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User Image williamsmartiniracing Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:16 AM (UTC)

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WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING Confirms Sergey Sirotkin to Join Lance Stroll in 2018 #WeAreRacing
  • Just no!!!! Please think about it! #supportkubica

  • Отличная новость про Сергея!!!!

  • @cazthescientist He was faster than kubica.

  • Fucking cheque book racing.most of the F1 teams are the same.

  • Fucking pay drivers, what a fucking shame.

  • U know what the 15 mil gonna be in use???? For their crashes

  • kshurm 1M ago

    We all know Williams needs money - but paid drivers aren’t the answer. Performance and consistency is key. 👎🏽

  • Worst line up ever. Now watch them slip even further down the table.

  • @matthewlovebaseball well then how are they not winning

  • Robert Kubica

  • Didn't they need at least 25 or older because of Martini?

  • Massa???, The best one👍🇧🇷

  • It should have been Wehrlein in that second seat. He is the only driver to score a point for Manor in 2016 and the only driver to score points for Sauber in 2017. Bring Wehrlein in.

  • @daneeka_br Or Pascal Wehrlein.

  • @lucagrassiguimaraes William$ is all about the money. Why not Wehrlein, the only driver to score points for Manor in 2016 and Sauber in 2017.

  • I really hope this line up works. But i don't understand why you take the risk again with two young paydrivers. That didn't worked well in the past. Built a freaking good car and please proof us all wrong. Because you're still my favorite team officiële

  • Offcourse

  • What a shame...

  • То чувство когда болельщиков кубицы бомбит😂😂За то теперь вся Россия будет болеть за Williams !

  • Nice.......😐

  • @victorforesti He retired, twice.

  • @martinwesterhof because they think Kubica will setup cars for them😀and balance $$$$ in Williams account it’s Wright now sad but true

  • @konyowest how you now that?

  • @victorforesti that why Massa left because he now that Williams will replay him by paid Driver

  • The home of Senna and multiple incredible cars have hired 2 pay drivers, today is a dark day for formula 1

  • Money talking

  • Money money money most be funny in a rich man's world

  • Shame

  • Sirotkin was faster then Kubica in tests. I hope he will better then Stoll in a race. Good luck!!

  • Were is Kubica??? DAMN YOU WILLIAMS

  • Really?? Hard year ahead

  • @tarasov_28 fuck you man kubica was faster plus he would beat both sierotkin and stroll

  • What a butthurt, kurwa pierdolona 😭😭😭🔥

  • $

  • djla_ 1M ago


  • Pay drivers don’t deserve rides unless they have the talent

  • It seems that you have forgotten your past and your glory days. I'm very sad about it

  • Poor decision

  • @jakubjakoniuk fuck yourself) Sirotkin drove on hard type tires and he loose only 0.4 sec. Kubica had super soft tires on the test. Kubica is excellent pilot it's a fact, i hope we'll see him in next year instead Strong. Keep calm man

  • It looks like you guys dont want to get back to the top right??

  • Shameeeee

  • I love that people are butt hurt that Kubica isnt the second driver. Did Kubica deserve another shot in F1? Maybe. But its also time for new talents to show what they have got in them. Only time will tell us if Sirotkin is good enough. So these butthurt haters shod stop talking nonsense about Williams and that F1 is dead. Get over it people. Everyone talked the same about Stroll but he is the only non top3 team driver this season to get a podium and all off a sudden everyone said that he wasnt that bad. So give Sirotkin a chance before being so salty

  • Should be Kubica instead Sirotkin

  • Kubica has talent for a world championship

  • Poor show money driver

  • Jajajaja stroll + sirotkin= a lot of money in exchange for spoiling a historical team. #notthatway

  • Money talk

  • Sergey very fast pilot❗️❗️❗️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sergey! I'm very glad 😁 for you❗️❗️❗️❗️😉

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌🏻

  • @mark_89g kubica is .... facker 😁👋

  • @thewildbranco no❗️👎🏻

  • @phillipsorensenjr no❗️❗️❗️👎🏻

  • @_cris___ kubica very old for F1❗️😉

  • Gone for the money over talent yet again

  • Pay Driver, very awful

  • Dickhead kubica deserwed it fuck off

  • From Senna and Prost to this guys 😞😞

  • Y tho

  • 🏎 Robert 👍🇵🇱

  • Have fun with your most inconsistent season of your life

  • We all know Kubica is the best among all of them! 🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️🇵🇱♥️

  • @orland2018 33 yo isn’t too much and he has experience.. williams already has a very young guy!!

  • The f#ck Williams, seriously? You could’ve gotten Wehrlien or Kubica? This is just a tragedy, Williams epic fall from grace continues🤦‍♂️

  • 🤮 Massa > both

  • How much I need pay to be the 2019’s driver?

  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Williams will fall to the back of the grid now once at the bottom you can not fall any lower so can not get any worse but you're line of drivers will get you there quicker this year

  • Good election, kubica es bad and old 🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓

  • @pedromancini You don't have! It is necessary to have 146 million army of fans from Russia!☝this😉🔥

  • @yan.r_0002 do u really believe this? 😂😂 Your drive is good, better than Stroll, but willians is selling your seats, It is a fact

  • Hoping to score any points this season?? Man...

  • Two inexperienced drivers wasting good seats in F1, one is yet to prove himself another there for money purposes, did you guys not learn for pastor! Pick one future prospect, take Stroll but for goodness sake put experience in the other seat to score points!

  • @pedromancini The race will tell who is right!😉I can only say Sergey is a very talented driver which has a huge number of fans!😉and that's a fact😉😜

  • Sergey 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥😉

  • dolla dolla bills

  • @yan.r_0002 Sergey is a good driver, like i said, better than stroll, but it isn’t the point.. And yes, let’s wait to see who is right

  • Stroll is shit put pascal and Robert in it’s not that fucking hard

  • Cómp se nota que les gusta el dinero no?

  • Is this the new Sauber team?

  • Congratulations for placing 9th or may be 10th behind Sauber in 2018. 👎

  • You gotta be f****** kidding me

  • na_kos 1M ago

    God Bless Williams✌

  • More moneybringers please

  • Sweet, Williams just looking for shitty young drivers with deep pockets. They are not a big 3 team, why invest in younger talent that is just looking to change teams in the future anyway? Picking Robert would have been the best/most sensible choice and you guys screwed that up.

  • Berween a talentless billionnaire son and a talentless russian , you're doomed

  • From senna and Prost to sirotkin and stroll 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • What a fall by Williams from Prost and Senna to Stroll and Sirokin

  • @iamedytaprzybyla wehrlein is better.

  • sirotkin killed the sport. should have stayed in f2 until he deserved a shot in F1 not buy his way in. no better than ericsson and i really hope sirotkin will be kicked out so that real talents and actual good drivers can take the seat. like kubica and wehrlein

  • Kubica is way better than those two.

  • Money talks. Sad to see this especially from such a legendary team

  • @hugovirrey99 kill yourself

  • z0ndaf 1M ago

    Forget your 5th place in constructors

  • @somos_alonsistas херани,баран

  • have you seen any race Sirotkin,on the tests, he walked around and Kubica and Massa,but you idiots still continue to talk nonsense. see you in Australia suckers!

  • Wow big words but in what position did he finish his last season in GP2?

  • Sergei, we are very glad for you! You are very good pilot!

  • @button_gkw that much was released to the press. I too wanted Kubica to be the new driver, but I can't argue with a driver who fullfils the team requirements as a racecar driver. Williams said that he tested faster, and while I don't know whether that's the most trustworthy info, it's about all that goes into my information of the situation re: hiring Sergei. Don't get me wrong, I wish it was Kubica

  • @adrian.zingre neeeh, kubica is trash

  • “Sir” on the grid👌🏻👍🏻

  • Don't like where Claire is taking Williams!!

  • Should’ve been Kubica

  • Bye bye 5th in the constructors it should've been kubica

  • Hahah all of the russian people are talking he deserves the spot. He bought his spot thats al. What was his position last year?

  • Everyone won't shut up about money, as though 'respectable' drivers like Perez haven't also come in with $. I dont see how having funding from an F1 junior team is somehow more 'noble' than other sponsorship anyway. Sirotkin has been on the fringes of getting an F1 drive for some time now, and actually deserves a shot. I love Kubica as much as anyone, but I'm excited to see Sirotkin finally getting a chance.

  • @maarten269 For the record, he was third overall in GP2 twice. Only did one round in F2 last year, and was in the points in both races.

  • @darth_maclachlan he’s ok but he did buy his seat which isn’t that great

  • @lodewijk.perquin How are his sponsors any different from, say, Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes? Do you think them buying their juniors seats at other teams 'isnt that great'? Or how about Perez, who comes with sh*t-loads of sponsorship money? Also, it's worth noting Sirotkin missed out on the 2015 Sauber seat because he didn't bring enough $. So how much is he actually bringing, and how much is fans over-blowing it?

  • @darth_maclachlan I’m saying that pascal deserves the seat over him, he’s more talented and a better driver over all, but lost the seat because he doesn’t bring enough money

  • @darth_maclachlan sauber is a junior team now because they have a deal with ferrari for suplies and sirotkin just bought himself in accept it. It just how it is he is not chosen because he is a big talent

  • @maarten269 Right, and Ferrari are a corporate sponsor who bought Leclerc a seat at Sauber. How is one corporate sponsor any different from another? Sirotkin may not be as good as Leclerc, but he did get third overall in GP2 twice, which shows both speed and consistency. If you're not going to take one of the top 3 drivers from the feeder series, then who on earth do you think *is* worthy of F1?

  • @darth_maclachlan i would prefer wehrlein than sirotkin. And there are more talented drivers as norris, verschoor, and many more they dont need especially high places. They need to show talent and unique.

  • @maarten269 Norris I fully agree with, and he'll pretty obviously end up in F1. Verschoor hasn't had enough experience in bigger formulae yet to make the jump to F1. But that's not the point. Sirotkin was third in GP2 twice, but because his sponsors don't happen to own an F1 team, his promotion is somehow terrible.

  • @maarten269 Take Ricciardo for example. He was second in Renault 3.5 (back when it was a proper feeder category), not some super special winner-of-everything. Then his corporate backer Red Bull - who happen to own two F1 teams - promoted him, and I think we'd both agree that's turned out very well

  • @darth_maclachlan well see what he does i hope he prove us wrong

  • @maarten269 Now there's a statement I can agree with - and I wish more people in this thread thought like you!

  • @nated4wgy bullshit faster he wasent on the same tyres nobody knows how fast they are really are

  • @piotrp1986 then tell me how you know he wasn’t to call it “bullshit”?. If nobody knows how fast they were. You do know Kubica would have been a pay driver too right?

  • Sergey congratulations! We are very happy for you! You are a very smart, talented and fast driver!🌪⚡✨ Good luck in future races!!!✊🏻✊🏻🏎

  • @isha.m_f1 Sirotkin is a new Senna💯🏎☝️✌🏻😜

  • be ashamed

  • Shit

  • What about @paul_diresta ?

  • Hope it works out ... but I have my doubts

  • Shame

  • 🤑🤑🤑

  • WHY?!

  • Lance Stroll is the new first driver?

  • tsw86 1w ago

    Weeks later and I'm still in shock. This race team is a joke. Ya let's hire 2 shit slow drivers... good luck!

  • No I don’t like sirotkin

  • I’ll put up with stroll but not him

  • Who is this guy

  • Should have been PW 94

  • zetin0 1w ago


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WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING Confirms Sergey Sirotkin to Join Lance Stroll in 2018 #WeAreRacing
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The best way to get around today! Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday wherever you are! We are enjoying a snow day! #weareracing #nocarstoday #snow #sunday #williamslife
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, today it’s Ed Smith, No 2 Mechanic. “I have the glamorous title of rear-end mechanic for the team. This means that I am in charge of building the gearbox and rear suspension for the car. I’m also part of the pit crew so during pitstops I am the right-front gunman. We have had a great first season with Lance, with two highlights being the podium finish in Baku followed by the front-row start in Monza. I have worked in a few different motorsport teams over the years, but the group of guys we have working on the cars at Williams is one of a kind; we get on like family. When you spend five and a half months of the year traveling together it is important to have that kind of bond with each other. But now the season has ended, we are all definitely looking forward to having some time off over Christmas with our families.” #WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #F1 #TeamWork #WilliamsLife #PaddockLife 📸 @f1gregoryheirman
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, meet Dale Latimer, Garage Technician. “I’m Felipe Massa’s fuel man. We run a lot of tests on the fuel cell and obviously we put the fuel in the car in each session, and ensure Felipe doesn’t run out! I do the garage set up when we arrive at the circuit, unloading the freight boxes and building the garage. I really enjoy the team camaraderie, we have a great set of guys, and obviously getting points and hopefully wins for the team! The family atmosphere is unique at Williams, it’s still family owned and you get a nicer atmosphere, the lads seem to look after each other better.” #WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #F1 #TeamWork #WilliamsLife #PaddockLife 📸 @glenn_dunbar
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, meet Matt Bold, Sub Assembly Technician. “I’m the travelling sub assembly technician so basically I look after sub assembly for both cars – that’s gearboxes, uprights, driveshafts, brakes, clutches, everything the guys need from a sub assembly point of view to build the cars. During build week, I will allocate to the mechanics everything they need and then on a Friday night when we change the car from practice to race set-up, I make sure all the parts I look after move over and the ones that need to be serviced come off. Generally, during the sessions I work on Massa’s car, helping the guys out. In between sessions I work behind the garage, again for both cars, measuring the brakes, clutch wear and gearbox oil levels. All the stuff I’m generally responsible for, I make sure happens in the background and the guys don’t have any delay in building the cars. The main thing I enjoy about my job is you don’t stand still, there’s always something going on. The adrenaline rush between sessions and when the cars have got to go out and you’ve got that set timeframe to get them out in. Sometimes there’s a lot of work to do and sometimes there’s a little bit less. Working with Williams it’s the atmosphere with the guys you work with, it makes it fun to be here, and you have a good laugh with them. Most importantly, you get the job done.” #WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #F1 #TeamWork #WilliamsLife #PaddockLife 📸 @glenn_dunbar
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, today it’s Paul Williams, Race Engineer. “No two days are the same, which is why the job is so interesting and challenging. As an engineer, a typical day at the factory would be working 8.30am – 7pm doing pre or post-event analysis, technical meetings or working with the drivers in the simulator. Over a race weekend the hours are typically longer with Friday’s the most intense working 7am until late! I have been working in motorsport for over fifteen years in both the USA and the UK, and would advise anyone wanting to work in Formula One to try to get experience in other junior series first.” #WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #F1 #TeamWork #WilliamsLife #PaddockLife 📸 @glenn_dunbar
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, today it’s Pete Simmons, Chief Garage Technician. “I’ve been at Williams 18 years. Before that I was at Triple 888 Racing Touring Car team for 3 years, before that at Silverstone driving centre as a mechanic and started my apprenticeship at Brodie Brittain racing when I was 16. I would advise people wanting to get into F1 to do a lower formula to get experience with all aspects of the job – fuel, tyres, garage build, etc.” #wearewilliams #weareracing #f1 #williamslife #garagelife #pitcrew #team 📸 @glenn_dunbar
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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, meet Becky Hampton, Partner Manager. “I work in the partnerships team, managing our team sponsors at races and back in the UK. We plan their guest programmes at track, which includes everything from taking garage tours, managing pit lane and grid walks, and arranging VIP hospitality and passes. Sponsorship is really important to F1, and we’re really fortunate to have some great partners who have stuck by us throughout the years. They’ve really become a part of the Williams family. The best thing about working for the team is all the amazing places we get to go, we’re very lucky that our job takes us to so many different countries. We’re a really close team, so it’s nice to know that there’s always someone willing to help you if you need.” #WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #F1 #WilliamsLife #PaddockLife 📸 @glenn_dunbar
User Image williamsmartiniracing Posted: Nov 30, 2017 9:42 AM (UTC)

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Continuing our series showcasing the faces behind the team, it’s Jack Hoodless, Number One Mechanic. “I was promoted to number one mechanic only last week, so I am now responsible for looking after one of the race cars. This includes overseeing the car build, set-up and making sure the car configuration is right. Before that, I was a senior mechanic that worked out the back, looking after gearboxes, engines and bodywork as opposed to the complete car. It gave me a really good opportunity to get experience managing people. I joined Williams in January 2012 from an apprenticeship I served in a local car garage. I went straight from working in a garage to working in Formula One, in the wind tunnel. I was really lucky to get an opportunity to work there. I did a year and a half and I met some of the coolest people I’ve ever come cross, who inspired me to go racing. I was a mechanic beforehand but had no real ambition to go racing, but listening to people that had raced, it sounded like somewhere I never knew existed with the atmosphere, the pressure, the people, the travel, and I really wanted to be a part of it. So, I pushed my line managers and I served a lot of hours outside of my working hours just going to the race bay in the factory to learn more. I was lucky enough to do a few days with the support team and they employed me as a mechanic. At the end of 2014 I went racing full-time as a front-end mechanic. One thing I would say about Williams is it’s a place that’s not about what you’ve done but how you are with people. You hear people say we’re a family, yes it’s a family-run team, but it’s how you’re taken at face value, how you present yourself to people. If you show willing and show commitment, this place will open so many doors for you. Williams is the best employer I’ve ever worked for because all they do is open doors for you. If you show the right attitude, they give you the opportunity. In Abu Dhabi, I worked my first race as a number one mechanic in a Formula One garage. A real dream come true.” #wearewilliams #weareracing #williamslife #team #f1 📸 @glenn_dunbar
User Image williamsmartiniracing Posted: Nov 29, 2017 5:04 PM (UTC)
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The sun sets on another season as we prepare to leave Abu Dhabi. Thank you to everyone once again who has supported us throughout 2017. It’s been a year of highs and lows. We celebrated our 40th anniversary which we couldn’t have imagined going any better than it did thanks to all the fans and people who have driven or been part of Williams over the years. We have had some epic on track battles, a fantastic podium in Baku as Lance became the youngest rookie to finish up there, and we secured fifth in the Championship after a close fight! We couldn’t do without every single person that makes up the Williams family.... over 700 people in Grove, not to mention our partners, suppliers and friends who have helped us along the way. And all the fans..... words will never be enough but you keep us motivated to continue fighting in this tough world of F1. So thank you for your continued belief in us. Time for a moment of rest before we are back and ready to build the FW41...... only 89 days until winter testing starts!! #f1 #williamslife #massa #stroll #2017 #abudhabi #f1finale #thankyou #travelgram 📸 @jamespbearne
User Image williamsmartiniracing Posted: Nov 29, 2017 2:02 PM (UTC)
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The sun sets on the final day of running here in Abu Dhabi. @sergeysirotkin_official completed 86 laps with Robert Kubica ending the day P7 with 28 laps. A good end to a productive final test.... and the final ever running for the FW40. Time to pack her way for the final time..... 2017 is officially over 🙁 #F1 #AbuDhabiTest 📸 @zakmauger #Sirotkin #Kubica
User Image williamsmartiniracing Posted: Nov 29, 2017 1:02 PM (UTC)
87 Hudson
The final pitstop of 2017! Robert Kubica is the last person to get behind the wheel of the FW40 before she is put to bed for good in 2017..... Let’s enjoy those final few laps! #endofseason #FarewellFW40 #F1 #abudhabitest #kubica