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dafonin 288w ago
Haven't posted anything in a while...Slacking. This one is for all of my followers. I appreciate the support!

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And so the road begins. Icahn School of Medicine 2021. This milestone in my life would be unfathomable without the people that always had my back. A bottomless thank you to my family, friends, and girlfriend for your unwavering support and all the positivity that you inject daily into my life. That being said, this is no time to relax! These past two weeks have already shown me that med school is going to be the toughest hurdle yet. With a team like mine though, it may just be doable. Onwards then!
dafonin 14w ago
The giraffe and the bumblebee - "living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight, having a wonderful time" (P.S. The cast is long gone, my hand is 👌🏻)
dafonin 16w ago
The Natural Bridge - One of Virginia's many splendors and a definite highlight of our road trip
dafonin 17w ago
Some guys are just cut out to be standout fathers. Best thing I can do is take notes.
dafonin 23w ago
Always had a special place in my heart for lighthouses 💡🏠
dafonin 34w ago
This year, Valentines Day wasn't sponsored by Netflix (❤️)
dafonin 35w ago
Nobody I'd rather have beside me in a rusty old paddle boat. (For once, I was driving) Happy Valentines Day beautiful baby 😘
dafonin 35w ago
Snapped this back in Boston. Thought it looked very Bioshock Infinite #boston #bioshock
dafonin 38w ago
Can't wait to finally be reunited tomorrow ❤️
dafonin 40w ago
Foam>Snow. Take me back to Cancun 🏝