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Introducing Hendrix George Tuthill, who joined us Sunday night. The last five months have been the hardest thing I've ever experienced, but I had the most amazing person by my side for all of it. Now we are joined by the toughest little guy ever, who completes our little family.
Happy Birthday to this pretty lady
Every amazing little girl, deserves a mother who is just as amazing! Leigha and I are so lucky to have you in our lives, you're my personal super hero. Everything we've gone and are going through, you've been the glue to our family, you've held it down. I don't know what either of us would do without you. Thanks for being the best mom out there and my partner in crime in this silly thing we call life. 😘😘😘 @katie_may_gaynor
First day of nature school for my baby #LMG
Just another one of those regular non nazi fellows in Charlottesville rockin with the OG Adolf. What a bizarre time to live in.
Caught up with this guy today. Haven't seen each other since Mardi Gras, 8 years ago. Nothing has changed, except my acquisition of this small child.
Whoever did this in Minneapolis is my hero
The coolest blueberry picker in the game
Leigha is lucky to have two of the most caring people in the world as her grandparents. She is lucky enough to spend pretty much every weekend with my parents. This is her average Saturday morning up at the farm, all done today before 10 am. #LMG #ItTakesAVillage #NannyAndGeorge
Out here celebrating 3 years on earth and 1 year of officially being a Tuthill. Thanks to everyone that made the day so special. #LMG
Happy Mothers Day to my favorite person. You make our family whole, can't wait to see it continue to grow, please don't make me get another dog, ever.
Just a couple of best friends showing their holiday spirit #LMG #RobyGobert
Had an amazing day at the Science Center today with most of the Paw Patrol and these two humans #PawPatrol #Rubble4Life #LowKeyEverestIsMyFavorite
Leigha and her crew rolling deep in Portsmouth yesterday