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Working from my home office today.

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Top photos are from exactly six years ago when I brought Buster home (2 months into my chemo treatments!) bottom photos are "now." Dogs make life infinitely better.
Staring at squirrels so intently he forgot about his tongue.
Managed to get another done on my Rocky Mountain bucket list - Larch Valley in September. These usually green pine-like trees turn bright yellow in the fall. The colour contrast against the snowcapped mountains is nothing short of stunning. #explorealberta #neverstopexploring
Hey friends & family who haven't travelled to Banff National Park yet - you REALLY should.
Buster has given up on fighting for his bed. #stolendogbed
U don't need to be smart when u dis cute.
Cuddle Monster and his latest victim - squishy pillow. #cavlife
Best thing about a late brunch is it coincides with happy hour. Chicken & Waffles with watermelon salsa at @sugarbowlcafe in #Edmonton.
It's been a fun few weeks of Beer School with @abf_beerschool at @the.brewers.apprentice (yes we tried them all! 🍻🤤🙃)
Buster and I's first time rafting down the Bow River 🚣🏻‍♀️🐶
My life summed up perfectly in one gif.