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My princess Mia❤️ because she only wants to play with the toy by herself 🙄
6 years ago my friend and I went to a Harry Potter week marathon and then spent over 24 hrs even sleeping in the theatre for the Deathly Hallows part 2. #slytherin 🐍
A HUGE amount of stress has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel at peace and ready to dive into new opportunities and get the ball rolling on others that have kept me back♑️ #capricorn
She really does love me I swear
I'm so into Ronnies shirt, I need one! Yes please support live music and hire live musicians but also please support your local artists too who are striving everyday to get their name out!! #thekillers #ronnievannucci #livemusic #hiremusicians #localartists
It's been a whole year without you and I still can't believe you're gone. Sometimes I wake up thinking I'll get to see you today only to be reminded that you aren't with us anymore. You are somewhere safe and happy and no longer in pain. I just wish I had more time with you, to go on more adventures, to talk about boys, anything to see you smile and laugh. I've always admired how much love you gave to each and every person even if you weren't very happy. I miss you so much Grannie and I will always love you❤️♑️
I still want to know who is The Man and where can I get that jacket? #thekillers
Giving you some Han Solo love today with May the 4th be with you #starwars #maythe4thbewithyou #hansolo
She started laying on me and I'm so shocked because she usually doesn't want to 😭😱 #mybaby
Today our beloved princess and general passed away. She is now one with the force and will be remembered forever. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher❤❤😭 #starwars #princessleia #carriefisher #somuchcrying