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It is time to Drink till you Can't Drink No more! #StayFaded #Team99

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Sometimes when 4:20 comes we cannot find the Joint we rolled, Then you just happen to look over at your Cat! #SissyBusted
Does anybody else smell a bunch of Donuts? #TransientInTransit
Chuck's Garage is full with stuff, like this Classic South Bay Street Sign! #SouthBayStoners
May The GodFather of Metal Guitar Mastery live in all of our Hearts! We all miss you Dime... \m/ >.< \m/
It was Hot today and Sometimes you just have to wait till it's your turn to go...
I have never seen a Star so close to the Moon before... Or is it a Planet?
You know you want some... Because it's always 4:20 Somewhere! \../ >.< \../
When you wake up at 3:00 in the morning, and got to drain all that Alcohol from the Christmas Party... Make sure you look down before you go! Sissy almost took a Golden Shower...
These 3 little numbers are what it is all about! Happy 420 Everyone! \../ >.< \../
To all the Stoners of the Universe... Have yourself a Mary(Jane)Little Christmas! To all the Haters, You Suck!
Pantera posted this photo on Facebook, I thought it would look Bad Ass from Instagram! It has been 8 years since The Whole World lost this Cowboy From Hell! On December 8, 2004, Metal's Greatest Guitarist was Shot and Killed while playing with his band, DamagePlan! Dimebag Darrell Abbott, because of you and your brother Vinnie Paul Abbott, (Who Happeneds to be the Best Metal Drummer on the Planet, and My Idol) Pantera would just bring it the fuck on!!! The Brothers of Metal will always live in my Vains and my iPhone! RIP Dimebag... Who is showing The Devil Himself How to work the Axe! \../ >.< \../