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  • Totally see a baby bump

  • Love you two on the runway. However, are these items for sale?

  • @deegerms5 lol - That was sarcasm.

  • Never have I ever seen a little girl look like such a demonic gremlin as we have with Sophia this season. Her behaviour has you written all over it and it’s disgusting.

  • Such a pretty little girl... to bad how she is being raised into such a horrible human being 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • @m_n_m83 I work a lot so sometimes I am a little late. This isn't too bad. I usually run about a month behind! 😂

  • @farrah__abraham u should be with ur baby father u r one sick and evil person

  • I 've noticed on this season That u are a pretty decent person. And that its your mom who is the selfish and disrespectful one and that there is way more to u then meets the eye.

  • @marisa_leach4 he’s dead lmao

  • @jurneejames and that should of been her there not him

  • @aprilash77 yes she is very disrespectful it's sad

  • @meg_hig1 I thought Her story/life is unfortunate, but she can still change...if she wants to.

  • @deegerms5 It's true. And especially for her daughter. She needs intervention while she's still young. It's so sad when Farrah & her mom are arguing & the poor girl is covering her ears. 🙉

  • I just seen this on teen mom? When was the run way show?

  • Wow she has really grown up! She’s gorgeous!

  • @marisa_leach4 her baby’s father died in a car accident in 2008 before their child was even born.

  • You are a great mom always putting your daughter first...I admire you for being strong

  • I do feel kind of bad for Sophia tbh, but man. I don't think it equates to the viciousness I see in these comments

  • Ah, she’s so cute

  • Hermosa

  • She is so pretty! And look at you @farrah__abraham looking stunning as well

  • This is hilarious

  • Aww

  • @marisa_leach4 the father is deceased. Just thought you should know

  • She looks so much like her daddy 🖤

  • @marisa_leach4 wow, you’re disgusting. Who are YOU to judge her? ARE YOU GOD?! You don’t even know what you’re taking about..ignorance

  • @cllmedrln maybe you should get your face fixed

  • Nice pic!

  • I love Sophia's hair... Makes her look so much older though 😱 beautiful!

  • @marisa_leach4 seriously???? Sounds like YOU ma'am are the sick and evil one here!!! Lady, you need Jesus!!! just sayin 🤷‍♀️

  • @cmj2063 This is a false statement she is not putting her first. Makes you wonder what kind of parent ppl with these type of statements will be bc she is not putting her first!! She is ruining her

  • @keriwithakay sure it does, I’m guessing most these comments come from mothers etc and most mothers can’t even fathom treating their children this way and she needs to be told. Old fashioned humble pie. She needs the whole pie!!

  • She looks pregnant

  • She's turning out just like you.... Disrespectful af!!!

  • Love your style here Farrah. So down to earth and trendy

  • kfowed 1w ago

    You should have put that tattoo on her face

  • @farrah__abraham. You look like you're getting chubby

  • @ericagpdl OMG! 😂😂😂

  • @bethp321 and you are a blind brown noser 💩💩

  • @lorivalderaz agree,,,don't understand how she doesn't see the way her daughter is let's say a little on the "strange" side and needs mental help of some kind. That kid is NOT NORMAL in SO MANY WAYS!!!

  • @msshorty2u2001 exactly,,,I think she forgets where ALL OF THIS started for her,,,she's nothing special and she needs to realize that! And as far as Sophia the demon child, that's gonna be a train wreck all of its own! #mentalhealthissues!!!

  • @thecrackedquilter 😂😂 Maybe that's why Deborah likes her so much!

  • @cheapa__234 Exactly 👍👍

  • @barrettshareit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So cute.

  • @07lindz85 omg I know! That little girl is spoiled rotten and not in a good way. It’s sad, she’s clearly learning this behavior from her mother. Especially the way she treats her grandmother. That little girl needs some discipline. It’s disgusting

  • @heavensjade 100% agreed. She’s copying Farrah’s behavior and it’s disgusting. A child should never get away with that behavior, especially towards adults

  • @msshorty2u2001 it’s pure disgusting. I 100% agree

  • @apesam23 exactly. Shes too young to have come to those opinions and decisions on her own.

  • Finally good to see someone brushed her hair poor kid

  • @tiffanypriore I know.....right

  • She should be a model

  • I think your daughter is very beautiful

  • She needs a tattoo on her forehead 😂😂😂

  • Great mom👍🏾

  • Came to New Zealand I have a spear room and a very good camera 😋

  • She be cute if she wasn’t a brat

  • @courtneymae1213 lol Debra is f-ing crazy

  • She is doll & she will probably make it as a child star, but plz let her be a child just a lil longer & PLEASE stop fighting with your Mother in front of your child...You are teaching her that it's okay to speak to mothers that way & that its okay to do so because her mommy does it & she will think its okay to talk to you like that ( maybe not today, but she will be a teenager b4 you know it )...Children mirror their parents, you are a strong & independent woman, let Sophie mirror the good parts of you...Much love & many Blessings to you & your family.

  • Beautiful picture of both of you, and finally a nice smile from Sophia !!

  • Sorry to say she will never make it in Hollywood because you are her mother. You think you got everything together right now but trust me with your nasty attitude and disrespect that you show other people you're going to lose that shortly trust me. It's disgusting how you allow your daughter to disrespect your mother. No matter what you have going on with your mother she is a child and she does not disrespect adults. I don't care if me and my sister were out in the street fist fighting I would dare my eight year old daughter to disrespect my sister.

  • And all of you need to leave Sophia alone. She is a child. She is learning her behavior from her mother. None of this is her fault. Now if she was 16 and you want to go in on her feel free but she's 8. My daughter is 8. Yes my daughter would never behave like Sophia does but me and Farrah are completely different people. But you're stooping to her level when you disrespect a child

  • I just need to tell you that I am absolutely sickened by how you have turned your daughter against her grandmother! I know you are in denial and won’t take the blame for anything, but just know that Sofia treats her grandma that way because she sees YOU treat her that way. My relationship with my grandmother created the most precious memories I have from childhood. You should be ashamed that you spread your disgusting hate through your daughter! YOU ARE SICK!

  • Sophia looks great! Her smile is cute :)

  • So Beautiful💗✨

  • I love Sophia

  • Sophia’s poor dad is rolling over in his grave.

  • @jennarenee7 exactly!!! It’s really sickening to see. She us to always want to see her grandma. It’s sad to watch!

  • @hughes4132 I’ve deleted her a few times but I love to read the comments. If I were her I wouldve unfollowed myself and deleted all of my social media bc clearly 75% of the comments are negative. That should say something and she’s wasting money on her therapist.

  • @phoenixlovespeter lol I wasn’t gone say it

  • @farrah__abraham Were the clothes only from @twogypseasouls ? I freaking need these clothes!

  • @loca_marquis yes ma’am ❤️💋

  • @jennarenee7 just like you I have no words!!!! That little girl has no respect for adults, and acts just like her mom. Then again, look who is raising her...can’t expect anything else I guess. Smh. She has no idea how bad she’s hurting her child, she is creating a monster.

  • Where can you purchase these clothes

  • Looking at these posts remind me that people can be so cruel. These are human beings.

  • @heather.rogers82 yes!!!! Thats all I could think about!!!

  • You’re daughter is a brat and so disrespectful and it’s your fault I understand talking to your kids but you involve her too much when it comes to adult situations. You’re basically repeating the cycle of you and your mom and that kid will hate you when she grows up so hope you’re ready for it. Therapy doesn’t seem to be doing you any good.

  • @_bella_donna_87 i have to agree

  • Does Sophia really homeschooling?

  • You two look like you had a great time. Love that you involve her in fun stuff ❤️

  • @_bella_donna_87 I agree with you 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Work it Sophia and mama Farrah. Good job.

  • @phoenixlovespeter my thoughts exactly dear!

  • You shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. You are a HORRIBLE WOMAN. & the amount of disrespect you THROW at your mother and you let your CHILD do it is unreal.

  • @mariel_jaclyn right I am no where near a millionaire and my daughter looks better than her on a bad days normally

  • You and Sophia killed it and you both looked excellent doing it

  • 💜💜💜

  • poor kid is gonna need thearapy soon

  • Beautiful

  • Why don't you answer these questions farah you could still try and turn this sound and make sophia realise she is only a small child and needs to act like one. Do it for sophia and repair some broken bridges

  • You have a Foopah

  • @_bella_donna_87 she’s creating a monster! It’s insane how the little girl acts and how she speaks to her grandmother omg I can’t!

  • @michelle_10839 it’s going to be an ongoing cycle Sophia will grow up to be just like her mother she will have a child teach that child to behave the same it will never stop because Farrah is a sociopath.

  • @_bella_donna_87 isn’t that insane? This little girl will never have a happy childhood simply because she’s dragged into her mothers complicated and miserable adult life! Breaks my heart but it is what it is I guess. I have issues with my parents to the point I pulled my son out but I never speak any of those problems in front of my son.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • @farrah__abraham SIMON SIMON SIMON

  • She did such an amazing job

  • Little brat

  • I never post negative thoughts. But you need therapy and your daughter does too. You need to stop worrying about your boobs and lips start worrying about being a respectful daughter yourself. You treat your mother like crap and you are not a nice person. Time to grow up start being a mother. Maybe stop the MTV show I don't know but it does not paint a good picture that's for sure.

  • You are a horrible person!!

  • I don’t like when y’all judge her for how she treat her mom you can see her mom has her own issues mentally and unless you’ve dealt with having a mom with borderline you can’t judge. She’s been through trauma too wit her bd dying if it was me I’d prolly be strung out by now cuz the pain too bad but instead she strong and independent I don’t agree wit her views but I respect her for being strong n not lettin the tragedy make her weak.

  • @edenkai exactly. I grew up with a mom like hers so I can see it clear as day.

  • @angaj71 right! Go away come here go away come here and how Farrah keeps trying and trying but her mom always say something negative to disappointment her and make her feel stupid for trying I’m sure you’ve been there

  • @edenkai yes ma'am. Sadly like you said, unless you've lived this way with a toxic mental mom. You have no idea. Even though I don't condone the things farrah does she has made a life. I just wish she could cut ties and get help. She is so full of pain. I get it though.

  • @angaj71 I hella agree with you I definitely get uncomfortable when she lashes out but it’s almost a mirror cuz I know how iterate you get ya know and yes she’s done very well success wise financially and I hope and pray she can heal her soul because that something I know you and I have learned we ain’t have that comforting mom so we have to learn to comfort ourselves

  • @angaj71 irate***

  • Yes girl, I know. When one hasn't lived with that. They have no idea. Hugs to you and Farrah.

  • @wylymwyly Everyone Loves to hate a villain

  • Be carful what you say because god remember everything @farrah__abraham

  • Awwwwwww

  • @arleen_herrera Sophia will treat Farrah the same way!!!

  • Hey Farrah u only get one mom and I read some comments that said her mom has mental health issues but that doesn't matter a little respect can take u a long way.

  • Such a narcissistic jerk

  • You should tie your daughters hair up more often. Looks better off her face. But also I saw an episode the other day. What ever problem you have with your mum etc you shouldn’t be teaching your daughter to be disrespectful to her Nan. She shouldn’t be speaking to her in that way let alone giving her ultimatums. Don’t be pushing your issues etc onto her to only treat your mother as you do.

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