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🇮🇹💯#Capri #italy Next Monday #TeenMom #Monday @mtv #tbt #red 😘
  • @victorialine629 girl I go thru that on a regular and have bpd because of it no struggle with her still because of her addictions and its hard.I can relate I'm still filled with anger and I'm learning daily to figure it put

  • @victorialine629. To figure it out I meant

  • @manda0522 gurl it sure is especially when their addicts .hurt ppl hurt ppl.seems like they invakidate my experience and she is hard to deal with .i love her and want her in my life but she's also toxic for me so id k ..I'm still struggling and vet fits of rage when she doesnt understandm

  • @yourfaveisfake who cares about that babe only ppl that focus on race have an issue with race

  • @tainalatina_ yeah, I've cut my mother completely out of my life. I hope things work out for you 💛💛

  • @victorialine629 I have cut her put them let her bk In its hard for me because I love jer even tho shes toxic ...its hard

  • @victorialine629 meant cut her off.hope it works out for u too doll

  • @achristgau that because he thought her acting in backdoor teen mom was terrible. He should have practiced with her first

  • Follow me please❤

  • Wow. Family reunion!

  • @farrah__abraham that had to be awarked . your mom there with your dad and stepmom. I know I hate it when my mom is around my stepmom. my mom trys to be petty but id choose my stepmom any day.

  • Treat your mom better

  • I don’t understand of why she hangs out with her mom but yet she can’t stand her....

  • Yeaah Im happy for You here in italy

  • Been there several times

  • hope you enjoy itali farrah 😘

  • I pray that car starts on fire 🔥

  • Hi Farrah! Buy one of my tie dyes and wear it on my fav show Teen Mom OG

  • *asking for a friend* @jennmeloxo 😂

  • I would kill myself if i had to be your mother!!! That poor woman!

  • It's so damn hard to watch your scenes on teen mom. Like bang my head against the wall hard. Or better yet, your head

  • Too bad your not letting your mom see Sophia😢 you are a discrace

  • Lake garda love😍

  • Why do you look like bullseye from toy story @Disneyland @farrah__abraham

  • You are ruining your daughters spirit by treating her like a adult. Learning her to be a bratt to your mother. HEAL YOURSELF, GIRL!

  • @krave_edm 😂😂😂

  • The enabling will stop once the money stops coming in

  • @julie69harris hopefully yours sets on fire 🔥

  • Hermosa

  • Yay Italiano!!!!

  • That trip is bound to be a disaster!

  • @farrah__abraham Your one evil bit##. I do look forward to the day @sophialabraham treats you exactly how you taught her to treat your mom. You talk about history not repeating but it is already. Your so blind with all your hate to see it. I guess it makes you feel warm inside to constantly put others down around you. When your old and you look back on your life and the only stamp you made is being misrable and mean to everyone. It has to be emotionally draining but being a sociopath I guessing it doesn't. You preach you stand not to be slur shamed but you constantly are shaming everyone 4 anything you can think up in that sick head of yours. Your destined to be alone because no man is going to put up with your crap and if they do they're only in it for the money. You don't know how to treat people you're just an evil mean person until you change that nobody's going to love you. If you don't change your ways mark my words once your daughter is old enough she will not want nothing to do with you. You're a pretty woman smart woman and very good with your money but you just can't keep me in a nasty mean person. I just don't understand why your so evil. I have seen you on many shows and you talk about past trama but there's always someone that's had a harder life. Your the only one that can change your ways.

  • Amy is so homely.

  • Farrah all I ask is please be nice to your parents 🙏🏻❤️

  • Bellisima!

  • Is this her real ig?!

  • 🐾Hiii, I'm a bulldog💙I love making new furriends🐶🐕

  • I love Capri

  • @julie69harris oh, look, it's the blonde bimbo again. 😆

  • @erinmonroe8661 Sophia is literally in the car. With Farrah’s mom. 😂

  • @andria.rachel u don't have to understand as it's not your go live it.if she wasn't with her u would have something to pick on..

  • @mwalker123 she don't what suffering is. She's hateful, unhappy, b*tch!

  • It's quite sad that as a parent you would put a child in between adult drama. You pin a grandchild against their grandparent is pathetic.

  • I’m glad you could travel with your family best wishes..

  • @jade_snow_ yes I know this was from a vacation they took a while back. She is not allowing her mother to see Sophia right now...😢

  • Damn farrah your getting fat!!!!!

  • #worstdaughteraward goes tooooooooooo

  • Lmao ya selling freaking dildos while u have a daughter

  • Genuine question, is there something wrong with your daughter? She acts so strange.

  • You are a horrible person and your daughter will be one too.

  • my thoughts after watching the last episode. It's very sad to watch.

  • You are literally the worst person ever!!

  • That’s funny I thought you didn’t want her to know your dad was going lol. Can’t wait to see his proposal tho

  • melx65 5d ago

    Do MTV pay for these trips?

  • Everyone please follow me

  • @shaylaa_xoo I was thinking the exact same thing

  • thought you got fired from TM ?

  • @mysteriousbeauty23 look at the life she was brought into...Of course she acts strange!!!!! She’s raised by a bunch of weirdos!

  • So you’re broke huh? Karma baby, karma!

  • The way Sophia acts is a resemblance of yourself. It’s not a good thing. You treat your mother horribly, therefore she acts the same. It’s actually so disgusting to watch. It’s not hard to just be a good & nice person. You very seriously lack in that department.

  • HORRIBLE the way you treated the commoners in Italy. You're an arrogant, narcissistic, disrespectful PIG. Get some help .

  • I’m happy your relationship with Michael and Amy is going well. Lots of growth. ❤️

  • The wrong parent died! Sophia should be with Derek instead of you.

  • 😳👆🏽.... 🙈

  • I normally wouldn’t waste my time on commenting. But You are the most awful person I have ever seen. You were blessed to have a child and blessed to have the life you have and you are RUINING HER! And wasting the life you were given. I have my girls and I would be ashamed to call myself their mother if I acted like you . SHAMEFUL !

  • Your one hour to the beutyfull island of sicily where the beach is gourges ... where there is castels😍

  • @aanddsommers14 its sounds hard but its the truth

  • Why did you lure your mum to Italy under false pretences and make a fool of her and abuse her, @ddanielsen1 this is awful, @farrah__abraham you have such good qualities under all the madness you did this for a show that has destroyed your family, not hating I actually like you and agree with you on lots of things I think your pain in very deep but I’ll not get into that I think you should do a real girly holiday that was sore to watch on Debra

  • I pray to God that you will start treating your mom with love and respect. You only get one mom in life and one day she will not be around. The conversations you have in front of your daughter are disgusting. She acts just like you and it’s sickening. Please grow up and learn from your mistakes. @farrah__abraham

  • Puke

  • Don't u know God says to respect your mom ? U make your own rules. I love your mom & everyone else on teen mom. Watching u is like witnessing a train crash

  • Your mom! Why are you so mean too her? Its such a bad look. On national Television not classy shame on you!

  • I promise no one will ever marry you. Youre just too mean. And mental lol

  • You are horrible to your mother. Your condescending tone is sad. Shame on you! And what you teach Sophia is despicable!!!

  • @worlds_most_dangerous_dog_mr_p one day you will bow down to Him that I can promise you!

  • Your mean

  • OMG I cannot stop ✋🏻 laughing over, egg and bowl is the same in every language, oh and no speak-a-english. Bahahahaha

  • @mwalker123 nope your invisible friend in the sky doesn’t scare me. I am the morning star- the lord of files.

  • If you want Sophia to know real Italian heritage here’s a tip real Italian people cherish their mamas more than anything @farrah__abraham ! By the way egg and ball or not the same in every language you look like a complete Nimrod

  • @speedy81 well said 🙌🏼 also do you notice her daughter talks about death a lot? I know she knows her dad is in “heaven” but she talks about herself dying almost every episode. Feel bad for her

  • @jessababe44 I did notice that. It’s very odd. It makes me so irritated when I see her speaking to her mom that way in front of her daughter. She is picking up on everything her mom is doing and acting just like her. I feel so blessed to having an amazing mom and Dad, but if I ever spoke to my mom in that nature, I hope she would backhand me. I would never do that because I love my mom!

  • Not sure why MTV is still paying you to be on the show. You are evil

  • @fayebaye101 watching this episode I literally want to punch her in the face . She is disgusting.

  • @pretty_in_inkedupmom girl yes!!! I can't believe it still. I'm frowning the entire time she's on the tv, so now I'm like whyyyy are you even still here?!?

  • snnk91 2d ago

    Happy to see the fam together as one!

  • snnk91 2d ago

    Where’s the evil step dad?

  • Hoooooe!

  • @farrah__abraham you look beautiful in this picture.

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • @littleitalian36 but mostly shame on her parents. People focus on how sad she treats her parents and poor parents, but who raised her that way? Her parents themselves. They reap what they sow. They allowed her disrespect from the get go. And the cycle repeats with Sophia, she will treat her mother the way she sees her mother treat her grandmother. But people are so quick to judge Farrah that they forget about how and who raised her.

  • @lillyflowwer23 her parents forgot to teach her respect

  • Guys! Don't forget that they didn't teach her respect, Farrah has always treated her parents like tgat because they've always allowed it!

  • @karicp__ well she is an adult now. Can’t blame your parents for ever. She controls if she continues the cycle of disrespect. Can’t blame them.

  • @littleitalian36 well in her eyes it's not disrespect because no one taught her otherwise lol

  • @karicp__ and I totally understand that! It’s just sad because it probably continue with sophia

  • @littleitalian36 the other day i was watching the first episode of teen mom doctor drew asked her what would she do if sophia ever talked the way Farrah does to her mom amd she said she would change anything she's doing until Sophia is happy. Clearly not the way to raise a child if you let your kid do and say whatever they want. Spoiled is what they are. It'll be interesting to see Sophia as a teenager with Farrah lol

  • @karicp__ lol. It really isn’t. I mean. Look at Sophia now! It’s so baffling. Farrah is in for one hell of karma. And Farrah will act how Debra does. And just stand there and walk on eggshells. Ughh. Such a horrible sad cycle. Lol

  • @italia014 exactly! I was just appalled

  • @littleitalian36 lol yuuuup!!

  • @karicp__ I always wonder. When her mom passed away, if she will watch these, and be in complete disgust of herself. Seeing it from a different angle

  • @karicp__ But you get to a certain age and grow up and learn to respect others. Her mom and Dad will only be around for so long and life is too short to be treating others like that. We all need to love and respect each other and speak to others with love. I guess it was just how I was raised. :)

  • "Pretty sure egg and bowl are the same in every language" 😂😑

  • @speedy81 yeah, as bad as it sounds i think that's how Farrah tries to show love lol cause if it would be up to her I'm pretty sure she would've already left her mom out of her life by now

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