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(Basically everything for dinner) I'm so excited to stream the International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference tonight. Looking forward to breathe fresh air all week by hearing about the practices of those who use the best available evidence in their work. #pbnhc17
You are the product of your environment. Fill it with things that will make you feel great and live long
That's a gains plate ☝🏽 Just realized I will totally be reflecting on this meal as the upcoming videos are released covering the latest on lectins, avocados and nutritional yeast πŸ₯‘
Not proud to be rant-y but this post is reflective of my thoughts. It is 100% totally unfair to be against promoting "clean eating" for the fear of orthorexia (excessive obsession with healthy eating). Nobody told me as a kid that there was a chance I could get rid of giant pimples on my nose by avoiding dairy, or as an athlete that I could get through practices more easily and compete better by eating greens and beets, or that in times of distress and unhappiness that plant-based eating is the only dietary intervention proven to be effective in improving mood, decreasing anxiety/stress/depression. But somebody told me I don't have to ever live with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate cancer and the other leading killers. Somebody let me know that my future babies don't have to suffer from mercury toxicity, and my kids can minimize the risk of type 1 diabetes, and I never have to see my brothers go blind, and I never have to see my parents have a heart attack. Never deprive someone the gift of stuffing themselves full of beans and mushrooms and not leaving enough space in their stomach to fit turkey or cheese. You deserve to know that you have control over your life...And whether or not you want to take that action is up to you.
When you realize your rice consumption is putting you above the acceptable exposure limit to arsenic 😯 be happy there's a lotta delicious whole grains that are not rice!
Had an amazing first week at my rotation! You already know what I talked about for more than half of my diabetes presentation today #lifestylemedicine #plantbaseddiets #diabetesisreversible #blindnessduetodiabetesisreversible
I'll just put in all the work and let it manifest itself #IPPEs
When I first heard that animal products and refined nutrients could be so detrimental for our health, I basically promised myself "I will never cut it all out and go vegan," just because I thought it would be so socially and professionally unacceptable. (After seeing the strength of the available evidence, in my opinion it's not much of a choice.) If anyone is thinking the way I used to right now, I want you to know that there can be minimal sacrifices in your social life, family life, financially and career-wise when switching to a plant-based diet...And the impact you will have on the world around you is like nothing else 🌎
I'm sorry for being the worst person to ask for recipes, I pretty much never follow them! The extent of my cooking knowledge is "you put it in a pot 'till it looks good enough to eat" and it's worked for a few years now! But EVERYDAY EAT beans, dark greens, whole grains, nuts/seeds, fruits/berries, vegetables, with special regards to flaxseed, soy foods, teas, spices, onions/garlic, mushrooms and seaweeds! And vegan or not, have a reliable source of vitamin B12, Algae-based EPA and DHA, at least 15 minutes of sunlight and a weekly brazil nut🍴
Ill day in boston yesterday with my giant mae and large baby πŸ˜‹
Uploading this snapchat that phil sent me because it's instagram worthy
P1 year complete β˜‘οΈ Things are moving fast but I am falling in love with pharmacy #DoctorofPharmacy #acceleratedPharmD
Somebody had to do it! Sold out ACCP t-shirts at this year's SGA block party πŸ’ŠπŸ˜