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It's a southern thang.. trucks or nothin. #southernliving #saltlife

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[ #ad ] Playing around in the kitchen today with the best recipes from @hellofresh. How am I just discovering this bliss!? 🌶🍗🥒 Take a step to a fresher lifestyle for you and your fur baby with the #FreshWithYourPet Meal Plan! @Freshpet @HelloFresh

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Warm up with this easy potato soup recipe using blue potatoes and smoked paprika [ link in bio ] 🍵 @potatogoodness #BeholdPotatoes #CLVR #ad
The fiancé gave it an eleven on a scale of 1-10. That's what I call a successful dinner!
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Back on the Instagram game after a much needed break ✖️What have all you beautiful babes been up to?
Packing up for a road trip to ATL with my @jworldnewyork backpack. I'm a notorious over-packer and this backpack has ALL the pockets. 😏 #packallthethings
Happy #NationalSmoresDay, babes! [#sponsored ] I'm celebrating by cozying up with a slice [ or three ] of @edwards_desserts S'mores Crème Pie 🍫 S'mores are the hallmark treat of summer and this pie takes the treat to a whole new level - minus the mess!
Enjoy the goodness of s’mores in any setting - inside or outside, bonfire or no fire. All you do is take the pie out of the freezer, let it thaw and serve! I'm obsessed with the crunchy graham crust and layers of luscious chocolate + marshmallow meringue. #SmoresDaySoiree
How are you celebrating this delicious day?
Going to grow old and grey with him 💕 He loves me, of course, but more importantly, he chooses me, day after day and moment by moment. To all of my single girls - Find a guy that chooses you, day after day. That man will love you more profoundly than you ever thought possible.
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[ #ad #vhblends #clvr ] These stuffed peppers will knock your socks off! I have really cracked down on my eating habits over the past month. One of my new favorite healthy dishes are peppers stuffed with the @villageharvest protein blend of jasmine rice, red quinoa, and lentils! These peppers are packed full of spicy, savory goodness with just a hint of cheese.. because cheese is amazing and I still like to indulge a little 😏
Recipe link is in my bio, babes.
// What is your favorite healthy recipe?
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Okay foodie babes, who wants to have their cake [ or in this case brownies ] and eat it too!? These double chocolate blender brownies are bikini friendly and oh so delicious. They are packed with protein and probiotics and they taste sinful. You'd never guess that they are actually good for you. I like to hide these from Austin so I can be a glutton all by myself 😉.
Catch the recipe in my bio today! 👙🍫
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