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User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Jan 7, 2018 3:58 AM (UTC)
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That’s my baby! @sophialabraham #NYFW -I have to say she stole the show for the @vmas as well all the children were adorable! 😘 #Fashionweek #vmas #star #model #celebrity #godfirst #mtv #teenmom #SophiaLaurent #careergoals #girlboss #fashion #2018 Designed by @twogypseasouls
  • @larissa702 why do people always try to lie about having surgery? It's clear you've had BA because of your pictures with and without. I've had mine done too and I'm not going to lie and say meditation made my boobs bigger. Get real lol

  • @larissa702 not what your pictures say my dear. I feel Amazing inside out.

  • @joxm_ good going deleting my comment because you sound ridiculous with yours.

  • @hbear1989 lmao girl I’m pregnant. That’s flattering though. I do want a boob job one day.

  • @morningdew912 keep telling yourself that boo. While you troll the internet lol

  • Oh haha that explains it

  • @hbear1989 jealousy gets you nowhere in life.

  • joxm_ 1w ago

    @nikki_813_ I didn’t delete anything lol you’re way too fun I love how mad you’re getting ahahah

  • @achristgau it's sad but I think when she gets older she will treat Farrah the way Farrah treats Deborah.

  • @larissa702 i sure will.

  • joxm_ 1w ago

    @nikki_813_ ps I don’t care what you think aha

  • @nikki_813_ I actually like Farrah but I don't agree with her training her kid to hate people, Sophia is a child and should remain that way. There's nothing for me to be jealous of because I enjoy my life.

  • @ac9261959 I see you have kids yourself, I’m sure people don’t think your kids are little models. Truth hurts? She’s not my daughter. Just think extremely sad that a full grown woman, with kids of her own, can say horrible things about a child. Your very very far from a supermodel yourself

  • Disrespectful 💩 just like you Farrah!

  • @niamhmcphillips14 , assume much , perhaps I was taking about Farrah .

  • Love seeing you and Sophia together! So sweet!!

  • @susieejenks Well where is your comment gone? I’ll look at it again as yeah you could have been talking about her, but you weren’t. Sad

  • Bwweaagghhh! So sad! She's ruining her daughter's life and unfortunately Sophia thinks that this is the right way to behave. I mean if your mother says it's ok then ur guna listen. Such a shame.

  • So many negative comments on here I can't even... you go Sophia, good job! 😘

  • @kram__72 most parents of young children run their life. They're too young to be out doing it alone.

  • @manda0522 why should people lie to themselves, some kids just ain't cute.

  • Your a sick and disgusting mother you should care about your child’s inner beauty and not the outer so much. You need serious help.

  • Sophia looked BEAUTIFUL as usual. Mother like Daughter. U r doing amazing thing farrah. Let the hater hate. Thats u say it gives them simething to talk about. And hey it keeos u in the spot light. Hahaha

  • Beautiful mama and daughter! You're the best Farrah👩‍👧

  • OMG Sophia your such a big girlll 👏👏👏👏

  • @maddiesgrandma12 and you’re a demon person for judging 🙃

  • @robinfullerbritt and I actually hope that's the case,,,karma is a promise with this one

  • You should be embarrassed the way your daughter acts on TV. I fast-forward right when you're on!

  • @savy__kenzie right?! 😂😂😂

  • @mvchupacabra and that's a matter of opinion

  • I love Farrah, but I would never watch anything on the anti white mtv. They have to be the most racist and hateful companies towards white people.

  • Da fuq

  • go Sophia! ❤

  • Poor child

  • This is about having folks...this is the world trying to tell you that your selling your daughter to pedophiles and ruining a childhood for her...u are your mom and dad need professional help...and Sophies fathers parents need to gain custody of this child before she is ruined and becomes a heroin addict...she will be the next Disney star on the casting couch with some old man with his hand on her panties

  • This poor child is already so messed up. I hope she can afford life long therapy as an adult. I’m not being mean and I’m not at all jealous..I genuinely can see how Sophia talks/acts and what she says that she has a lot of issues due to her lack of having a good mother.

  • @cindylea88 she creates drama and people love to hate, MTV must have a strategy for views. She cops a lot of backlash people feed on having to know what’s she’s doing. You can see that with all the comments, people who wrote these comments are no longer in hate.. they are fans.

  • Don’t think she stole the show Farrah!!

  • Wow!! Absolutely ridiculous! That poor child!

  • @locogilstrap yes agree 100 with you

  • @_lisagrub_ me too I can’t stand her and I feel sorry for Sophia to have a mom like Farrah

  • Cue all the negative comments about and her poor child ......... go!

  • You're an idiot

  • Way to go Sophia! #beautiful #strong&independent

  • Can u please let her be a child ur pushing her to grow up way to fast

  • I love Sophia's hair up like that!!!

  • ggbeii 1w ago

    @farrah_abraham Sophia looks so pretty!!!!

  • @jenrnxoxo well said. It’s so tiring reading all the really nasty things people say and to what level they will sink.

  • Omg someone brushed Sophia's hair! Now call CPS to help that child get away from abusive Farrah!

  • @farrah__abraham teach her some manners. She so mean to her gma. Like wtf? who teaches their child it’s okay to take a card before saying hello to her grandmother? She feel entitled to everything. 🙄 usually I don’t judge, but jeez.

  • So cute ❤

  • ryle21 1w ago

    Great job Sophia, your a natural

  • Finally, someone has done SOMETHING with the child's hair!

  • @mrswaldaias she's disgusting the way she talks, she gets it all from her mother cause that's how @farrah__abraham treats her own mother, she's a disgrace and that spoiled little madam will pay for it in later years thanks to her pathetic mother

  • @stephkyork 😂😂 seriously this girl thinks only of herself, unless you're a billionaire she won't want to know

  • @maria_f_420 lol it was worth a shot 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • At least she finally got her hair done.

  • @manda0522 I guess you are to scared. Don't you and all your hillbilly cousin need to go breed each other?

  • @stephkyork for what she doesn't like US

  • Your daughter is a demon child.

  • @mrswaldaias i feel bad for that little girl because the world is bigger than reality tv. She is going to get a dose of real reality one day.

  • Your a nasty person and your teaching your daughter to be evil. You need help!!!

  • What's evil and nasty are all these rude comments. We don't live with them so we don't know what goes on in there house.

  • Definitely rocked it. Great job

  • She’s so cute!! 💖👍🔥

  • That lil girl will end up on the new show 13 and pregnant

  • she just is using her own daughter to make more money

  • Finally you fix her hair!! @farrah__abraham you go around glammed up meanwhile your daughters hair looks like a hot mess

  • @marcelinomodel yesssss my thoughts exactly

  • Be nice. this child is of GOD remember that.🙏🏻💕😁

  • Ready to see the red hair go!

  • heazza 1w ago

    Your hair style at this event was 🔥 🙌 👌 😎 hot!

  • @raevhalinstavanger or maybe Sophia likes her hair the way she likes it.

  • Instead of teaching your Daughter how to be rude and disrespectful you should be teaching her how to talk right and not talk like a 2 year old toddler!

  • @perfectxpisces of course a kid is going to want to go around like that. My daughter does but do I let her? Um no. I teach her proper hygiene and to always fix her hair cause even child protection services see all that poor care as a bad sign

  • @perfectxpisces and I’m clearly not the only one who feels the same. How about see all the other comments too

  • U can tell in the one shot she was about to say something rude looking at that lady.... such a brat, and not a cute one

  • I see camel toe on farrah!! 😂😂😂😂😂🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  • OMG! WhT are you doing to your child? Raising her to be such a hateful disrespectful kid. Her behavior is disgusting!! Farrah's behavior is worse. She just terrorizes her family and they just stand by and take it from her. Pathetic!

  • Seriously.....: when is that kid gonna stop talking like she’s 2 , An she’s becoming just as hateful as her mother BC her mother allows her to make adult decisions instead of directing her in the right way so of course she’s gonna do as her mother does . Get it together Farrah

  • That poor child

  • They both need psychological intervention ASAP. That little girl is soo RUDE 👹

  • @sonia1619 she is RUDE. We are all God's children. But that little girl is soo RUDE and disrespectful. Do you not see how she belittles her grandma?

  • @_wonderemporium Yes and she looks like one too👹

  • Her kid is a spoiled brat just like her mother ! When her mother/grandmother was speaking to them both Farrah degrades her grandmother and in the meantime her daughter talks to her horrible. She learns this from Farrah. Sophia is so rude and hateful just like her momma...They BOTH will be very lonely people and a little drug addict on the rise.

  • I am surprised Family Services hasn't been involved with this mess !

  • You are really disgusting, the way you treat your mother is how Sophia will treat you.

  • U guys were very cute though here..but looks can be very deceiving..

  • Farrah have you heard of KARMA 😜

  • Your daughter needs to stop treating her grandma like you . It’s so sad .

  • You both look gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • @frenchfrey__26 I thought I was the only one who seen that

  • @frenchfrey__26 kids are like sponges they see and soak up everything that the parent does

  • If I treated my mom anything like this my mom would have slapped me silly my mother used to say I brought you into this world I can take you out of this world and I used to be so afraid of my mom LOL

  • Your child is hideous inside and out just like you

  • @morningdew912 I honestly think there’s something emotionally and mentally wrong with her daughter

  • Your daughter is as mean as you u make money get to u sorry for u daughter when she gets big

  • @foxy_brown_eyes82 watching the show, it’s horrible to see.

  • @shelley0608 Tell Me about it

  • @frenchfrey__26 for real like come on. Now. Your. Child only. Reacts on. How. The. Mom. Sees. Her. Treating. Her own mother

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TONIGHT #TeenMom #Monday @sophialabraham is getting ready for her #nyfw on @MTV so proud of my baby! I like how it comes natural to Sophia & she has fun with the fashion shows and meeting friends. #runway #fashion #model #girlboss #mtv #nyc
User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Jan 7, 2018 3:58 AM (UTC)
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That’s my baby! @sophialabraham #NYFW -I have to say she stole the show for the @vmas as well all the children were adorable! 😘 #Fashionweek #vmas #star #model #celebrity #godfirst #mtv #teenmom #SophiaLaurent #careergoals #girlboss #fashion #2018 Designed by @twogypseasouls
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Cheers to only the best #2018 Let’s enjoy this New Years *NEW* episode of #Teenmom on #mtv tonight & first flight of 2018 #BigYear #changes #new #traveltuesday
User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Dec 31, 2017 11:05 PM (UTC)
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Happy #2018 #HongKong the best #NewYears Sophia & I have ever had 🤩🇭🇰 #fireworks #china #2018 #NYE #2018herewecome Full 11 min up soon on YouTube! #epic 🎥
User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Dec 31, 2017 3:06 AM (UTC)
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#newyearseve @macautower #bunjijumping #macautower is legit thrilling, amazing views & love the 360 restaurant !!! I’m scared of heights but @sophialabraham loved every second of it & wanted to jump! Oh boy! #china #macau #bunji
In loving remembrance to Derek Underwood, 12/28/2008 father, son, nephew, cousin, friend and so much more December 28th comes every year when we review all of our love, great memories, share stories and know how special Derek was and how all the special and highly favored charisma passed on to Sophia. This past year Sophia was bullied for not having a father at her old public school, I thought why would any child not understand that’s out of ones control and no one would ask for that, in a world full of ignorance and wrong doing I’m happy to say my daughter knows her truth and has strength in that beyond the ignorance. This year I saw an employer long time production and my mother try to use my loss as their gain for heartache and to act as though they cared about my health and supported the struggles of the loss of Derek I go through, but for years they could not let it be at peace as nothing needs to be relived and this year of review has spoken for those who can not live life peacefully with you and support your growth and are not excited for your future and living better, happier, healthier are no longer welcome. Don’t ever manipulate or take advantage of a mother or child as they go through loss & challenges it’s disgustingly evil. Thank you Daddy Derek for always watching over us and this year we’re at peace and happy with the loving support of family who live by this and we’re in loving spirits on our Hong Kong trip as Derek would love the heights & the water of Hong Kong island as he did of his rock queries.
With Love,
Farrah & Sophia for those who want peace, life, love, happiness and a new chapter #Strength #wellness #peace #happy #rip #love #loss #live