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dazoo29 288w ago
Rollin Rollin Rollin. So IG friends with the news that IG has been purchased by Facebook, will you be leaving if so, where? @amysol @bottecchia @boyinthevoid @craola @cheekygoat @darryls_world @jainne @kevinearltaylor @lula_land @littlecoal @miell @nancymurray @rayray74 @rockymountaingirl @sapphie @tomiejane @tombagshaw @toddglee @theoriginal10cent
  • tomiejane 288w ago

    I joined tadaa yesterday. Read that people were joining EyeEm and PicYou. I've been on Streamzoo for a little while but rarely post. I'm planning on staying with IG for now. I want to wait it out for a little bit. Are you on Path? I love it there! It's like facebook but limited.

  • I'm hanging here too!!! I'm also on FB but between that and IG that's enough social media for me. I love photography in all forms. So we shall see what happens further down the line. You??

  • jainne 287w ago

    I'm going to stick it out too and jut see what happens. I'll make a decision later I guess....!!!

  • I've not used any other iPhone app for photos, I'll wait see what happens too.

  • rayray74 287w ago

    Not leaving IG but I'm also on Tadaa. Same username.

  • dazoo29 287w ago

    @rockymountaingirl I think I'll just be staying here. I don't like the idea I'd being connected to FB but hopefully they know enough to just leave it alone :)

  • dazoo29 287w ago

    @tomiejane I'm only on IG and have FB but don't go on it much anyone. I don't know if I could manage another account. :)

  • dazoo29 287w ago

    @bottecchia Yeah, me too :)

  • That is a really cool picture! :)

  • dazoo29 283w ago

    So fun right? @erica_bumblebee I couldn't believe it when I saw it :)

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