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User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Jan 8, 2018 4:12 PM (UTC)
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TONIGHT #TeenMom #Monday @sophialabraham is getting ready for her #nyfw on @MTV so proud of my baby! I like how it comes natural to Sophia & she has fun with the fashion shows and meeting friends. #runway #fashion #model #girlboss #mtv #nyc
  • @deberz89 she is a terrible person.

  • @7verosol2 takes after her mom who is a terrible mother!!!

  • Does anyone even like her? 😂😂

  • Kid Is Sucha Rude Little B**** Just Like Her Mother! @farrah__abraham

  • @farrah__abraham B**** I am over you and somebody really needs to have a seat and tell you the way that it is the only reason why you're mad at your mother's fiance David is because he keeps it real you like your father's fiance because she kisses your a** and makes you feel like you're not mental b**** you are add A-line I know people who have worse mothers mothers that are on crack and steer don't treat their mother the way that you do b**** you better be glad you don't have a black mother cause you would have been f***** that I would have been slapped you in your mouth you had that nerve on the last episode to call your mother evil b**** b**** you are the evil 1I don't even know why they have you on the show you are bad for the bran you are disgusting and you are wrong and you allow that loss spoiled asked little girl of a daughter to act the same way and when she gets older someone is going to work her a** all because her mother is a punk b****

  • You are a disgrace to daughters around the world. Watching you on that show gives me anxiety. I have to record it in fast forward through those horrific scenes with you and your mother. You don’t even look her in the eye. May you continue making a lot of money because it’s the only thing that you have and that will ever make you happy apparently.

  • @jjweigel 100% agreed

  • @tianna5973 I almost had a stroke trying to read this comment.

  • jlo79m 2M ago

    I'm unfollowing I've always said your driven and have work ethic ...but I disagree more and more with your choices all the best for the futuretry not to ruine your daughters life to much

  • The way your child behaves towards her grandmother is disgusting! You may not get along with your mother but to teach your daughter not to like her is horrible. I always try and fast forward the parts that you are in. I dont know why mtv keep you on that show. Noone likes you

  • Your daughter will be a horrible teen.

  • Why are you so mean to your mom??? You only get 1 & you treat her like you don’t love her. I really hope you come to your senses. You’re gonna wish you treated her better when she’s long gone...

  • @kristallwil 😂😂😂

  • @catrinaxxoo a narcissist! Its a whole family of sociopaths/narcissist

  • You should go to your mother wedding Farrah

  • vanevx 2M ago

    Yuck her daughter is a royal brat. Sad once you give an insecure woman some money she doesnt do good with it she trains her spawn to be just as vile as she is

  • I neverrrrrr go on a reality 🌟 page and say anything negative but I hope you see this comment you are disgusting to watch and not because of the things you've done in life but because the way you treat your mother an you have the audacity to allow your daughter to treat her like that way when Deb loves her granddaughter...YOOO YU NEED A REALITY CHECK AND YES I TOOK 1 MIN OUT OF MY DAY TO COME ALL THE WAY ON YA PAGE TO GIVE MY UNWANTED OPINION!!!

  • Wow just so disrespectful in so many ways

  • @demihallewell Demi 😂

  • ___a2b 2M ago

    @mizznofeelingz 🙌🏾 took the words right out of my mouth . So disrespectful smh !!

  • Y'all don't even act like a family. Lol just brats and disrespectful. No wonder noone likes you.

  • z3597 2M ago

    @mizznofeelingz yesssssss

  • z3597 2M ago

    I dont mean to come here and tell ANYONE how to raise their children... but the way you allow your daughter to DISRESPECT not only anyone, but her own grandmother is despicable!!! I really really hope you find it in your heart to change and raise your child into someone who is respectful to her elders! This is not ok! I watch the way she behaves and it is disgusting. You are not doing her any favors

  • @lasciemariah 🙌🏻👏👏👏

  • Italian word for egg is uovo and for bowl is ciotola - maybe educate yourself.

  • Omg Sophia. Please stop telling people off and being passive aggressive and vindictive in front of her. She is turning out exactly like you. Soon she’ll be saying “even tho my mom annoys me..” just like u.

  • Your daughter is so rude I can’t even watch that... she treats your mom the way you do- garbage.

  • I hope your daughter grows up and show you how it feels to mistreat ur mom

  • Sofia is so disrespectful. Poor baby, look at who she has leading the example. Farrah get your life together.

  • Never have I ever seen so many people be so disgusted with a human being, if u can’t see the problem Farrah there is no hope for you and your child.

  • That screenshots bout to go down...wont be seeing anynore of these IG posts on her page.

  • This is so sad to watch. My heart breaks for the grandmother. I really hope the best for Sophia.... She is growing up with such a bad example of a parent. 😢 The question is what is Farrah's rock bottom if any at all?

  • Not sure when farrah got it from tho.. Lol

  • @respectfullytk omg they all talk baby talk ugh 😑

  • What are you proud off? How you and your daughter disrespect everyone and all talk baby talk?????

  • Sofia acts like she's autistic

  • @klattvilla I have kids mine don’t talk like this lol 😂 why you mad though?

  • @jincle yoooo id smack my child into yesterday if she every talked like this

  • It doesn't come natural. You could tell she hated it and didn't want to be a part of it when it came to practicing. You could see she felt out of place on the cat walk. Take that baby to the park and let her make friends her own age.

  • @geekmomma she's not going to hit rock bottom until all the money is gone and she's a complete has been. But I think that it's because we continue to watch this Trainwreck that she continues to profit and keeps going we need to let her fade-away and then she'll hit rock bottom. Everything about this family is disgusting.

  • Even her child is rude af

  • I feel sorry for her mom,so terrible daughter and little girl getting worse and worse!

  • Ughh Farrah is such a disgusting person along with her child that she’s made become that way....

  • Her mom sounds high or drunk AF.

  • Omg this the kinda kid u wanna slap lmaooo wow

  • @maghidemirjian__ let’s slap the mom for teaching her daughter not to be respectful. Farrah is a terrible mother.

  • Rude child, she acts like she was raised by animals 👹💩

  • Her moms Chanel ❤️

  • mznay3 1M ago

    Yes I just don't like how she treat her mom and have Sophia being so mean like wth..shes the meanest kid on there

  • mznay3 1M ago

    @ocotzi_ yessss I really hate how she treats her

  • mznay3 1M ago

    They need to be off the show and I've been watching for years since before the babies

  • Can’t stand that child

  • Your far from a model!!!

  • Why does she speak like that @mtv this is not how this show should be represented thank the lord for the good moms on here omg I cant believe she said what she said

  • That little girl needa get smacked

  • @robbybillz thank you i thought I was the only one thinking that !

  • This is horrible..... @mtv I am a huge fan of Teen Moms period and I love every mother but this one. She is not a good example nor is how she is raising her child. She clearly has no respect for anyone, in fact watching her is morally disgusting!!!

  • Farrah and the daughter need a huge slap in the face 🙄

  • Wow 😮

  • WoW WoW WoW @farrah__abraham 😝You are a horrible human! You need an attitude adjustment. Watching you on teen mom makes me cringe. #issues

  • Farrot you’re a bad mom to Sophia.. it’s truly saddening bc when she grows up having that same attitude.. well honey.. it’s not going to be easy smh. Let’s go over manners should we?

  • This little girl is a product of her environment, she constantly hears/ witnesses @farrah__abraham disrespect her grandmother. Why wouldn’t her daughter act the same? Farrah has shown her she doesn’t have to respect her grandmother because she openly has conversations with HER child as if she’s 20 when she shouldn’t be involved. What you sew you shall reap and what your doing to your mother will backfire it’s clear in her daughters rude behavior! #sad

  • Congratulations you have definitely won pitful mother of the year award...

  • What did I just watch?

  • @shangie_79 👏🏼👏🏼 I don't understand why @mtv even allows this!

  • Your daughter is what 6? Treat her like a 6 year old not like a 20 year old, stop teaching her the money is everything . give her boundries dont let her talk to people the way she does. She will have a hard life when shes older due to her attitude that you push upon her . just because your a C**t doesnt mean your daughter has to act like you. Terrible terrible mother .

  • Wow slap slap slap slap punch is all I’m thinking

  • Omg look at which hotel they are staying in @ohmygogg

  • @hhudson29 ahhh ! LOL

  • @robbybillz no, the mom needs to be smacked.

  • The baby talk from all 3 of them is disgusting.

  • You set the worst example for your daughter shes just as rude as you

  • Yo mom's wedding and you not going? Selfish man without her there would be no YOU

  • Teaching your daughter how to be a little brat, just like you! You are sickening! You try to sound intelligent, but you have a lot to learn. You are so full of yourself, it's disgusting. I feel bad for you, especially your child.

  • @katiedlaverdure think her kid is 9 lol

  • @xbhealyx either way shes still young

  • @katiedlaverdure totally agree love.. it's complete madness

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