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jtrhoades 287w ago
Some southern eatin at Milo's in Birmingham! @lilfucky @bamahardy

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Shits yuge. @rileyhawk from his new @independenttrucks ad. Footy in @shepdawgs 5 dropping soon
Happy Birthday LanMan. Don't know where I'd be with out a having you as a older brother. Hope you enjoy all the bev's today bruva
No one asked for a photo of me, so that was a perfect time to post one. Climbing a mountain somewhere in Addis Ababa , Escondido .
Do you know where your food comes from? Im pretty sure this dude has a idea ;) I love the sights you see walking the streets out here. ETHIOPIA
By any means necessary!! That's how the kids get it in Ethiopia! With your help, they will have the opportunity to skate a smooth skate park on a nice skateboard, spare your daily coffee or bar tab and donate to @ethiopiaskate to help the world of skateboarding grow. Link in my profile
@bum.bag site has restocked !! Get on there and buy one of these new Disco Snake bags before they are sold out. 🎥 @justsomedude 👧🏾 @__meggmarie
@1800bobbylong we came from nothing, and made it into something. Keep killing it on all level's and it will only grow more, like you have done since these photos were taken
Happy Birthday to the only person I've watched grow from day one 1. I remember the night you were born and dad got punched in the face at the gas station by a panhandler . You have brought out the fun since the beginning .Thanks for being a epic human
The kids of Ethiopia need our help to raise funds to build a new safe place to skate. @ethiopiaskate is going to make it happen with our help. Just imagine if they had the access that we have to epic parks. You can play a large part in the build of this park and the smiles of children for years to come!! Anything helps! Link in my bio
💘👀 - love it while it's still -
Baja is like the Wild West. Riding horses on the beach, living on ranches, controlling your destiny. If a wall gets built, find me south of it :)
The kids of Ethiopia have just discovered skateboarding in the last few years. In 2016 the first skatepark in the country was built ( @addispark ), now they are trying to build another area to keep the kids safe and outta the street on the other side of the country. Help the kids of Hawassa Ethiopia get a park by donating at the link in my profile :) check @ethiopiaskate to see how much enjoyment you can bring by donating to a great cause
If you didn't see it in the mag, it's now on the screen . @rileyhawk interview and photos we put together for @thrashermag and @lakailtd extra flare behind the part video live on the site. Link in bio
@alexis_sm4l blowing the spot to smitherings in Mexico for the @dcshoes promo on @thrashermag dotcom.
@Tfunkb Nosegrinding in the new @dcshoes promo live on @thrashermag dotcom. Perp et
I have a brother that I look like... well actually 3. Here's one of them. Go figure we all came from the same ball sack. Thanks for making me friends @bigbowse @forrestrhoades