @oprah helps white people only and doesn't like black people @Oprah @ownrealty @owntv uses black people to make money but doesn't care about black people so why should I why should he be any different

  • Watch every Tyler Perry stage play Washed every Tyler Perry TV show watch every Tyler Perry movie still

  • Brian White DeRay Davis Christian Keyes Al b sure

  • Stephanie Mills Adina Howard Kirk Franklin Justin Timberlake the whole Nashville country music scene all reached out to me still no black people

  • Lol 2 inches shut the city down? Come to my Canada sir 13 inches everything is normal please co

  • I'm from Michigan, this is nothing! Although we have a had a warm spell in the last week, no snow here right now, but here in Michigan give it a day! The weather is crazy here this year!

  • What a warm looking neighborhood

  • In Memphis snow flurries shut the city down. School was closed for 6 days.

  • Hi Tylee

  • 😜😜😜😜😜

  • Please Mr Perry give me the opportunity to show my talent. I’m often told I’m funny, I follow every movie, show, and play you have any dealings with! I love your work, and respect your hard work and drive to get where you are today. I want to become a part of your team so bad! I’ve tried everything! I don’t follow your social media but I don’t feel as that should determine the amount of honor and respect I have for you. Pleas allow me some sort of chance. Hire me as an intern, something. I will act for free! Lol honestly though, I’m willing to put in the work and do whatever I may have to in order to climb steps just as you did. Much respect. @tylerperry

  • I love your madea movies. I've seen them all and love them @tylerperry

  • 2” lmao. That ain’t shit nigga. Fucking southerners would never make it in NYC.

  • @mkayleesmom 😳 for flurries.

  • jozzbe 1M ago

    Cheap ass thats why you should shoot in los Angeles Hoolywood bitch you fucker dont want to pay us union guys

  • Where is it snowing is Georgia? Driving up in March, maybe well get lucky and see some, from Miami, Fl lol

  • Wow I missed this video post up !!! Natalie & Lou’s little cute home! My poor Kelly’s cursed home one too many have died. Alex & Brad followed by my favorite house lunatic Randall & The Beautiful Strong Marcy! I love all of your shows @tylerperry keep it coming I’ll be watching ! God bless you & all cast that work with you for all of your shows ! Great job 🙌🏼

  • In Minnesota ? Let's get together

  • @tylerperry Please check you DM

  • Good show!

  • Your a good man

  • Snow in Georgia wow

  • If loving you is wrong

  • @tylerperry love all your shows

  • 😂😂😂...In Mississippi as well...and I’m from Wisconsin!! I was like school closed...for wat?😂😂

  • 😲Wow, that means everything is shut down!

  • I live on that block 😂😅🤣 @tylerperry

  • I know right I live in Hampton ga it’s still cold

  • @tylerperry when is Greenleaf coming back on?

  • I wanna work with you 😢

  • If loving you is wrong

  • @tylerperry I am really serious,Will you please give me a job,I'll work hard.

  • My Favorite Block!

  • I can’t believe Randall fought back with Brad lastnight Brad usually kicks his ass lmao 😂

  • Snow WOW 🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬❄❄❄❄ Wow

  • House Man NICE 🏠🏠🏠

  • T.V.

  • Tyler your the best! @tylerperry 😀😇👊✋💖✌👆

  • Yes that's my show

  • Tyler Perry do a cross over with Ilyw and hahn

  • Georgia on maaaaaa mind

  • Thanks for keepin' it real Tyler!😊

  • That s real

  • cek link to watch

  • That's my street 😀

  • @karina_medina love me some @tylerperry 😍

  • We got 5 inches in CC your show!! You know how to pick your ppl! And danggg who is the new handsome Atty ??! The nice one, I saw him in bed last night calling Marcie, and I about had A,,,,well nvm! 😝

  • “Madea goes to Africa” that should be your next movie


  • Singing 🎤 Georgia ! Georgiaaaa!

  • @tylerperry i wld like to audition

  • Beautiful houses. The snow complements your created neighborhood. I wish I was staying in one of those homes.

  • One of my favorite shows of yours! #iflovingyouiswrong

  • It’s okay ! Lol we have plenty of snow in Michigan.

  • What part of georgia is this

  • Beautiful.

  • If loving you is wrong set 💕

  • Who knows how to drive on ice????😳😆

  • Same in Birmingham Alabama

  • THAT shut your city down?? Gosh, come to Minnesota!! ❤️😀 #BoldNorth @tylerperry Stay safe. My dear friend lives in Atlanta. 🙏❤️

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