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Chapter 23:
The three of us gathered into a circle on the bed. I didn’t trust what was about to happen since Angi and Christina had shared an evil smirk. (A- Angi C- Christina Y/n- You)
C- Ok so I’m going first
C- Angi, truth or dare?
A- Dare
C- Call Zachary and tell him that Ariana Grande is hiding in his closet. I see Angi slowly picking up her phone and dialing “Baby Face” from her contacts. Holding in her laughter she did as she was dared on speaker. We could hear him drop his phone on his bed and run to the closest. He came back and said “She wasn’t there. Bye” in an extremely disappointed voice.
A- Ok Y/n, truth or dare
Y/n- Oh um truth
C- Ha you really think that's a safe choice?
A- If so you thought wrong
Y/n- Oh no, Is it too late to change my mind?
C- Yup
A- Who’s your crush?
Y/n- ...
C- Come on you can tell us
Y/n- I mean I don’t know, It's all very confusing.
A- Go on
Y/n- Well I mean I like Jack. But I also really like Daniel. They both just make me feel...good in their own way.
C- I see... so the stuff online? Jonah? Whats going on with that
A- Well I see the games over. Come on let’s talk about it
Y/n- With Jonah I feel... #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw #whydontwe

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Chapter 36: (Jack’s Pov)
I’ve calmed myself down. I know that whatever Y/n decided is for the best, and nothing will break our friendship. Daniel and I have talked and we decided that we can’t wait any longer. Our original plan was to take Y/n on a date with each of us. Then when she was ready to decide we would buy her a rose, since her name is rose, and have her hand over the “last rose” to whoever she chooses. Since she’s said her favourite shows were the Bachelor/Bachelorette. However Daniel and I feel as if we can’t wait another second. We waited until halfway through the movie and went off to buy the rose.
(Zach’s Pov)
Jack and Daniel pulled me over before the movie started and told me their game plan. My job was to stall until they texted me the secret code, which was “coupons”. When I received that message I was to bring Y/n to Jack and Daniel bedroom where Angi and Christina would take over. I got to admit I was a little upset that they told me about their plan last, but at least I can help.
(Y/n’s Pov)
After I realized that Jack and Daniel were missing I started looking around. Zach looked very suspicious and he couldn’t stay still but I just ignored that. He kept looking back and forth at his phone, my bets on a girl since he's acting like a little anxious 4th grader. After the movie I went to go take a shower but Zach started hugging me and telling me how I’m the “Your my favorite sister!”. I just laughed and said “I’m not your sister. And I thought Reese was you favourite?”. Right after I said that Zach’s phone had gotten a notification and he pushed me aside and charged for the phone on the couch. Oh my. He then tried bringing me upstairs but since I kept asking questions he just picked me up and threw me on Daniels bed and walked away. Well I guess he wasn’t in the talking mood. I adjusted myself and saw Christina and Angi creepily staring at me. They said I had to get ready and that I had clothes ready for me in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and saw this beautiful dress and some heels. Without questioning anything I changed and walked out.
Chapter 35: (Daniels Pov)
Right now I just really want to be with Y/n, but I know that my best friend is hurt. We all break apart to look for him. I called looking for him upstairs since he's my best friend, and I know that whenever his feelings get to strong he usually just goes into his room. Going up stairs I started calling his name so that he knows i'm coming. Giving him time to like, well, I don’t know dry up any tears or whatever since it was clear that he was hurt. I called out his name two times and by the third time he barged out of the room and punched me. I almost fell over since I wasn’t expecting it but then quickly rebalanced myself before he could swing again. I’m not going to fight him back. That would be wrong to do since he's not thinking straight right now. I try and hold him down so that he could calm down and stop swinging and trying to hit me but that made it worse. He was so mad that he broke free and this time instead of trying to fight he stepped away, took a breath and started yelling at me with tears running down his face.
(J- Jack D- Daniel)
D- But we are friends
D- Jack please. We’re friends. You don’t mean what your saying right now, just please calm down and breathe
J- DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! A REAL FRIEND WOULDN’T DO THAT! D- I’m just following what we agreed on. It was your idea! We promised each other we wouldn’t get worked up over anything.
D- Listen dude. This wasn’t planned. I didn’t start anything. It was Aspen.
Jack looked down and finally started to cool down.
J- Well who invited her in the first place. I bet it was yo-....
D- What? You think it was me? You know I can’t even stand her.
J- Yeah but you probably brought her here to make a stupid little deal
D- What deal would I even make?
J- A deal so that you would end up with Y/n and Aspen would “have” me.
D- Thats crazy I wouldn’t even do that
J- Well I can’t be friends with you. I don’t even think we should be a band anymore
Chapter 34:
I can see a little grin starting to form on Aspens face, along with Jack and Daniel staring at me to see what I would do next. I decided to kiss him. I stood up with everyone staring at me, went over to Daniel and kissed him. Daniel kissed back. It felt like it was just us for a second, and it was the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. I felt sparks and i’m pretty sure he did too. It was as if it was meant to be. As if the world just stopped and it was only us left. When we finally broke away we saw everyone staring, and Jack was gone. The feeling of guilt swept my mood. Everyone ran after to look for him except for Aspen who happily sat back feeling accomplished. None of us were able to find him until I heard Daniel and Jack yelling from upstairs. My first instinct was to get everyone and go and stop the fight together.
(Jacks Pov)
I said yes to playing a good old friendly game of Truth or Dare. My first thought was that this would be fun, and what’s the worst that can happen right? Wrong. The fact that Aspen was in it made me extremely uneasy but I just went along with it. At first it was a nice and innocent game until Aspens turn of course. For starters I tried daring her to leave since her flirting made me uncomfortable but that failed to work. As soon as she said her dare just the thought of Y/n kissing Daniel broke my heart. Daniels my best friend, and I want him to be happy but at the same time i'm in love with Y/n, and sadly so is he. I kept looking at her to somehow try and convince her not to do it, but she wouldn't look back at me. I was able to see the amount of stress and pressure she was under so I didn’t say anything. Instead I just silently hoped she’d make the right decision. She took a moment to think and then stood up and walked to Daniel. She kissed him. Right then and there. And he kissed back. Why do I even bother? My scheme and the whole “go out with both of us so you can decided” was my idea since I felt like I was losing her and I need a chance to be with her. I’m truly regretting all of that now. I’m not going to give up on her just yet. I knew I had to leave and go into my room before my emotions explode.
Chapter 33: (Y/n’s POV)
WHY WOULD THE GUYS AGREE TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE??!!! It’s like the most dangerous game in the universe!! We all gathered together in a circle on the grass, none of us able to process what was going on. I felt Aspens evil glare piercing into my skin like daggers. I knew something bad was gonna happen.
(Co- Corbyn J- Jack D- Daniel Jo- Jonah Z- Zach A- Angi C- Christina As- Aspen Y/n- You)
Co- Ok, ummmm.... ZACH
Co- Ok, zach truth or dare?
Z- ummm....dare
Co- YESS!! Ok, I dare you to take a video of you singing a song and have a huge voice crack! Z- Great...
Zach said sarcastically which made everybody laugh. Zach quickly grabbed his phone and sung a cover of “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande.
*after he was done*
Everyone was dying of laughter on the floor.
Z- Ok ok, my turn..
He said that with a cheeky grin which I didn’t trust.
Z- Hmmmmm. What about....NOODLE HEAD JACK.......
J- oh great... before anything happens truth
Z- thats weak, umm.. tell me the truth sir pasta head. Will our love last forever?
Y/n- Wait really, you guys are together?
Jack looked down, laughed and went on to answer the question while blushing
J- Come on bro, thats our little secret D- Wait what about Janiel??
Y/n- Janiel???
Z- Well he’s with me now!
Y/n- What? I’m so lost
Co- Sorry Daniel but...I STAN JACHARY! And Y/n don’t worry about it.
He said this at the top of his lungs and i’m pretty sure the neighbors might have called to complain.
J- ANYWAYS...ok, umm....
Jack looked around
J- Aspen truth or dare?
Aspen did a very cringy failed attempt of saying “dare” in a very flirty way trying to get Jack to like her more. It obviously didn’t work because it looked like he barfed in his mouth a bit. Which made me laugh.
As- What are you laughing at?
I panicked since I didn’t want her to hate me more than she already does, so I quickly made something up.
Y/n- I was laughing at Zach’s face. Are you sure you're not 10?
Z- I hate you
Y/n- Right back at ya mate
Everyone laughed, except for Aspen ofcourse. At least she believed me.
Chapter 32:
Aspen walked into the backyard wearing a bathing suit and holding a towel in her hand.
(Co- Corbyn J- Jack D- Daniel Jo- Jonah Z- Zach A- Angi C- Christina As- Aspen Y/n- You)
As- Why hello there
Co- What are you doing here?
Y/n- Yeah, no one invited you...
Z- How did you even get in?
A- Wait guys, I’m confused. Who is this
As- I’m Aspen. And this is my dad's house so I can get in whenever I want, and of course I knew about your little party. Everyone looked around in confusion
Jo- Wait who invited you?
As- Oh please, as if I’m gonna answer that. It’ll be my little secret between him and I.
Aspen got into the pool. She was just swimming around which really ruined the fun. Christina, Angi and I moved to the hot tub but she only went ahead and joined us.
As- Hello girls
Y/n- Oh no what do you want, can’t you just leave me alone
As- No. Not after what you did.
C- What did she even do to you?
As- Are you kidding. She took Jack from me
Y/n- WHAT? No I didn’t
A- Hold up, but he wasn’t even yours for starters
As- That's besides the point. Just know I’m going to make your life hell... starting now
Aspen stood up and yelled “Lets play Truth or Dare!” and for a moment everyone went silent until Jonah agreed to play and the rest of the boys went along with it.
(Jonah’s Pov a few hours ago)
Its 3 a.m. and I’m laying down in bed wondering what I did wrong. Y/n shouldn’t have denied me. I have to do something about that. Since I can’t be with her I might as well make things interesting. So I go onto my phone and start texting Aspen. Giving the time she responded back fast. We came up with a plan that benefited both of us. After everything was set in stone I got some sleep. Daniel woke all of us up because he wanted our help. He saw Jack and Y/n together in the backyard. It was pretty funny how desperate he was to interrupt whatever that was so we all got up and payed a visit. I made sure that we had a pool party today so Aspen can “crash” in and our plan can start. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #whydontwe #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw
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Chapter 31:
(J- Jack Z- Zach D- Daniel Co- Corbyn Jo- Jonah Y/n- You)
Z- Well, well, well. What do we have here
D- Yeah, what is this?
Co- Looks like a couple of Lovebirds got in on it last night
J- Naw none of that
Y/n- Jack just surprised me
D- Are you ok? You look tired, did you get any sleep?
Y/n- No, but your right. I feel exhausted.
Jo- I think I have the perfect solution. Pool Party!
J- Bro hows that gonna solve the problem
D- Yeah all she needs is some sleep
Jo- Don’t worry I have a plan...
We all went our different ways until the pool party. I for one hid in Jack and Daniels room, which is temporarily Christina and Angi’s room, for a nap. I know that down stairs will be too loud since the boys were up and playing games. According to Christina it would just be a small party with just us, so more of a pool day. When I woke up from my nap they were already changed so I quickly got into my bathing suit and we went down stairs. It seemed way and there was no yelling from the pool. Something must be up. Angi, Christina and I huddled up and decided to go around the back of the house instead. Once we went around we saw the boys huddled up by the sliding doors ready to throw us in. Trying not to laugh we quietly got into the pool and in unison yelled out “Looking for someone?”. They all jumped back turning to us. “Oh what? How’d you guys do that?” Zach asked as they walked over to us. “Easy it was to quiet” I said laughing. The guys then exchanged looks and all dived in splashing all of us. We started to have a small slashing competition which wasn’t fair since us girls were outnumbered. It was all fun and games until everyone stopped and turned to someone who just walked through the sliding doors.
#fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #whydontwe #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw
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***DECISION TIME*** Were letting you guys decided who Rose will end up with! Comment down below D for Daniel or J for Jack. Whoever has the most votes by chapter 35 will win! We have been aware that many want Rose to end up with Jonah, but don’t worry we’ve made plans for Jonah in the future *wink wink* *cough next fanfic cough* You are allowed to vote once a day. Let the games begin...
Chapter 30:
Right before my very eyes I saw a pile of blankets and pillows centered in the grassy spot of the backyard overlooking the other houses on the hills. Lit candles and rose petals led the way to where the covers and a projection screen surrounded by fairy lights were. I can’t believe he did this. I turn back around to see him standing behind me.
(J- Jack Y/n- You)
Y/n- This, this is amazing
J- good I’m glad you like it
J- you weren't supposed to see it yet though, I was planning on having our date tonight Y/n- Oh, well I mean lets just have it now
And with that being said he took my hand leading me to the pile of covers. We just kept staring at each other and talking about random stuff and then we decided to put on a movie. Jack stood up and pressed play on the projector.
Y/n- Harry Potter, really.
J- W-What, I-I just assumed that
Y/n- that because I’m british I automatically love Harry Potter
J- well I mean, ok yeah that was pretty stupid to think wasn’t it
I just laughed harder than I should since he truly thought I was offended.
Y/n- I’m joking. I just so happen to love Harry Potter
I threw the pillow on my lap at him and we just kept laughing. The night, well, morning was going great. Jack can be really cute and romantic when he tries. We talked about our hopes and dreams for the future. Its clear to me that he really loves what he's doing and all his fans. Music is him. He even pulled out his guitar from the pile of covers and blankets. I didn’t know it was there so it felt like it just appeared, like magic. Ironic since Harry Potter was quietly playing on the projection screen (Rest in comments)
Chapter 29:
At the same time we turned to each other and got closer until our lips almost touched until Daniel stopped and under his breath said
(D- Daniel Y/n- You)
D- Are you sure you want to do this?
I stopped and turned my head away so I could think for a second. As soon as I can put together what I wanted to say I turned back to face him and took in a deep breath.
Y/n- I just don’t want to rush into things
Y/n- like it wouldn’t be fair to lead you on when I like somebody else too
Y/n- Since I do like you and Jack, and I just need time to work things out
Daniel paused for a second and then pulled me in close.
D- Its okay, I understand
D- It's not an easy decision to make
D- take your time
And with that being said we started to paddle back to the entry, him still holding onto me. Tonight was very calming and I feel well, happy. We got over to the house and parted ways to sleep. I couldn’t sleep since I had such a big smile on my face. Since I sleep on the couch I heard a door opening and closing. I went over to see what it was and saw Jack frozen in shock. (J- Jack Y/n- You)
J- Oh, I, well, w-w-what are you d-doing here?
Y/n- Um I kinda sleep on the couch..
Jack repositioned the curtains from the backyard door then finally caught his breath and walked over to me.
J- See your in a good mood
I realized I still had a slight smile on my face so I tried to hide it.
Y/n- well that’s besides the point. I have questions now. Like why are you up at 3 a.m., and what's behind that curtain?
J- Well aren't you full of questions
I gave him my best “you better answer the question” look
J- ok ok...
Y/n- So why are you up?
J- I was preparing what’s behind that curtain over there...
Y/n- What’s behind the curtain?
J- Something...
Y/n- Wow thanks for the enlightenment
I was to curious that I had to see what was behind the curtain. I made a run for it but Jack picked me up and put me back to where I was standing. Before putting me down he just held me in his arms looking into my eyes. Sure we could be having a “moment” but I’m taking this as my opportunity. As soon as he loosened his grip I yell and pointed (Rest in comments)
Chapter 28:
D- Lets go
I look into Daniels eyes with confusion. What does he have planned? He went on his phone and ordered an uber for us. When the uber arrived he helped me get into the seat and then went by the drivers window to tell him where to go. Shortly after Daniel and the driver exchanged looks Daniel came and joined me in the back. The uber ride seemed pretty short since we just stopped at this little park by us. This place is beautiful, how come I’ve never noticed it before? Daniel leaned over to me and whispered “Lets go on with this date” he quickly slipped out the end and ran over to my door. He opened the door for me saying “Ma’lady” which made me laugh. He can be so cheesy. We payed the uber and started to walk around the park. The whole time we were talking and cracking up a few jokes. Daniel always knows how to put a smile on my face. As we walked we stopped to get some ice cream. I got mint chocolate chip and Daniel got Sherbert. Everything was going good and I was enjoying my ice cream until all the sudden my nose gets attacked with sherbert. He is NOT getting away with that. We both stand up and start trying to attack each other with our ice cream until it was all gone. We both sat down on a bench and just laughed at how childish that was while wiping the ice cream off our faces. When my face was all clean I turned to Daniel and said “Do you think that was a waste of money?” and he turned back saying “Not at all. Worth every penny. Plus I TOTALLY won” I playfully nudge him saying “Yeah right in your dreams!” It was starting to get dark so we decided we wanted to do one more thing before we left. Lake paddle boat rides. We pay and then hop onto the boat on perfect timing. It was sunset which made this seem extremely romantic. We didn’t do much talking. Instead we just took in the moment. Daniel and I were sitting next to each other until we both stopped paddling in unison. At the same time we turned to each other and got closer until our lips almost touched. Daniel stopped and under his breath said “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Chapter 27:
On the flight back Angi and Christina did there best to keep me from thinking about what had just happened. For the most part it worked since they are just great and perfect humans but I was still stressed. Thankfully I managed to keep everything inside and instead went on with my life. When we landed Zach was waiting for us. He said that he didn’t let Jack and Daniel come since the car would’ve been to crowded. I refused to let him drive and insisted that I did. We all agreed that I would drive until we got by the door and Zach ran to the driver's seat locking the door. If I die now I fully blame Zach. When we arrived to the house I saw Jack and Daniel waiting by the door. The second we parked and stepped out the door Jack rushed to hug me and Daniel said hi to everyone else first. After Jack's long, warm welcoming hug he went on to say hello to everyone else leaving me and Daniel. Instead of hugging me he grabbed my wrist and lead me to the side of the house.
(D- Daniel Y/n- You)
D- Welcome back, I’ve missed you
D- and I can tell your tense, what’s wrong?
Wow. This man can see right through me.
Y/n- Your right I have been stressed. Some of your fans for some reason still hate me because of what Aspen says. And I can’t stop thinking about you... I see a smile forming on Daniels face until I continued
Y/n- ...and Jack. I just don’t know how to feel anymore. Or who to feel for since I like both of you.
Daniel looked down at the floor and then to me.
D- Lets go. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #whydontwe #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw
Chapter 26: (Y/n’s Pov)
After that very awkward conversation with Jonah last night I feel slightly more relieved. You know, other than the fact that his fans still think we’re together and I’m like man hungry or something. Don’t even get me started on Jack and Daniel. They’ve been texting me non stop about their promised dates. We are all meant to go back this afternoon so we have some time to kill since its still the morning. Corbyn even managed to get Christina to come since she was on break from school. In the meantime Jonah had an “idea” on how to clear up the whole fan hate issue. He just texted me to go to his hotel room so let’s see how this problem will be fixed. I was ready to knock on his door but he opened it as soon as I lifted my hand. This man was shirtless so I automatically laughed since I could have been a complete stranger.
(Jo- Jonah Y/n- You)
Jo- What happened, did I take you by surprise? Do you like what you see?
Y/n- Haha no. Its just when I opened the door and saw you, I briefly wished I was the maid to see your reaction
Jo- Oh, well. I saw you coming so
Y/n- Anyways what’s the plan?
Jo- Follow me
Jonah grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his bed where his phone was live broadcasting on Instagram. Ok then guess there’s no room for discussion and were doing this. As soon as I got into frame I saw Jonah was getting questions about us. When I came the comments changed to like “eww not her” and “what is she doing her” and so on, but I just rolled my eyes.
Jo- Ok so most of you guys know, Logan recently posted a vlog with me and Y/n
Y/n- Yes and the vlog made it appear like we were on a date
Jo- Which we weren’t it was just for Logans vlog
Y/n- Yes and it was all fake
Jo- I even talked to Logan and on today’s vlog he said he’d will clear up the confusion since the fakeness message didn’t make its way across to the viewers
Y/n- Yes and again as I have said Jonah and I are just friends. That’s it just friends.
I turn over to Jonah who for some reason looked slightly hurt by what I had just said. But his face quickly changed back so he could talk.
(Rest in comments)
(Sorry this chapters and a few past ones are short, next one will be long)
Chapter 25: (Y/n’s Pov)
I’ve spent of my second/last day here having a blast with Christina and Angi. We were hanging out in the hotel room until I hear a ring on the door bell. Angi was taking a shower and since I was too lazy Christina opened the door. I heard a loud girly scream in excitement, and then Christina screamed too. Jonah then walked through the door. Oh no here we go. I’m guessing Corbyn was here too since Christina was still outside the door with there being both talking and silent moments. Jonah sat next to me on my bed.
(Jo- Jonah Y/n- You)
Jo- Hey there
He said very awkwardly
Y/n & Jo- Can we talk?
We both awkwardly laughed at us talking in unison. I queued Jonah to talk first
Jo- So I couldn’t stop thinking about you
Jo- Your just so amazing
Jo- and funny
Jo- and beautiful
Jo- And Y/n, I think I li-
I had to cut him off before he said
something he would later regret, or I will feel to bad to shut him down.
Y/n- Jonah. I’m sorry, but I don't feel the same
Jo- I’m so confused
Y/n- Jonah. I just don’t like you. I’m sorry, but just not like that.
Jo- Yeah of course not, I only view you has as friend. I was just gonna say I like you living with us..
(Jonah’s Pov)
My heart had just collapsed. Friendzoned. I guess the rumors are true cause this truly sucks. I don’t regret flying over since now I know. But that’s what hurts...the truth. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #whydontwe #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw
Chapter 24:
Y/n- With Jonah I feel nothing.
A- What about the date? And the kiss?
Y/n- It was a fake date for Logans vlog. Like don’t get me wrong Jonah’s a good and funny guy but I just don’t feel anything for him in that way. And the kiss, I don’t know what that was for
Y/n- I even pushed him away but I guess Logan cut the camera too early
C- Oh
A- I didn’t see that coming
*Back at the WDW house*
(Corbyn’s Pov)
All day I’ve wanted to tear my scalp apart. Jonah w o n ‘ t l e a v e m e a l o n e. I can’t take it anymore. He somehow found out that I know where Y/n is. Angi asked me to talk to Christina about them going for the weekend which was supposed to be Y/n’s get away but I quit. Jonah wins this round. The second I told him Y/n was in New York his face lit and he ran into our room. I was getting concerned so I walked into the room to see him throwing stuff into his suitcase. His laptop was opened on a bought plane ticket. This dude can’t wait another day, it’s sad. Me being a good friend I booked a flight to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, and to maybe see Christina if I get the chance. We pack our bags as Jonah practically drags me out the house in a rush without telling any of the guys. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw #whydontwe
Chapter 23:
The three of us gathered into a circle on the bed. I didn’t trust what was about to happen since Angi and Christina had shared an evil smirk. (A- Angi C- Christina Y/n- You)
C- Ok so I’m going first
C- Angi, truth or dare?
A- Dare
C- Call Zachary and tell him that Ariana Grande is hiding in his closet. I see Angi slowly picking up her phone and dialing “Baby Face” from her contacts. Holding in her laughter she did as she was dared on speaker. We could hear him drop his phone on his bed and run to the closest. He came back and said “She wasn’t there. Bye” in an extremely disappointed voice.
A- Ok Y/n, truth or dare
Y/n- Oh um truth
C- Ha you really think that's a safe choice?
A- If so you thought wrong
Y/n- Oh no, Is it too late to change my mind?
C- Yup
A- Who’s your crush?
Y/n- ...
C- Come on you can tell us
Y/n- I mean I don’t know, It's all very confusing.
A- Go on
Y/n- Well I mean I like Jack. But I also really like Daniel. They both just make me feel...good in their own way.
C- I see... so the stuff online? Jonah? Whats going on with that
A- Well I see the games over. Come on let’s talk about it
Y/n- With Jonah I feel... #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw #whydontwe
Chapter 22:
Here I am on a plane going who knows where. Honestly I never realized how much I missed hanging with Angi. We are supposed to land soon but I’m pretty sure I know where we are. I mean I may not be from here but I’m pretty sure I know New York when I see it. My confirmation was the flight attendant who announced we were soon landing in New York and to be seated. Landing was tough since Angi had to deal with me screaming in excitement. As we collected our luggage and made our way out, I saw a gorgeous girl running up to me.
(G- Girl Y/n- You)
G- Oh my gosh welcome!
Y/n- Oh thank you...
G- Oh I’m Christina, the beans girlfriend
Y/n- ???
C- Corbyn. Corbyn girlfriend
Y/n- Oh nice to meet you I’m Y/n Christina just gave me another hug then said hi to Angi. We made our way out the airport and I was stunned. I’ve only been to New York when I was a little girl. My mum had taken me there when I was young. But that's besides the points. Christina brought us to our hotel room where just sorta hung out for a bit. Christina seems very funny and down to earth. Thankfully she hasn’t really mentioned the boys except for how much she missed Corbyn. Which I really feel bad for the fact that they barely see each other. That is until she had the terrible idea to play truth or dare. This isn’t gonna end good. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfics #ff #whydontwe #wdw
Chapter 21:
I wake up and its 3 pm. Guess I must have cried out all of my energy last night. The first thing do is check my phone where I see an endless amount of notifications. Just glancing through it I see that I’m getting hate. But on what. Messages like “He’s too good for her” and “who is this girl. No one likes her, she should leave or kill herself” showed up the most. I was confused until I checked the trending list on YouTube. Logan posted his vlog. Without thinking I press it. He seemed to have forgot to mention its fake. It seemed so real. As if Jonah and I were actually thing. He even showed the kiss but cut out the part of me pushing him away. Guess my life is ruined “For the views” without him actually knowing the consequences. I thought this was supposed to be “fun”. Even worse I saw an oh so familiar name pop out with a video that already had a ton of views. Just seeing the title left a bitter taste in my mouth. Aspen made a video. From the beginning to the end she just accused me of being “thirsty” and whatnot. Even though I don’t really know what that means. She said that I would throw myself onto the boys and I’m only doing this for the attention. When in reality it’s the opposite. I can’t deal with this. As I’m reading all the hate comments I get a text message. Angi. The perfect thing I needed. She said that she saw what happened and to pack a suitcase for a and I quote a “surprise”. Angi always puts me in a good mood so I didn’t even question it. I packed my bags and waited for her to pick me up. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfictions #whydontwefanfics #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #whydontwe #wdw
Chapter 20:
After what seemed to be the longest silent car ride of my life we made it back to the boys house. The second the door opened chaos emerged.
(J- Jack Z- Zach Co- Corbyn D- Daniel Jo- Jonah Y/n- You)
Jo- I’m sorry it was an accident
D- So your telling me you “accidentally” kissed the love of my life
Y/n- Guys I’m right here
But they didn’t hear me. Instead they just kept going.
J- Ever stop to think that somebody else could love her? Like Jonah come on. You literally get like all the girls, and you couldn’t spare this one
Jo- But Y/n is different from the others
D- And what, you think your the only one that sees that?
They started to get up into each other’s faces. Eventually as the argument continued they started pushing each other. Which escalated into a fight. I tried to break them apart but it was as if I was invisible. Corbyn and Zach finally decided to step in and break them apart instead of just watching this all go down. It was too much so I just rain into Jack and Daniels room where I cried myself to sleep due to all the stress hear me. #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfic #ff #fanfiction #fanfic #wdw #whydontwe
Chapter 19:
(Y/n’s Pov)
Jonah kissed me. I couldn't process what was going on right away. When I finally did I stopped. As I pushed him away from me I see the confusion in his eyes. This can’t be happening. Logan came out after I ran away and closed his vlog so that we can discuss what just happened. Something I really didn’t want to do. We all went silent and took Logan's “Cool Bus” to his place and gathered at his living room. As I walked into the house where everyone took a seat I can practically feel stares piercing through me. I went for the safety looking spot, which just so happened to be between Zach and Corbyn. I’ll take it.
(L- Logan J- Jack Z- Zach Co- Corbyn D- Daniel Jo- Jonah Y/n- You)
Z- I don’t know...
Y/n- Hold up, first, did u film me walking away and second, when did you get so serious?
L- No. The camera was cut off right at the kiss. Whatever that was.and off vlog, and even though I’m the biggest blonde coch out here this seems important.
When he said “biggest blonde coch” he did this weird sign thing with his hand which scared me. This man is clearly not in his right mind.
Y/n- Ok, ok, you don’t have to scream at me...
I look around until I make direct eye contact with Jack, who was already staring at me. Our stare was broken by Corbyn breaking the awkward silence.
Co- If you don’t we have to go so we can talk about this...
Jo- We will... when we figure things out. #fanfiction #fanfics #fanfic #ff #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic #wdw #whydontwe