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User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Jan 8, 2018 4:12 PM (UTC)
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TONIGHT #TeenMom #Monday @sophialabraham is getting ready for her #nyfw on @MTV so proud of my baby! I like how it comes natural to Sophia & she has fun with the fashion shows and meeting friends. #runway #fashion #model #girlboss #mtv #nyc
  • @jeslpete12 I mute the tv!!

  • They're so awkward and unnatural acting 😖 one huge scripted family, yuck

  • @locogilstrap wow, hopefully that doesn't happen to Sophia! She might be a brat but it isn't her fault

  • Just watching is sad! If I was her mom, I would cut ties and live my life. No one, not even my child is going to have the audacity to talk to me any kind of way! Therapy obviously isnt helping her because she still has issues. And looking at her daughter behavior, she is going to adapt the same habits if she doesnt stop. Her mom doesnt deserve to be controlled in any type of way!

  • shlbel 1w ago

    The whole family have zero respect for each other . . No manners -No Class ..

  • Can’t get over the fkn baby talk, wtf

  • @supermom.linaaa ...or the disrespect or the fact that if she doesnt want to read what her mom sent..delete it..why be such a monster all the f*ing time...moms trying to help with her relationship life...clearly shes single AF needs lots of hard to watch.

  • Just remember that your daughter is learning from you. The way you treat your mom, is the way you’re teaching Sophia will treat you.

  • And is she serious saying that debra is always trying to *force her staus about her degrees * on people...isnt Farrah herself always talking about what an amazing business woman she is and how shes the greatest reality star and has accomplished sooo much..but Debra cannot be proud of herself and her hard work paying off too...Farrah is a jealous hyprocrite.

  • What a disrespectful little girl. I would spank my daughter for even snatching something from her grandmother like that. She's too little to be acting like that. I hope she changes for the better as she grows. I never understood why everyone is so rude to poor Deb. She's been so nice and supportive and always helped Farrah when she first became a mom. I don't get why they treat her like that.

  • @hollywieland Hahahahhah so crazy!!!

  • @farrah__abraham I say this every season & im not going to stop until it happens THEY NEED TO TAKE YOU OFF THE SHOW you are literally the worst mother & human being it make me cringe!!! You need to teach her RESPECT she may not like David but she sure damn needs to respect him & respect your mother happiness your just go along with what a 8 year old says SMDH! Like who’s the damn mother here because I can’t tell! You are a terrible influence ugh please take her off the show like seriously @teenmom

  • It's gotten really painful to watch now that Sophia is starting to mimic her mom's language and behavior. I feel for that little girl and Debra. I can't comprehend how Farrah can be so mentally messed up that she cannot figure out her issues and learn to have empathy, compassion, forgiveness. She is creating a little monster and her daughter will end up being an even worse train wreck than she is.

  • I'm so glad that Farrah is seeing a therapist , she seems desperately unhappy along with quite a few other issues. She can't contain the anger and resentment towards her mother, and Deb just sits there and takes it, which is not only enabling Farrah but also showing Sophia how (not) to treat others. So sad all around, i do hope Farrah makes breakthroughs with her therapy , but damn she's got a long way to go.

  • @tularoocustoms @ana_luv88 how could you let your own daughter talk to your mother this way ?

  • Sooooo your just going to let your daughter disrespect your mom in rl, THEN Post it on social media 🤢🙄. Disgusting.

  • @calikriss they did..! This is her last season..!! Yay!!! Lol

  • @laurenloveslady yaaaay!! How do you know ?

  • @calikriss LOL it was on Perez Hiltons website today!!

  • Omg😨 mocosa mal educada😦 esta siguiendo los mismos pasos qué la madre 😨

  • My goodness! I have 2 daughters myself. I'm a teen mother. My girls may not be rich from tv. But they definitely have more class than that. Wow!

  • I bet Derek's parents are SOOOO embarrassed to be associated with you! You have made their grandchild to be a ungrateful just like you. And is it me or does it seem like this is the first time we have seen you actually do something with Sophias hair??

  • Your daughter is horrible and have no class😷🤧 disgusting.

  • Did Gma talk like a baby in that clip?

  • @supernormandood she always talks to sophia like that it’s just weird at this point

  • @gemini_gfx like have you seen sophia’s snapchats??? Sophia was on snapchat in the middle of the night telling people to text her because she's 'coming' for us tonight. This child needs help

  • I'm reading all these nasty comments and I can't help but to agree, such a shame. That little girl needs to learn how to respect

  • @jennybby__ omg what! I wish I had seen her snapchat!

  • At this point she should just be thankful that her mom is still around. I don’t think she will ever change. She has “created” her image and that is what she cares about, but at night I am sure she goes to bed alone still trying to find what makes her glass full. Maybe god be with both of them. She has created her daughter into a mini her and I am sure her relationship will have the same outcome. Sad sad

  • Uglies. Sophia is soo disrespectful.

  • Here mother tho! 😱🙊😖

  • @kelly_p79 The grandmother will put up with the abuse as long as there are cameras filming. She loves the fame and doesn't mind how she goes about getting it.

  • Idk if I’m more bothered by her curling technique or Sophia’s attitude 😂 @abbby_jackson

  • @jamiesonhollie snapchat deleted her account because of that and for being under the age of 13 but farrah said she didn’t see anything wrong with any of it 🙄

  • @jennybby__ mental 😦

  • Sophia is a disrespectful brat. Who tf let’s their kid act like that?!?!?! And Farrah is PROUD of her???? Smh. They’ll both be lonely and miserable the rest of their life. Nobody wants that ugliness around. No class. And someone else said it perfectly..... Derek’s parents must be so disappointed, embarrassed, and ashamed. I wouldn’t have anything to do with that nasty little girl. Grandchild or not.

  • Which season is this ?

  • So confused on how her daughter is like 7-8 and acts so socially awkward. Makes the weirdest sounds and seems like she can’t talk a full on sentence? Anyone else notice that?

  • Wow, you're daughter is a brat. The sad thing is it's not her fault, you've raised her with no manners whatsoever. I'm not surprised though because you're the worst daughter I've ever witnessed. Hate to say it cause she's just a kid who's doing what she's taught but you've created a monster...literally.

  • Even though my mom anonnys me shes coming out to support us... Yes thats what moms do!

  • Garbage

  • Your daughter is nothing short of rude and obnoxious. #smackontheasswonthurt

  • @heathernadcock look at the way her & her mother talk to Sophia, like she’s a freakin baby

  • @con925cord lmfaooooo

  • @that_megg_girl lmao yes!!!

  • “Even though my mom annoys me” @daniiruth

  • @kaeleighlayton omggg 😂😂

  • Your daughter is a little brat! Why do you let her act like this? She knows more than she should her age!

  • I love you Farrah! I can't help it but I do! You have more motivation than anyone I know!

  • Keep your head high and keep doing what you do!!

  • As a grandmother, I have say Deb is just has just as much if not more to do with all of these very sad dysfunction! Lest we forget this rotten fruit doesn't fall far from the tree! God help them all!

  • @emileerinker33 omg please watch the whole thing

  • That child is so rude and disrespectful. It’s disgusting to watch her behavior without anyone redirecting her.

  • Your daughter is so disrespectful!! It’s going to slap you on the face when your daughter treats you the way you treat your mother!! You should teach your daughter to have respect for ppl

  • That child has been absolutley poisoned

  • So rude just like her mother ... awful

  • You're daughter is so rude. Just like you, @farrah__abraham. Poor kid! 😞

  • What happened to her mother? She sounds like she can’t speak properly?

  • She poison that lil girl I feel really bad for that lil one it's going to like her...and she's going to treat you worse than what you treat your's just disgusting

  • @ieeshataylor how bratty is this kid tho 😂

  • @acumap1 exactly!

  • Farrah talks about not having toxic people in her life and that's why Simon is "not around". Yet at the end of the episode, you clearly see Simon in the back. They just blurred out his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's full of 💩 !!!

  • @minnnie.1 Watch this 😐

  • @shannnonwilson omfggg why do people give er money

  • @yourebakingmecrazy she'll never no that though, because than for one single second, heaven forbid, all eyes & attention wouldn't be on her. She is BEYOND selfish & self centered. 🙄😑 she's already been a mother for 8 years & STILL her daughter does not come as her first priority. It's terrible for Sophia's childhood. @farrah__abraham is ruining her child's future but will never care one bit.

  • @_kerstynn_ and her mom was given an engagement ring the proper way .. but Farrah's so rotten that she had to buy her own engagement ring and than harass Simon to propose to her 😂😂 #desperate

  • @ilovelissie isn’t the little girl rude as hell smh

  • @draya_mtz exactly! I hope she gets in 10x worse!

  • @conflicted.__.contradiction exactly ! She’s a loser haha

  • Farrah is so nasty

  • Of course she’s rude she learns it from her mom it’s sad because it’s not her fault…

  • Evil person

  • @xhoneydip Farrah and her fam are the worst lol

  • Horrible Mom and a horrible, disrespectful Little girl!! She looks Psycho!!

  • @7verosol2 1 agree 100% she's worthless💯💯

  • @janacody oh heeeeel no her moms hair

  • I am appalled at the way you and your daughter treat your mother. I keep watching Teen Mom OG in the hopes that you show even a glimmer of hope but it's very clear you are the epidamy of a narcissistic sociopath and you are deeply disturbed. There will come a day @farrah__abraham when you will be knocked off your high horse and be held accountable for the heartless woman you are. One day you will wish you were a better person.

  • I wish another kid would come and kick Sophia in the leg..... super hard... such a monster

  • She's acts just like her mom brat

  • Debra is old dressing like that wtf well she's just as nutty as the rest

  • Terrible

  • Wow..lost for words on what I just watched yet I’m not surprised

  • @deberz89 she is a terrible person.

  • @7verosol2 takes after her mom who is a terrible mother!!!

  • Does anyone even like her? 😂😂

  • Kid Is Sucha Rude Little B**** Just Like Her Mother! @farrah__abraham

  • @farrah__abraham B**** I am over you and somebody really needs to have a seat and tell you the way that it is the only reason why you're mad at your mother's fiance David is because he keeps it real you like your father's fiance because she kisses your a** and makes you feel like you're not mental b**** you are add A-line I know people who have worse mothers mothers that are on crack and steer don't treat their mother the way that you do b**** you better be glad you don't have a black mother cause you would have been f***** that I would have been slapped you in your mouth you had that nerve on the last episode to call your mother evil b**** b**** you are the evil 1I don't even know why they have you on the show you are bad for the bran you are disgusting and you are wrong and you allow that loss spoiled asked little girl of a daughter to act the same way and when she gets older someone is going to work her a** all because her mother is a punk b****

  • You are a disgrace to daughters around the world. Watching you on that show gives me anxiety. I have to record it in fast forward through those horrific scenes with you and your mother. You don’t even look her in the eye. May you continue making a lot of money because it’s the only thing that you have and that will ever make you happy apparently.

  • @jjweigel 100% agreed

  • ha_sssh 22h ago

    @tianna5973 I almost had a stroke trying to read this comment.

  • jlo79m 17h ago

    I'm unfollowing I've always said your driven and have work ethic ...but I disagree more and more with your choices all the best for the futuretry not to ruine your daughters life to much

  • The way your child behaves towards her grandmother is disgusting! You may not get along with your mother but to teach your daughter not to like her is horrible. I always try and fast forward the parts that you are in. I dont know why mtv keep you on that show. Noone likes you

  • Your daughter will be a horrible teen.

  • Why are you so mean to your mom??? You only get 1 & you treat her like you don’t love her. I really hope you come to your senses. You’re gonna wish you treated her better when she’s long gone...

  • @kristallwil 😂😂😂

  • @catrinaxxoo a narcissist! Its a whole family of sociopaths/narcissist

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User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Jan 8, 2018 4:12 PM (UTC)
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TONIGHT #TeenMom #Monday @sophialabraham is getting ready for her #nyfw on @MTV so proud of my baby! I like how it comes natural to Sophia & she has fun with the fashion shows and meeting friends. #runway #fashion #model #girlboss #mtv #nyc
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That’s my baby! @sophialabraham #NYFW -I have to say she stole the show for the @vmas as well all the children were adorable! 😘 #Fashionweek #vmas #star #model #celebrity #godfirst #mtv #teenmom #SophiaLaurent #careergoals #girlboss #fashion #2018 Designed by @twogypseasouls
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Happy #2018 #HongKong the best #NewYears Sophia & I have ever had 🤩🇭🇰 #fireworks #china #2018 #NYE #2018herewecome Full 11 min up soon on YouTube! #epic 🎥
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#newyearseve @macautower #bunjijumping #macautower is legit thrilling, amazing views & love the 360 restaurant !!! I’m scared of heights but @sophialabraham loved every second of it & wanted to jump! Oh boy! #china #macau #bunji
In loving remembrance to Derek Underwood, 12/28/2008 father, son, nephew, cousin, friend and so much more December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia. This past year Sophia was bullied for not having a father at her old public school, I thought why would any child not understand that’s out of ones control and no one would ask for that, in a world full of ignorance and wrong doing I’m happy to say my daughter knows her truth and has strength in that beyond the ignorance. This year I saw an employer long time production and my mother try to use my loss as their gain for heartache and to act as though they cared about my health and supported the struggles of the loss of Derek I go through, but for years they could not let it be at peace as nothing needs to be relived and this year of review has spoken for those who can not live life peacefully with you and support your growth and are not excited for your future and living better, happier, healthier are no longer welcome. Don’t ever manipulate or take advantage of a mother or child as they go through loss & challenges it’s disgustingly evil. Thank you Daddy Derek for always watching over us and this year we’re at peace and happy with the loving support of family who live by this and we’re in loving spirits on our Hong Kong trip as Derek would love the heights & the water of Hong Kong island as he did of his rock queries.
With Love,
Farrah & Sophia for those who want peace, life, love, happiness and a new chapter #Strength #wellness #peace #happy #rip #love #loss #live