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User Image kirstenvangsness Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:27 PM (UTC)

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This skincare thing that shows up in your Facebook ads and whatnot if you’ve ever done a google search on a one “Kirsten Vangsness” is made up. Let us practice discernment & much will be clear. A thing is made up if you can only find one source, you can know a thing is not made up if more than one (like 2 or 3 preferably from at least one moderate, progressive & conservative news places) commonly designed to provide news source reports a thing. This skin care whatnot is NOT A THING. I barely wash my face. Don’t be tricked by the evil weirdos, only the kind ones. Don’t buy whatever this is and feel free to use that💰 on many of the charities I support, that’s where the glow is coming from.
  • People are weird.

  • @kirstenvangsness love you girl!!❤️ Haters gonna hate but you are awesome!

  • Parabéns por apoiar instituições de caridade. Que sirva de exemplo.

  • I love you sweet dolly ❤️❤️❤️💪🏻👏🏻☺️

  • That pic of you with the tiny owl, tho.... tell me that’s not the cutest! 🦉

  • 😍😍😍 beautiful baby girl.❤ @kirstenvangsness

  • i love you.

  • you’re amazing

  • The actor who plays abby on NCIS is having the same problem

  • Youre such an amazingperson

  • Well said @kirstenvangsness 🙋

  • Lol “I barely wash my face”. You do have glowing skin so easy to why they would come up with that sort or fake story!

  • You are so awesome.

  • This happened to rebel wilson but she lost jobs over it. Hope this happen to you

  • Angry react only. Someone had way too much time on their hands & a deadline to meet apparently. Click bait I bet! You’re awesome!

  • “I barely wash my face” 😂😂😂 I love you!

  • I love you

  • "I barely wash my face" lol Same girl! I knew this was totally fake. I had multiple people, family and people I don't even talk too post it to my page saying a bunch of rude stuff since they know I love you so much. And I had to defend you (which I will forever do) saying it's all lies and made up and not to believe everything you read. Thank you for clearing all this up yourself. And I'm sorry people have nothing better to do but make up lies and make you look bad. You're amazing and I love you so much Kirsten!!!!!! Xoxo 💜

  • I also have a $5 nonsense empire.

  • Fake news affects everybody

  • We all love you

  • icon

  • " I barely wash my face" kkkkkkkkk eu te amo ♥️

  • @robynisntcool “I barely wash my face” 😂😂😂 love her hahaha xxxx

  • You are amazing! I barely wash mine either 😂 🙈 @kirstenvangsness xx

  • I barely wash my face lmao. They do this with Pauley Perrette too it's so annoying

  • Yes, you are about the 3rd person whose team was furious with them over this $5 product and one of countless people I’ve seen “promoting” it @kirstenvangsness 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’ve tried tracing others back and never could. We know you only use the purest of water. 😍

  • @alliemackay I lost my shit in that part too lmaao

  • 😡

  • You rock!

  • 🤣🤣🤣 oh my goodness @kirstenvangsness That’s quite the creative copy they have on that “fake news” 😇 - “after years of not looking after her skin etc etc” 😳😳😳😳 I’m guessing they have a template and just keep changing out the pics and names ❤️

  • Too funny!!

  • I BARELY wash my face!!

  • Is it your kind of secret barely washing your face😍 i would love to have such flawless face like you have...

  • Didn't Pauley Perrette had the same problem with almost the same kind of scam-ad? I remember her posting about it on twitter ...

  • I love u so mucchhh omg ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 😆

  • You are such a warrior, thank you for always being unapologetically you! You are such an inspiration 💪

  • Can't believe ppl fall for these ads

  • I love you so much💕💕💕💕

  • They put Joanna Gaines' face on one of these, too. How shady it is of them to use celebrity images (for free) to promote their sheisty business.

  • Wish I had seen this yesterday. Bought a LOTTTTTTTTT of product

  • It also might be suspect if they use a fictitious character’s name to promote something. I do however think “I Barely Wash My Face” sounds like a good country song.

  • “I️ barely wash my face.” So funny! You’re beautiful!


  • I wish it was a thing because then the Criminal Minds team would be furious and they deserve that for throwing Reid in prison tbh

  • I love you

  • Omg I love you so much this is such a perfect response

  • They did this same thing with the Property Brothers.

  • @kirstenvangsness you have a natural beauty and glow, that you dont need those silly over priced wast of time products. I have heard, coconut oil cleans your skin, red wine tones it and olive oil moisturizers it. All the things you have at home that dont cost an arm and a leg. 😊

  • @kirstenvangsness "I barely wash my face" 😂😂 I'm on the floor!! You're da best 💖

  • I've seen that but the only reason i clicked on it was because i was afraid you were going to get replace and was like NO WHY WHAT HAPPENED! Scanned it realized it was a trash post backed out and moved on 😂 Penelope and Spencer are my favorite characters on that show.

  • I'm so glad you took the time to let people know this AND what they can do with their money that will actually work😁😘 you're a fave for sure❤️

  • I love you so much. Sorry you are now caught up in this mess. Stay strong

  • @nicwegener I’m loving your tricep toner BTW best 4,000 bitcoin I’ve ever spent. ps I love you forever.

  • I love the “use the money on one of the charities I support , that’s where the glow comes from”!!! @kirstenvangsness u go girl! 😊 #thatkirstenglo

  • Besides, who could not love ya?!

  • @pandoraboxx ... something along the lines of ‘I barely wash my face, these tears I cry over you do it for me’..

  • Didn't the same thing happen to Joy Behar from @theviewabc ?

  • Good grief. Methinks Pauley Perette (mangling her name) had a similar weird rumor happen to her.

  • When looking “too young” is a problem. #fakenews bad habits include 🌞🚬🍸

  • You barely wash your face hahahah. Love it

  • I laughed way harder than I should have. This is brilliant and so are you😍😂 ps: why would cbs be furious about a 5$ skin care empire. pps: I would so purchase said skin care products from you. ppps: some people are mindless baboons that will write anything just to get a headline. Sometimes you just gotta grin and forking bear it I guess🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Thanks for warning us!! I love you so much and your perfect skin!! Thanks for everything you do!

  • "I barely wash my face" 😂😂🔝You crack me up

  • They did the same thing with Joanna Gaines. Who the heck has the time to come up with this crap?

  • Penelope Garcia should find these evil weirdos and take them down!

  • xj3an 3M ago

    This is why I love you

  • It's nice to know you focus on raising charity so much and that you tell the truth! Keep going!

  • You are absolutely extraordinary and genuine.. and that's so refreshing 💙

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣I also "barely wash me face"

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amo de paixão#PenelooeGarcia# * ♥♡

  • lmao 😂 why is it I can imagine you saying that.

  • Just ranting in a really cute way...I love it!

  • only respect for MY queen

  • They did this to Joanna Gaines too. 😔

  • @kirstenvangsness Folks will do anything to make a buck, no matter how illegal and/or hurtful it is to other people. That's a shame, it just don't make sense. I'm sorry that this something you have to go through. 😔

  • Didn't they do this to the girl from NCIS too

  • so you aren’t leaving the show ???

  • Thank you

  • Luckily I haven’t read the article — only what I could make out from that picture you posted above BUT isn’t it hilarious what people come up with??? I mean ... who wakes up someday and decides to invent a story about Kirsten Vangsness skin (care or not care) ?? Anyways — you’re still THE BEST & and I admire you despite any fake articles written about you ♥️😘

  • i'm glad you barely wash your face as well 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Bless ya @kirstenvangsness you're such a strong women in so many ways and your fans and loved ones know what's you and what's made up crap. Some people/companies like attention whether it's based on fact or not and unfortunately their 15 minutes of fame is generally worth hurting someone else for. Stay strong and let your sparkle shine sweetie, never let haters dull your spirit 😘

  • Aww, baby girl, your gorgeous without skincare or any of that bullshit, ur such a strong women and you are one of my few idols because of shit like this and how u handle it, love u so much, don’t let it get under your skin xx 😘❤️

  • I baby girl @kirstenvangsness do you really came to comic con on Oporto, in Portugal??

  • I’m watching Criminal minds right now where Megan and her best friend goes missing, Ly ❤️xx

  • Love❤️❤️❤️.....BRASIL😘😘😘😘


  • Thanks for the information. People are so obnoxious

  • @kirstenvangsness they're saying that bout everybody that's beautiful. Trying to just shake up their world with lies. Whatever you are doing you're looking good girl! I feel for you actors ppl act like your life belongs to them & they should tell y'all how to live. I say do whatever you want to because it's your life and hey if you want to create a skin line you should be able to....or

  • The fake media and individuals not knowing how to judge what's a valid source is truly harming our society in so many ways right now. :-(

  • They did the same with Pauley from NCIS

  • Yes they did the same with pauley😡

  • That glow is all natural!

  • @kirstenvangsness they also did this to Joy Bahar. For a long time they sold skin products using her name and she had to constantly address on TV she is in no way connected. This people are too much!

  • They got Pauley Perrette too! Seems like they are going at strong CBS woman characters

  • @kirstenvangsness This is exactly why you're one of my favorite celebrities. You admit there are lies out there, but still acknowledge them politely. You also encourage people to give to charities that you, yourself give to. It's better to focus on the good in the world rather than the evil. Thank you for being such a good role model.

  • Can you not have them charged for using your picture to promote their bogus products? I see these ads they use anyone famous to try and sell crap

  • I love you

  • But it has your picture on it so it MUST be legit. I can't imagine there would be lies on the internet. Some people just suck, scammers

  • Same thing is happening with Paulie Perret “Abby” from NCIS. Sucks how these companies have to use clickbait garbage just to sell their product. Too bad there was no way for you guys to sue them for using you guys as endorsement without consent.

  • Those are really good pics of you 😄😍

  • It’s nice to hear someone from Hollywood tell people what real discernment is and not just telling people not to believe it or to believe something. I like how you put from multiple beliefs as well! This is why you’re one of my fave actresses @kirstenvangsness

  • Here’s to the girls who barely wash their faces .... you queens xx Big up to the beauty that is @kirstenvangsness for her honesty, her charity work and for telling people the truth about a skincare scam xx

  • You are my idol

  • And super beautiful in EVERY way! 💜

  • You are amazing!!! 💙

  • How could they do this?!

  • Guess they’re saying your skin looks so good that you must be using something amazing and you’re good enough to be a spokes woman 🙃 @kirstenvangsness

  • Still love ya!!!

  • Go find 'em Garcia!

  • You are wonderful women🤗

  • I barely wash my face 😂😂 honestly so relatable this is amazing

  • "She actually looked too young to play the part" is quite the compliment though 😂

  • @kirstenvangsness thank you for the heads up glad to see an awesome celebrity like you looking out for others where others are lacking xxx

  • You look awesome!

  • I have weirdos who pretend to be famous ppl contact me asking for me to fun kids and send money places. I'm on a budget that allows me and mine to live comfie. Doesn't mean I have enough for everyone else. 😟

  • I love you, you’re an angel and an icon❤️

  • So sorry, lovely!Never lose that charity glow!!!❤️

  • You are everything.

  • Thank you! 😀 appreciate your honesty. Wish more stars could do this too. Your the greatest. Happy Holidays

  • My very favorite part about this is the “I barely wash my face” bit. 😂 ❤️

  • Probably the same is true for the Pauley Parrette ones See

  • I have not seen this though

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Well, at least you own a skin care empire and they aren't quoting your "surprising and heart-breaking last words"!!!!! I hate these scams! (Also, it would be very weird for Penelope Garcia to have any business seeing as she is a TV character! Sometimes people almost deserve to get scammed if they are buying something from a pretend entity.)

  • Oh, so this "Babygirl Booty Bronzer" I bought isn't from your line? 🤔😏 #kidding

  • Guapa

  • @kirstenvangsness 4000 btc??? Damnnnn

  • Hola eres hermosa

  • “I barely wash my face” 😂 same


  • @kirstenvangsness they just hatin cause of that beautiful skin babe! 😄 lol super admirable of you to clear that up though! love it hun ❤️❤️❤️ you’re as beautiful of a person as your skin is! ☺️

  • “that’s where the glow is coming from” ✊🏾 #charity

  • Ugh so annoying! Just take the "looks too young" compliment though!

  • U the best.

  • @berryteapot Pauley has said the same thing. She doesn’t have her own skin care line. She actually uses organic skin care. Inexpensive and safe for the planet lol. She’s like everyone else lol.

  • This ad is nuts! Seriously I barely wash my face too and I don’t look as old as I am either. Good genetics and diet are a huge part. I do use all natural skin care products when I do cleanse lol.

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