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User Image behindthechair_com Posted: Dec 18, 2017 2:36 PM (UTC)

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#btcwhatwouldyoudo? Please don't use my name. Is it considered tacky to give my friends and family hair products for Christmas? I know they all know I get it super cheap. But is it cheesey? What about a free color or haircut? I'm just afraid it says I didn't put much thought into it. What do your followers think?
  • No! First of all my sister in laws fight over my box of hair products in our white elephant gift exchange ... it’s still money they didn’t have to spend !

  • I've wondered the same ... but I'm on a tight budget sooo......🤔

  • I think it depends on the person! If someone love getting their hair done and is really into it, then you know they'd love it. But if someone rarely gets their hair done and they aren't that into it, stick with something you know they'd love!

  • I'm not a hairdresser of anything and I'd love to get given a free hair cut/colour as present!

  • Girl!!! It doesn’t matter how “cheap” you buy those products. They wouldn’t be buying them for themselves so I would LOVE professional hair care from a family member regardless how much they paid for it. ALSO a free color/cut has big monetary value. Yes you aren’t coming out of your pocket BUT time/skill is $. And they would be paying well over $100 to get their hair done elsewhere so I think either would be a great gift. You don’t have to spend tons of $ out of pocket to give someone something of value. Your time and skill is value all in itself!

  • No way! I buy all the women in my family a years supply of Davines hair care! They look forward to it every year! Easy for me too ;)

  • I still think “it’s the thought that counts” Amika is selling mini dry shampoo ornament gifts (super cute) for less than 5 bucks! My clients love free product no matter what.

  • Honestly I think this is a better question for non stylists. Of course we know the value of our work however, most people don’t. So while we may think it’s an amazing gift (I do!) they may think it’s cheap and not heartfelt. Maybe get a feel from non stylists?

  • My family LOVES it!!!..They get excited for it!..Trust me it’s 1/2 price but it still adds up fast!

  • I was once the recipient of a haircut gift from a sister in law. I was thrilled and overjoyed since I couldn’t afford her services on my own. This same sister in law gave me and other extended family hair tools. Everyone loved what we were given.

  • Go for it! What you do is art,craft,talent and time consuming! My stylists love it when we give in-house gift certificates for prizes! They can pick out something for themselves or for gifts!

  • Honestly, I don't think it's SUPER cheap! I'm not sure where you all are from but even with our discount I don't think it's a 'cheap ' gift at all. I'm sure they would appreciate having professional hair products given to them!

  • My sister is a stylist and I am not and I love it because she gets the best products! Go with what you know..

  • I wouldn’t worry about feeling like you didn’t put much thought into it, especially if you’re giving services. At the end of the day, you’re giving your time & expertise so anyone in your family would love it!

  • It was a hit with my sister in law when I couldn’t decide what to give her. She loved it!!

  • Good gift!

  • @mcgrath97 it sure does! Especially if you go with liter sizes!

  • My family and friends have always loved it, products or service...either way.

  • It's a great gift!

  • I would say giving profession product specifically picked for what their hair needs would be an amazing gift in more ways than one!! I wouldn't however give away services-I think that devalues the profession. The only time I perform free services is for charity...your friends and family should pay (even if you chose to discount their services).

  • I think only if you get the latest cool stuff. It shows that you want your family and friends to be trendy.

  • If they care about products then it’s a good gift but if they don’t care no matter how many times you say it’s important then I’d say no

  • I don’t think it’s cheesy at all

  • Are you kidding. Quality hair products are the best!

  • I would be happy with good stuff!

  • People love products!

  • I always wonder the same thing. We’re all hairdressers here so of course we love products lol.

  • It's a great gift because some people aren't willing to spend money for good products and they deserve it!!

  • I'd love to get products!!

  • People love getting products! Not cheesy at all, I would rather do that than give a free service. I even love getting products as gifts! It adds to my kit

  • Yes! Give them what they want 🛍🎁

  • I’d still give them products since I know they won’t spend the money to get good products for their hair, so no I don’t think it’s cheesy 🙂

  • I do

  • My family and friends LOVE it. I’ve tried to do more unique stuff for them some years and they insist hair products is the way to go. Even though we get it at a discounted rate it’s still stuff they wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves usually.

  • didir 1M ago


  • I do

  • I would love quality products and free haircuts and dyes!!!!!!!!!!! I buy practical gifts that will last all year or that they will grow into. So haircare is an awesome gift!

  • Those are all great gifts! Don’t take yourself or your ability to provide quality products for granted! People appreciate it more then you realIze and if they don’t they they don’t deserve either. 😉😘

  • My family and friends love hair products. I never thought it as cheap. They get alot better products. What the difference then waiting and buy something on sale that they want🤔🤔

  • Shampoo gift sets are the gift my family expects and appreciates every year. They also know I don’t do my job for free....

  • Im giving my family and friends coupons for me services (free haircuts and color at cost of product)

  • I love the idea of hair products! A lot of people won’t buy salon products for themselves, so they make great presents!! Also, when they see how well they work they’ll probably want to stick with them and their hair will be in better condition for it!!

  • My friends LOVE getting hair products for birthdays/holidays. They hate spending the money themselves, and they know I’m going to pick out things perfect for their hair.

  • They are great gifts because they don’t want to pay retail price! And I have found out people are disappointed when they don’t get them 🤶🏻

  • When it's good share the goodness 😉

  • jmmm15 1M ago

    Great idea

  • That's what I'm doing!! I get extras from promos so I pass it along!!

  • My family asks me for products for Christmas- I love it

  • @sunnee11 Lol. So true!

  • My family does secret santa and my sisters LOVE it when I'm their Santa because they get the best products!! Haha. I always add something not hair related into the mix, but they always get an oil or some shampoo I chose specifically for their hair. They love that I like to help them take care of themselves.

  • Why I look at it is this; if they were a dentist, I would be floored to get a new sonic tooth brush, or exam and cleaning done. I am sure they will be very happy with whatever, products or free cut.

  • I don’t think it’s tacky if they use a specific kind. It’s a nice stocking stuffer. But as a main gift 🎁 agh i typically wouldn’t

  • If there’s one thing people like it’s anything FREE.

  • No way!!! I think about it every year.

  • Depends on the product. If it IS cheap, and you know it, put yourself on the reverse and see if you'd like it. If the products themselves aren't cheap, but you're getting a pro discount then that's cool, but I'd only say as a stocking suffer. NOT a main gift. Why? Because you probably give free product and haircuts to your family all year... so that does make it cheesy in my opinion.

  • Just having a gift at Xmas that's all the matter no ? Some people get nothing 😔

  • I always give my sisters product and they love it because they don’t want to buy the good stuff. I don’t give services away for free, ever.

  • My friends always love the gift sets I give them for Christmas and sometimes I’ll toss a brush or some nail polish in with it. They would rather me give them that than to buy the stuff themselves

  • let me just say I've done hair for almost 17 yrs... people pay us their hard earned money to do their hair and keep coming back for more of it!!!.. do NOT sell yourself short.. that's an amazing gift to give ..your time and your creativity can't ever be beat ! with a side of products.. it is the best gift you could ever give!

  • I always give my sisters and mom hair products and they love it

  • Omg!!! They are great gifts!!! My family loves it!! They beg for it! 🎄

  • I give my kids and step kids their hair products and skin care, they love it!

  • It’s good quality product you stand by. Can’t go wrong with that. Beats Walmart and Sally’s.

  • Always get my mom n mother in law the good stuff ! They are super thankful

  • The gift of great hair could never be tacky!

  • Not tacky at all. They probably know you get it cheap, but are probably very excited that you are using it to their benefit.

  • Also I’d say never give away a free service (esp to friends or family) unless you intend to keep giving it for free. They will most likely expect it unfortunately.

  • Heck no! Buy them all the things.

  • No! We can only beat down their throats to use good products! Rather killing us all year with crappy hair care.

  • I'm sure you probably already do that for them on any given day. Not sure if its considered very special. But a gift of any kind is a gift.

  • I think that most females would be thrilled with great quality hair products as they may not treat themselves to salon quality products. Also, getting a free cut and colour is alot for you to give and sometimes when we do freebies people don't see the value of your work. I'd stick to product gift packs.

  • cammko 1M ago

    I think it’s a great idea. especially for those people who can afford your prices. It doesn’t matter what you get products for, they still can’t get it at cost.

  • I give a whole hair care regimen to close family that needs it !

  • @mollyisahairstylist I’m glad you felt the need to sort out all the posts to get to mine. Sorry I can’t give you any attention today. Maybe tomorrow, today I’m booked.

  • @elena_hairdresser_melbourne yes! Before I became a stylist I was gifted purology and I loved it. Before I was using drug store shampoo. I loved it so much I only used it when I had something special to do. Then I started to invest in more.

  • I do it

  • My mom & sister love getting products! I also give my sister 50% off for Christmas & het bday(Mom is always free bc she put me through school!) She loves it & normally pays full price bc she respects my talent.

  • I do it , they can’t buy it for what I can get it for and are stoked when they get the “good stuff “ for free , what I paid for it doesn’t matter 🙋🏻

  • Any gift should be appreciated and to give the gift of your talent or part of your craft is like giving a part of what is special about you! Its awesome to give!! Happy Holidays!

  • Gifting your craft, talent, and passion is always a beautiful thought!

  • I used to give it as gifts all the time when I worked in the salon and my family and friends loved it

  • I would totally be happy with any of that as a gift! I say do it!

  • You get products cheap, but good luck to them to find these gifts uniquely chosen for their needs for free. I’m hairdresser and get products cheaper and I would still jump over my head from happiness if someone gave me free stuff

  • I always give products to my family and friends as gifts even though we pay less they would have to pay double so it’s still a great deal and gift ❤️

  • I think it's great!!!...and the haircut or color wow yassss. Perfect gift.

  • I would love to get some of the stuff you guys get for Christmas!! Being a mom and working for the county(ie not much money) I don’t usually have enough left to get the good stuff. If they don’t appreciate, I sure would!!

  • They will love u for it. We need to start guiding our friends n family n what not. To start looking after their hair with a good product. #haircare #loveyourhair and who wouldn't want good hair products given to them for free. Specially on xmas do it. Thats what i give to my family n friends and every year before xmas. They always give me hints on what hair products they are running off. Its the best xmas pressy idea. And its also personal gift from u. And its different. 💝💝💝💗💗💗👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

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