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User Image arangelz Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:43 PM (UTC)

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I am giving one of my @swansofficial tops away. To have a chance to win it, you must LIKE the post and add a comment on why you should win it. I will pick the winner tomorrow evening after reading all your comments. Good luck! ⚫️⚪️
  • Great servant to Swansea, know football inside out, a gentleman, lovely family, a jack forever! Would really appreciate your shirt, would be a lovely present for my little boy and im sure he would love it when he's a bit older 👍😁⚽⚫⚪ #YJB

  • You would make one man very happy frame it and hang it up would love this

  • I want to win it because my grandad was a huge Swansea fan but passed away recently so I’d like in memory of him

  • Haven't really got a massive reason other than I'd really enjoy owning this and it would mean a lot as a Swansea fan

  • Somos de Vinaros de toda la vida y seguimos tu carrera deportiva , eres nuestro ídolo grande RANGEL

  • I’m Australian and have travelled to England 3 times now to watch the Swans. Have followed passionately since we were in league one and feel so proud to have felt part of the rise of a club which shows that almost anything is possible. It’s tough times at the moment, and of the 4 games I’ve watched live, I’ve never seen a Swans win. One day!

  • I would like to win it for my nephew who was playing for a under16 team and tore his Hamstring so now i try to collect various footballing memorabilias

  • @flynn.clifton Go online! My cousins live in new Zealand and get their swans stuff on SwansDirect.

  • I'm from Swansea. I haven't got a reason but would love to win the shirt. 🤞🏼

  • The reason why I should win it is, I'm a swansea fan from Indonesia. Its minority here. And it's frustrating knowing that the swans supporters are just 5 here, not like the big clubs supporters. But we never lose our faith to the swans, even in the worst time of our club, we all still stand and proud supporting the swans. With you as the captain of swans giving me the shirt, it would be massive for me as a person and a supporter. It just show that Swansea City Afc is nof just a football club, Swansea is a community club not only around United Kingdom, but also around the world. Massive shout to the lads for the next game. Im confident we will stay up #GlobalJacks @arangelz

  • I'm from Indonesia and i've been following Swans since 2008 (because of fifa08 and watching u play for Swans makes me love this club and see you as my role model on football even though i'm goalkeeper hehehe). I always support u and of course the whole team and club even when we win, draw, or lose. Oh btw, i'm very happy and excited when i heard you as our new captain 😄, all the best for u, Angel!!

  • I should win it because I’m looking for a reason to really support a prem team from across the pond! I love the story of the Swans and watched From Jack to a King and really am inspired by the story as well as taking to a player who was a massive part of that rise since 07! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Good luck this year! :)

  • Angel, nothing to say but Jesus is Lord. God bless and protect you and your wonderful family

  • Please give it to me, i have been to swansea twice to watch u play. (Supporter from hong kong)

  • spanish supporter from australia, big time fan of you and the club, inspiring

  • I wanna another swans uniform not only Ki

  • I should win it because I work hard

  • That was a genuine comment @mi55y_28 😆 did you see I tagged Holly in the one on Facebook? Maybe she could get it signed then?!?! (By a different player of course!) 🤣 I hear Angel has donated it to St Joseph’s - an amazing thing to do for that poor boy and his family - let’s hope it raises lots of money xx

  • I think I should win because I don’t have a swans top and angel you are my favourite player xx🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • I Can Win It ??.. because I enjoy watching the Swansea Team Playing and If I Get That Shirt I Will Keep It Neat And Put in my Living Room #RangelBiggestFan #FromMauritius #IfIWonInboxMe #ForMyAdresse

  • It’s my son’s 8th birthday next Tuesday and he is a huge Swansea fan. I can’t think of anything he would love more than to win this. You signed one of his away tops a few years ago and he still proudly shows it off x

  • I would like to win it so I could give it to my dad for a auction for a charity

  • I would like to win or because my grandpa has cancer and he has been a fan for years and I think it will really mean something to him

  • Cause I support Swansea and your my fav player

  • Cus it will go with my @tammyabraham1 shirt

  • I would like to win it for my son luke. He is a mad Swansea fan from Ireland. We have been to a couple of games. Hes the only supporter around the area plus you are one of hes favourite player.

  • I would like to win it because every time I go to the Swans games I haven’t got a shirt to show off and be proud to wear

  • Cause I’m a swans fan mush

  • I should win because I've supported the swansea for over forty years and now work as a match day steward

  • I would like it because you are a beast at the back and swansea are staying up

  • evwish 1M ago

    I Have Leon's so it will match also I feel very sorry that you don't get a game when we are usually losing

  • It would be a fab present for my birthday this Saturday & I’ve followed the Swans for 45 years & I also think you are amazing ... what a thoughtful thing to do ⚽️❤️YJB

  • @lucabaglioni93 Cheers Luca - although it would be greedy on my part! I’ve had two sets of boots from @arangelz in the recent past so maybe someone else’s turn 😉

  • It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this iconic legendary shirt by the name of angel rangel 💙

  • It would be my first new year gift from u 😁

  • Moved over to New Zealand when I was 3 so never had the chance to see a game live!! Still wake up at 3am to watch every match and gonna have the game on tomorrow morning at work on my phone hidden in the corner of my desk so the boss wont catch me haha. Good luck with Wovles YJB 😜

  • Your Swansea’s no1

  • Because I travelled from Greece to watch to England and then took a ride from Grimsby to Wales just to watch the swans

  • Live 2 hours away from Swansea but still come every week and your a legend of the club

  • Hablé contigo fuera de Mestalla hace unos años, gran futbolista y mejor persona!!

  • De l’emirates stadium! A veure si hi ha sort i vola cap a tarragona!

  • Live 5 hours away from Swansea however make the trip for most home games and many away games

  • Because I've been a huge Swansea supporter for more than 7 years now. I watch every Swansea game from my PC here in the Netherlands, no matter what. I literally couldn't hold my nerves for the last couple of weeks last season, and I wanted to be part of the glory in the end, so I visited the West Brom game with my dad, traveling over from the Netherlands to Wales, missing out two schooldays. I just really wanted to experience the glory at the Liberty ultimately, and I am very confident that we will stay up once again, with huge support from the Jack Army. Capitano Rangel, you are a Swansea Legend⚪⚫!! #YJB

  • Swansea fan

  • Because I want to frame the shirt and put in my sons bedroom (he’s one) because I want him to grow up knowing how much the Swans mean to me; and how a player from another country/City can still come to Swansea and fall in love it

  • Rangel fan 😉😉

  • La tindria que guanyar jo, Rapitenc desde menut, ets un ídol per a molts i per a mí. Millor un regal a un de la casa que a un altre d'un altre lloc no? 😏😹

  • Your a true jack an a true captain of are club you would have to be mad not to want your shirt #rangelisajack

  • As I have been a jack all my life always like watching with my dad who nearly played for swan and it would be one of the greatest things to have as i am unable to go to games and will not not stop being a jack

  • You are an inspiration for many, a top role model for all of our players, they should all follow in your example and then they can’t go much wrong #YJB una vez que un gato siempre un gato ⚫️⚪️

  • Please send me that jersey in Italy....i m a your fan from here since you play in League One....we are out from the World Cup...give a consolation prize for your Italian supporter....Forzaaaaa 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Angel....I have been a swansea city fan since 1972

  • I was born in wales but raised in Canada. The jersey would be for a family friend who has stage 3 cancer. He is also a lifelong swansea fan. He recently traveled to wales to see you guys lose to watford at home last fall. I am hoping you will see it un

  • In your heart to give the jersey to paul leslie. I can provide his cdn details if he wins. God bless and i hope your injury is not to severe. YJB. JT CANADA

  • Hi Rangel we should win the jersey because my family have always been jacks and big fans of u so pls may we win ?

  • My best friend @ange1hernandez who also likes swans and you had a custom Jersey with angel on the back and a #2 and I have one with Rangel on the back with a #2 so we put those together and we make your name and number. I’m a huge fan and really hope you chose me to win!

  • Your better than Kyle walker and Kyle naughton

  • Cuz I'm better than you

  • Im your fan ur friend...We took some dinnnerss.. mc.. 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 and i dont have ur tshirt in my collection.... TE QUIERO 😘⚜️

  • Me apasiona el fútbol, y en especial el inglés. Llevo más de diez años coleccionando camisetas y me haría mucha ilusión tener la de un futbolista que lleva ese tiempo jugando en la mejor liga del mundo, la Premier

  • Am a big fan of yours and the shirt is nice!

  • I should win this because Your a legend

  • Perque vaig venir a Swansea i vaig poder coneixer lequip en persona. Una gran experiencia amb un molt bon detall. Ets graan Angeel

  • saw you getting a hair cut

  • I am a swansea supporter that live over in Ireland and u are my favourite player

  • @angryell stfu you ugly long faced little prick keep your fucking mouth shut 🤫🤫

  • Swansea fan in the United States!

  • Amazing person , does so much for the community and I would love the shirt to hang up in my bedroom to remember one of the Swansea greats ❤️

  • I think I should win it because I have never give up on you even when other people say that you are I always thought that you were a grate playrr

  • I think I should win because I’m a true jack

  • I think I should win because I have been a fan of you since your Spanish league days, and I am a true jack......... And the fact that your an awesome player

  • itsged 1M ago

    Because u are my favourite player and I have been watching u play for a while and ur my favourite player ever can’t wait to see in Liverpool game

  • because you are a true Jack and you are a fantastic player.Swansea have always been my favourite team and you make them from being good to absolutely fantastic.

  • Aight

  • Porque empecé a seguir al Swansea en la tercera división gracias a ti que fuiste de los primeros en llegar allá y me encantaría conseguirla!

  • Hello, I know you want see this, but I am a young fan who is in aw of your super talents,please,this would be the best gift I could dream of,every year I save up just about enough to buy a new kit on sale for £15 in Debenhams to win this would make my life so much better.Thank you for staying with our club, #yjb,this is proper respect,cheers

  • Would make me a happy man

  • @arangelz Because they don’t make players like you anymore, an incredible find in football money terms, loyal though the leagues a consistent performer who gives 100% even when injured, a true club legend who one day will have a statue outside as a clubs hero and legend!

  • @itschrissyt and I want to wear that shirt of the legend

  • Because you help inspire me to do more for the homeless in the Swansea after I delivered your food to your home.

  • Because I come to support every single week without failure u are my defensive hero and my idle at times hope I get it come on u swans

  • I dont have an amazing swans top and really need one ☝️

  • Yeyeye

  • Yeyeye

  • I literally go to every away game

  • I dont have a sweatshirt that i fit in..

  • Because I’m a big fan and your my favourite player for swans with fabianski and good luck in the future mate👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • I will swap you for a 80’s match worn swans top

  • @lawrenceroyal should win this because he takes me to all the games with him, he’s definitely a Jack bastard and he’s Swansea til he dies ⚫️⚪️ #yjb

  • You’re a defender , I’m a defender , look up to on how to make a difference in the game #jackarmy 💪🏼

  • Cause I’m swansea till I die I’m swansea till I die is sure I am I really am I’m swansea till I die 😂😂👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥 and because your on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this season

  • I should win this jersey for three reasons: one, I am a loyal Wales fan, two, if you want to cement me forever as a Swansea fan this would do it, and three, I am an up-and-coming football player and this would help to inspire me. I love Wales and have for my whole life, though especially recently during euro 2016 during Wales run. I watched every single game and eventually donned a bucket hat, and wore it all the way through to the last minute of the world cup qualifiers. I also just recently became a Swansea fan but am sorry to see Swansea at the bottom of the premier league table. All you need is 2-3 wins and you are right back in it. I want this jersey so badly so I can wear it proudly as a sign of my support for Swansea. And last I am a football player and I became 1st string goalie for one of my previous teams. The jersey would give me faith that anyone can achieve their dreams. Thank you, go swans, go Wales. ⚫⚪

  • Hello, Angel, Swans legend. I love you as a Swans legend and as a man. Every year, I get the same kit with that famous number 22 jersey and Rangel on the back. I save up for it every year and eventually can afford it as a Christmas present to myself. You are a proper club legend, with us for the good times and the bad, and I regard you as even more of a bargain than Michu. I would love the shirt and to be able to wear it, and reminded of you even when you retire. I aspire to be like you: hardworking, committed, loyal and legendary. Most of all you’re a Jack Bastard ❤️❤️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️.

  • I’ve been offered a place at Swansea university

  • Swans fan since day 1

  • I think I should win this top because I’m a big Swansea fan and I still believe that Swansea has the courage, strength and power to remain in the premier league. We will be playing premier league football next season. Come on you Swans!!!!!!!

  • Hey Angel! First of all you are an good player and I like your style:) keep ut the good work and help Swans to get another season in PL❤️ the reason why I want this kit is just because it is my favorite number and Swansea is in my heart forever. I think its cool that you do this for your fans:)

  • Your name and number was the first ever print I had on a Swansea shirt, I treasure it still but would love an official one!😍 I support all the Jack Army through thick and thin because I know and believe that one day we will smash eveything!🔥 You have been one of my favourite players for years on end now, since I started taking a liking to football and this would mean the world to me to win!!😘 I love you work⚽❤

  • Your the best at Swansea F.C. and you are my inspiration

  • I have had a season ticket with the swans for 10 years now. I am a right back and i look up to you as an inspiration because of your loyalty with my favourite club. And i think the swans will stay up this year if they make some good transfers

  • You should start every game you had a very good game against spurs

  • I think @lawrenceroyal should win this because he takes me to all the games, knows all the chants, is 100% Jack bastard and he is Swansea til he dies ⚫️⚪️ #yjb

  • I have had a Swansea season ticket for 6 years know I support them you do very well I love you guys and I really hope you stay up

  • I would love to win because I have spent all the money I have earned on tickets with @chris__lamb7 and. Have never been able to afford a shirt

  • I want this jersey because I have seen Swansea play for 7 years and I love angel rangel because he is the best RB who has ever graced the football field I love Swansea but I love angel rangel more

  • I think @lawrenceroyal should win this because he takes me to all the games, knows all the chants, is 100% Jack bastard and he is Swansea til he dies ⚫️⚪️ #yjb

  • @swanseanti deserves it, he needs to renew his old swans Tshirt

  • I’m your biggest fan I’ve got a poster of you

  • I was deserve it 💔💔☹

  • i would love this shirt because you have stuck with Swansea through thick and thin and i love you for your dedication to the club,, you are a real rolemodel to others. even if i don’t win this shirt i am glad to have told you this

  • Your dedication to the club is astounding no matter the score you're always positive to play an amazing game. I've supported Swansea all my life and you've definitely been the one player I've looked up to plus I'm Swansea til I die

  • @willrouget I second this our love for Swansea has been simply unwavering

  • @chris__lamb7 didn't win the shirt - not like I wanted it

  • I should win this shirt because I will always be a Swansea fan until the day I die and I should also win because my Grandfather has supported the swans since he was 10 years old and now he's 69!! And because your a club legend!!!

  • Good luck with the on coming season my dude

  • Because you weren’t expecting to pay for international shipping.

  • This is my favourite player but I would like to win it for my uncle terry he is a great swans fan he is blind and a lot of health problems

  • I have been a Swansea fan growing up and still are now #swanseacityfc

  • red858 1M ago

    My daughter, a great swans fan!!

  • Some foreign plastic won it.. shocking

  • You used to go out with my mates auntie

  • I don't deserve it but I would really like it angel. Quiero por favor y yo amo xxx

  • Because I've supported Swansea since I was 1

  • I Will put a legend on My Wall 💪🏼

  • I'm dreaming to have a swansea shirt because in my country ,it's not any swansea shirt

  • You sir are a legend. I had a photo with yourself and michu, the night I graduated uni. I was a bit plastered but you still asked if you should be in the photo!

  • I really hope I win because I am one of Swansea's BIGGEST fans I am only 11 by the way

  • Because I’ll give it to charity

  • I hope I win because me and my family have followed the swans sines my dad was a little boy and that was ages ago and if we won this top we would put it in a frame and keep it forever and we have season tickets and we cheer u on

  • I have never had a swans top with a players name and number on the back it would be my first one I will frame it, and if a Cardiff fan comes over my house, I’ll point to the top and say “best team in Wales” !!!!!!

  • Please I want this shirt because you are the best right-back in the world

  • I would like to have your swans top to make all my friends well gell + I love Swansea what a great place and a good team.peace out.

  • I would like to have your shirt because, one I love Swansea, and two is your an awesome player, and you are a great team

  • I think I should win because I would give it to my friend, because his name is john rangel

  • I really what it plz

  • I’ve been a fan for 14 years

  • ✋✋✋✋pick me!

  • Great servant to the club and community legend in our city mate and would love to win ur top for my son

  • Omg 😮 I would love 💕 to have that top please your amazing/best/awesome I am your b b b biggest fan ever I love the swans/you ⚽️😂😂🤗🤗

  • I love the swans and collect the shirts so pls yours will be a amazing adition

  • @leb10_ hahaha I didn’t win

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User Image arangelz Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:43 PM (UTC)

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I am giving one of my @swansofficial tops away. To have a chance to win it, you must LIKE the post and add a comment on why you should win it. I will pick the winner tomorrow evening after reading all your comments. Good luck! ⚫️⚪️
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That moment when @narsingh11 scores the winner in a very important game! It shows how much it meant to everyone! Well done to all the boys, they showed character and desire throughout the whole game and we got the reward in the end. Congrats @jordanayew9 on your goal too bro! Best way to end a difficult 2017! ⚽️💪🏻⚫️⚪️
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‪Big congratulations to Leon Britton on getting the assistant manager job at @swansofficial and player/coach role. A real role model player and person that I have been privileged to play with for over a decade.‬
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Magical family weekend visiting the City of Love and Disneyland parks. ❤️ #christmascountdown
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A big thank you to @joeweller for spending some time with my boy @baileyrangel22 chatting about how you made it as a YouTuber and some other interesting stuff. He was over the moon meeting you and so chuffed with the signed book! Good luck with the upcoming fight! #teamweller
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The Dream in the Carabao Cup is over after losing to Man United but we go again on Saturday. Time to regroup, work harder, stick together and focus on the next game versus Arsenal. Football always has up and downs but as a team and individually is important we always stay mentally strong and improve everyday. Still a long way to go so one word, BELIEVE!
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My little king Àngel Noah is 7 today! Such a beautiful person inside and out, a boy who brings so much happiness into our family with his little cheekiness and happy character. Enjoy your day! Love you, Dad! 💙
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Let's make it 3 wins in 3 games at Wembley tomorrow! ⚽️⚽️💪🏻 Vamos a por 3 victorias en 3 partidos en Wembley mañana! ⚽️⚽️💪🏻. @swansofficial
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One of my favourite goals for @swansofficial 👍🏻⚽️
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‪Big game tomorrow against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Wouldn't mind same result as last season! 😜⚽️👊🏻⚫️⚪️‬#premierleague #swansea #goalcelebration
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Good 4-1 win against MK Dons last night to go through the next round of the @carabao_cup . Big thanks to the swans fans that travelled to be behind the team! #swans #jackarmy
Buena victoria por 4-1 ayer contra el MK Dons pasando a la siguiente ronda de la @carabao_cup . Gracias a los fans que viajaron para apoyar al equipo! #swans #jackarmy
User Image arangelz Posted: Aug 10, 2017 8:56 AM (UTC)
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It was a big privilege to play a part in Alan Tate's testimonial yesterday and see some old team mates, friends and coaches that were very influential to the club and myself. A great turn out for a guy that gave his all to the club for so many years. Once a Jack always a Jack! #swansea #legends Fue un gran privilegio ayer formar parte del partido de leyendas en homenaje a Alan Tate y ver de nuevo a ex compañeros, amigos y entrenadores que tuvieron mucha influencia en el club y también en mi carrera. Gran recepción en el estadio para un hombre que se dejó la piel por este club durante muchos años. Once a Jack always a Jack! #swansea #legends