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User Image georgiamay112 Posted: Jan 12, 2018 9:09 AM (UTC)

101 Valencia
Lie Lie Land
  • @k_toogood how about u fuck off and learn to be a nice human? U know nothing about my life at all. Who i am or what goes on behind MY closed doors. So do one. And maybe you stick to learning how to keep your nose out of other peoples business as im sure you wouldn't appreciate this if i did it to you.

  • @georgiamay112 Am sorry you had to deal with that 🤗💕

  • 👊...good for you @georgiamay112 💪

  • Fake News

  • Trump is my hero.

  • @k_toogood there's a reason you only have one follower you sad act!! Why follow someone who you'd happily drag down in public. Grade A 🔔🔚

  • @georgiamay112 very well said, obviously a sad prick with nothing better to do.

  • @brysa08 turn it in Pete she's not interested

  • @georgiamay112 yes G, say it how it is 💪🏼

  • @georgiamay112 what a 1st class twat 😂 good for u huni xxx

  • @k_toogood what a horrible little bully boy you are. You must have a shit LOAD of friends.... NOT

  • What a sad little twat

  • @k_toogood your president is an insult to humanity!

  • 😂😂

  • @k_toogood well done! Oh u must be so proud. They must be so proud of who you are! Seriously shut up and go away

  • @georgiamay112 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • @georgiamay112 jelouse cause he can't have you

  • IGNORE them Georgia you are a beautiful lady inside and out. Straighten your crown and carry on !!

  • @georgiamay112 beautifully put

  • @k_toogood Maybe you should stop trying to insult women who I'm presuming you probably know absolutely nothing about. Might make you seem like a bit less of a cockwomble 👍

  • @georgiamay112 I wouldn’t even bother reacting to people like him Georgia, he’s on here just looking to get a reaction out of you so don’t lower yourself to that level and just ignore him 😎😎 He probably does this with multiple other celebs!

  • @georgiamay112 hes got a point I doubt you care much for world politics its just cool for celebs to bash trump

  • @georgiamay112 well said Georgia ❤️

  • @k_toogood business is booming then?

  • @k_toogood your presidents been dipped in fake tan and looks like a ball bag

  • @murnaldo what point is good from what he said? So just because she’s a celebrity, it automatically counts her out for having any opinions about world politics? The problem with this thread was the childish comment made by @k_toogood - Have an opinion about the president but to get personal, especially to a woman is pathetic and highly embarrassing

  • @k_toogood @georgiamay112 What sort of bellend has a slouching gym picture as their work account profile picture?! Idiot probably didn’t eveb recognise that Theresa May is in the picture too - and it’s a comment on the lies from both of them!

  • Just jealous comments beautiful girl, ignore as you are better than that x

  • Rise above it Beautiful Lady... ❤️

  • Pretty sure @georgiamay112 has had the same bf consistently , if you’re gonna try and be spiteful maybe at least check your knowledge first 🤔mind you as Kanye said , a hater is absolutely a fan in disguise ;) x

  • I don’t like Trump, however I work alongside Americans and their views are not what the British press are peddling out to the masses. He’s cut unemployment by 250k with real jobs (not apprenticeships). He’s diverted millions in foreign aid from county’s wealthy enough without it ( India & Pakistan). He’s reduced tax to middle income earners, he’s investing in American industry!! Don’t believe all we are told.

  • @k_toogood maybe cause your president’s a first class moron?

  • relizf 1M ago

    @k_toogood you've had your 5 mins of attention now go take your attention seeking elsewhere.......pathetic!

  • @deccmc I hope you’re proud of your women bashing. I’m surprised that anyone could be so cruel for absolutely no reason. Good luck to you supporting a president who instills hatred and divide and talks the biggest load of nonsense anyone has ever heard. We all know it and you only need to type his name on any platform and see the memes and lols he triggers, guess he is good for something actually.

  • @k_toogood You obviously have the brain and penis size of a squirrel. You need to lay off them steroids "BRO" they making you angry.

  • deccmc 1M ago

    @rachyrach31 I’m from the UK you dumb bastard, now all the shit you just typed means fuck all to me what a waste of time hahahahaha

  • Ignore the trolls

  • @k_toogood you’re right about that however I just like to be kind that’s all

  • @k_toogood *know not "no" you retard.

  • @k_toogood you need to go back to school. You can't spell.

  • U go girl xx

  • You know what is amazing. This block button im gnna press right now!

  • @georgiamay112 don't block me.... please x

  • @k_toogood you are clearly an attention seeking simpleton. Get yourself a life mate.

  • deccmc 1M ago


  • @leecowling312 "dont believe all we are told" thats the point isnt it. What to believe? All them numbers you have just stated above have been manufactured by somebody to "support" Trumps presidency. Someone has told you and now you state them as fact. That is no different to the shite put out by the left wing media outlets.

  • pmsl xx

  • Brilliant! So true

  • The polls in the US show the truth the majority neither trust him or think that he is fit to govern ... That is the fact of the matter ... in one year he has been fact checked and has lied over 2000 times ... The man is a con artist and this storm about his racist remarks is him peddling distractions yet again .. Wake up people he is a dangerous fraud

  • @howes.graham From an American, I say, hear, hear!!! We are terrified with this deranged and narcissistic wannabe dictator in the White House. With a few equally deluded and dangerous exceptions, most Americans sit on pins and needles every day, fearing what the lunatic will do next. He will stop at nothing to “win,” whether it be the last word in a decision, some petty argument, or a penis wagging contest with the head of another nuclear power. We can use, and ask for, the prayers and support of your people!

  • @yarngarman I follow American politics closely and I suspect in the uk we don't know half of the horror in your country. He also claims credit for some of Obama's success - he didn't just create any success he is claiming overnight! He's also clearly racist .. Anyway my sympathies are with you - may you be rid of him soon!

  • @fullname_1000 I work for an American company and have seen first hand the affect Trumps policy’s are having. Our projects coming on board this year have more than doubled, confidence within the industry is increasing.. I’ve tried to get to the bottom of the cause and can only assume the by the feedback from the American working man is Trumps policy’s towards industry. I personally think he’s a bumbling Buffoon. But the working American men don’t !!

  • Good for you!!! Love 🇨🇦

  • Because it's cool to jump on the band wagon I suppose.

  • So grateful, @howes.graham. He usually sets his sights on undoing anything and everything touched by Obama, so it always surprises me when he takes credit for anything he did. Cheers!

  • Is this in London

  • Yessss!! Thank you for using your influence for good. 🙌♥️

  • 🙏🏻💫💛

  • dgs55 1M ago


  • in this context affect is used as a verb to show the influence of Trumps policy’s ! Those affects have effected the job situation. And as you you’ve only made one incorrect observation only one * is required,.

  • And the problem is you can expect people to air different opinions when you post political comment but when someone opposes an anti trump post they are the ones who get trolled no need for hate but everyone is entitled. To have tried say and to be honest the left are the biggest manipulator of facts at present especially with what the press and social media allow you to see

  • I don't know how the Rep party allowed him to run in the first place (oh wait...millions of dollars) he's had no political or military service and he's in no way experienced enough to be the "Leader of the free world". He's an embarrassment to the American people. He behaves like a petulant child trying to be better than the kids in his class when dealing with leaders of other countries. The NRA and the KKK got him elected...what does that say to the rest of the world? Shocking.

  • @leecowling312 **effects have affected. I can use however many * I like thank you very much. Also in the comment before **policies. You appear to be incapable of spelling anything so please do not incorrectly correct my corrections.

  • using it as a verb not a noun. Affect when used as a verb has 3 main meanings. The first been *😁 To have an influence on, contribute to a change in. As I clearly stated.

  • @leecowling312 ok now I’m just confused about what you’re saying. Also I don’t have enough energy to argue with you. Bye.

  • @georgiamay112 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • it’s simple, your last reply is wrong, you wrote ** effects have affected !! This is incorrect, it’s **** affects have effected !! Affect is to influence and the result is the effect !! Simples

  • Cool

  • @leecowling312 my time is too precious to waste on idiots.

  • Next "I did not say that Mexico was going to pay the wall"

  • Big or small, lies are lies😇

  • @danjaman1 lmao award for the stupidest comment on the internet goes to you 😂

  • @gmfupdates Isn't that exactly what the original post is doing 😂

  • @xcherrypie Thanks for your input. All the best.

  • @danjaman1 it’s called having an opinion...

  • @gmfupdates So why complain at people giving hate when that's their opinion?

  • @danjaman1 look im just sticking up for her, why are you still bothered anyway? this post is 2 weeks old. just forget it and move on.

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