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  Posted: Apr 14, 2012 12:15 PM
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  • Are you using Prang? That's the best watercolor to use! @googlygooeys

  • @guesswhutt Yes. It's Prang. I used to have a set when I was a kid but I had no idea how to use them until our teacher gave us a Prang pan this morning :)

  • love it :-)

  • @googlygooeys Oh, I see. When I bought Prang, I don't know either how to use it. So, I think Prang is for beginners and it also blends well with my watercolor paper. :)

  • @ianaperalta thanks for the encouragement  I was supposed to practice realistic painting but my hand would always go back to drawing cartoons. Oh well. 

  • oh you have good hands :-) not many have been gifted with a talent like yours.

  • @ianaperalta thanks but I can't take credit for this one. The illo's inspired by the magazine.  you should check out the works of @vinylrain ( Attended her class this morning 

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User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 20, 2017 1:04 PM (UTC)
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I love how my paintbrush says DO IT because we really have a lot of dream projects that we would love to work on that we often postpone.😅😅 Here's to being able to work on more happy projects! 😊

Paintbrush, Flat White & Pots: @handymanph
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 18, 2017 4:15 AM (UTC)
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I rarely get to post details of my personal life here but I Riley's great grand mother passed away yesterday evening. 😰😰
I will definitely miss you Lola Ming! We will always have fond memories of you. Thank you for all the laughs, endless and much-needed advice about love and life even from your hospital bed. Your 20 grand kids will agree you're coolest lola 😎😎😎 any kid could ask for and we will pass on these stories to your 10 great grand kids: from religiously making sure that your hair is properly dyed week after week to asking my why I don't have a boyfriend at 17 and for volunteering to allowing me to date with my then crush (now hubby) 😂😂 and lugging a tablet for you to document family events. It was a good 89 years. Thank you for all the laughs & chika. We will miss you at the family bingo but we are happy you are now reunited with Lolo Elding. 👴👵 We love you & you will always be in our hearts.
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 16, 2017 11:01 AM (UTC)
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38 days before Christmas and we've got tips & ideas on how to make your you at our upcoming FREE workshops with @canonphils: Nov 18 - Saturday, Max's Restaurant, SM City Cebu 4-6pm (

Nov 19 - Sunday, Yoshinoya Megamall, 4-6pm (

No pre-registration needed. Bring your family & friends with you 😊 First 40 participants only. Dinner will be served after the workshop 😊🍴 Props from the Canon Creative Park Website 😊
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 15, 2017 9:37 AM (UTC)
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Hi guys! How's your five day weekend so far? 😁

Monumento to LRT 😊 So many fond memories here. My Ninang Anne would bring me to Quiapo so I can play with my cousin and LRT was such an adventure for me: from being able to drop a token to enter, seeing all the orange dots on the floor as well as all the sights along the way before finally getting off 😊

ICYMI, here's a mural we did for @iloveayalamalls @ayalamallscloverleaf 😊 Check out the rest of the walls at the mall itself or on ✏
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 12, 2017 1:43 PM (UTC)
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The date was 11/(11+1)/11.
Happy 6th anniversary @ponggo_googlygooeys 😊😊😊💑
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 11, 2017 12:14 PM (UTC)
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Ice cream you can enjoy without the calories 😂😂😂 We've got Pastel Christmas Gift ideas from @smstationeryph just for you with a new blog lay-out on Link is on the bio 😊 Watch the full video on the blog / & too! 📺

P.S. Thanks to @anneroch13 for writing, styling & painting backdrops with me 😊

P.P.S. A shoutout to mommah @lorraelena's weekly floral planner 📅📅📅 🎧: Just a Little More by Nicolai Heidlas
It's officially 46 days, 2 hours, 36 minutes & 39 seconds before Christmas in this side of the world 😅😆!🌲🎄🎁 I would love to receive my own advent box with tiny yummy gifts (preferably chocolates). 😁
See you in Cebu for a FREE workshop with @canonphils on November 18 from 4-6pm in @maxschicken @smcitycebuofficial! no pre-registration needed. More details over at (Working link on the bio) 😊😀😁 Bring your friends with ya! First 40 participants only 😀☝ 👋: Crafted by @anneroch13, designed by Aya Honda 😊 & printed with Canon ix6560 on Matt Photo Paper
Took a photo as we were packing away our brushes and materials on last day of mural making in @ayalamallscloverleaf 😊. If only I could keep these! 😅😅 As Karl Lagerfeld said, "What I like about photographs is that they capturr a moment that's gone forever, imposdible to reproduce." 😊/😐 ICYMI, the full video is now on 📺 (Working Link on the Bio) & 😊
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 6, 2017 12:23 PM (UTC)
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Was so overwhelmed when I received the news months back that I will be given the opportunity to design this year's @oishiph Weeshee bag 😦😮 Still feels surreal and grateful that the two Googly characters: Tipsy and Ponggo are posing with their fave ingredients in Oishi snacks 😊😊😊😁😁 Thank you so much @oishiph and @hello_ink for this opportunity!
Now available in supermarkets & groceries nationwide 😊💓💓
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 4, 2017 12:41 PM (UTC)
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This was quite therapeutic 😊: We peeled off the paints from the trays and they looked as good as new. 😁 Taking a photo of this accidental abstract composition for posterity's sake. 🌈
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 3, 2017 12:49 PM (UTC)
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@Pantone 3262 XGC: Played with the buckets of paint we have & created new backdrops for upcoming projects 😁😊 Thanks for today's work / play sesh @anneroch13 & our go-to handyman / DIY guy @ponggo_googlygooeys for supporting our whims 😂
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Nov 1, 2017 11:46 AM (UTC)
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Can't believe a week has passed! 😮☺️Here's a peek at 7 days of mural-making! Check out the full version on 😊

Hope you guys get to visit the 131 sqm mural we did with our friends in @ayalamalls @ayalamallscloverleaf.🍀🍀🍀
Check it out at the 4th floor at the Cinema lobby! 😊😊 Music: Roots by Tobu 😊

Hello to @ponggo_googlygooeys @kylahnaomi @charisse_go @anneroch13 @rhobthegreat @leahpascua @mjmontecalvo @marc.olly, Danica, Flora, Errold, Johndreve, @franccnarf @benedictreynaart @aravillena @nerfe.nerfs @lizranolathoughtsintransit @thenewpaula @inksandcoffee, Genesis, Doc, @heypatatas @aangelapis Jak @mickeyvelarde @laurenbaldoart @misamisato Rex Aguilar & @jenjenjentaaa 😊😊👋👋👋
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Oct 31, 2017 11:17 AM (UTC)
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Hey guys! How's your day so far? 😁 #HälloRiley
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Oct 30, 2017 2:31 PM (UTC)
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☝Just some of the props I brought for the flatlay workshop last weekend😁: For a supposed introvert most of my life whose heart races quickly at the thought of talking to people 😆, I'm super grateful to have met a lot of bloggers and crafters last weekend. Definitely happy to be working with people who are so passionate about their work as well! Thank you for all the positive energy 😊⚡ I cherish all our exchange of thoughts and laughs during the workshop & here online 📲 Hope to see you guys around! Thank yoooooooouuuuu to everyone who attended the workshops with @canonphils & @fabercastellphils last weekend. This is not yet everyone but I'll try😅

@geoffreview @anneroch13 @rhobthegreat
@itscrissified @armanddc @glaizabinayas @beadeegee @raebalunes @mm712_belieber @_sitraxis @abbyreallysings @amiciness @charmeyn @lizette0328 @kendrickuy27 @harmooonica_querubin @loraaaamaeee
@herculis @gerilen @tellemaywhy @joyceannmargot @healthyactivefoodie @pinkkissta
@maanhmbrbn @gerilen @reigningstill @bluedreamer1227 @adventuresofhudsy
@mjmontecalvo @jenjenjentaaa @marc.olly
See you again soon 😊😊😊
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Oct 28, 2017 10:58 AM (UTC)
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Just some of the crafts we will be making tomorrow at the @canonphils DIY Session Arts and Crafts Session! 😊😁🍂🎃 See you in @boscoffee Mall of Asia from 4-6pm. Admission is FREE. No pre-registration needed. First 40 participants only. Bring your friends with you! 😊👻👻 More details over at
Any guesses as to what the pink veggie is? 😁 Can't seem to move on with other projects until I've processed all my thoughts about this project on 😊😊 Link is on the bio. Also missing the mural making team!
The piece is an ode to the bustling cities of the CAMANAVA region and Quezon City. It's a play on palette and palate 😊 Hope you guys can drop by @iloveayalamalls @ayalamallscloverleaf. This is located at the Cinema Lobby, 4th floor. And if you do, please tag us in your picture so we could see it too 😊

Thanks again for supporting the Googly Gooeys throughout the years! 😊😊😊 *Big hug*
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Oct 26, 2017 1:04 PM (UTC)
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Trick or Treat! 👻👻👻 Free Googly stickers and scrapbooking kits coming your way.🎃🎃🎃 We will be having A Free Halloween Craft Party with @canonphils this weekend: Oct 29, 4-6pm in @boscoffee SM Mall of Asia! No pre-registration needed. 😊 First 40 participants only. We will be entertaining guests on a first come, first served basis. Be early! Registration is at 4pm 😊 More details on 😁 Working link on the bio. Bring your family & friends with ya!
User Image googlygooeys Posted: Oct 25, 2017 1:08 PM (UTC)
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131 square meters worth of murals in 7 days! 😊😀😁😂
@iloveayalamalls @ayalamallscloverleaf in Balintawak is officially open to the public!

Still feels like a dream that didn't really happen except there are pictures to prove it! Feeling warm & fuzzy about the sense of togetherness, contagious enthusiasm (and OC-ness) everyone shared during the past week! Super grateful to have had the opportunity to get to illustrate the local scene.

Thank you so so much to the passionate team who helped turn this project into a reality: @ponggo_googlygooeys, Kylah, Celine, @charisse_go, @anneroch13 @rhobthegreat
@leahpascua @mjmontecalvo
@marc.olly, Danica, Flora, Errold, Johndreve, @franccnarf @benedictreynaart, @aravillena
@nerfe.nerfs @lizranolathoughtsintransit
@thenewpaula @inksandcoffee Genesis, Doc, @heypatatas @aangelapis Jak, @mickeyvelarde
@misamisatoto Rex Aguilar, @jenjenjentaaa

Just loving the sense of community & togetherness that this project brought us! 😊😊😊 Thank you so much for this memorable experience @ayalamalls! *super long speech* 😂😂
24+ hours to go before the deadline. 😅😅😅 Thank you so much to this team and those who came and helped out the past few days! 😁 Can't wait to share this with you guys soon!