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  Posted: Apr 10, 2012 10:36 PM FEED
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Dave and Josh just finished chatting live on stickam! Thanks for stopping by! We'll do another one real soon!

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@mikemcgill front side grabbing his boobies at #clashatclairemont 🕶👍🏼 Download our Check Yourself! app and post your own #checkyourselfie signifying your commitment to self-check! 📸 cred: @desiree_astorga
Early detection is the 🔑! Download our check yourself! app and learn what is "normal" for your body with monthly self-check!
Early detection is the 🗝Download our Check Yourself! app and commit to checking your boobies! every month #checkyourselfie 🎀 her company, @nevertakeitoff, is having a 50% off sale on their @keepabreast collection! 100% of the proceeds from their super cute collection benefits KAB! 📸 of the gorgeous @thejulietsimms by @ashleyosborn at @vanswarpedtour San Diego! 💕
Did you know that it's actually super common for partners to detect lumps or other breast changes? 🤔 Did you also know that men get breast cancer too? 🙇🏻Why not start self-checking together? Download our Check Yourself! app! Be your own health advocate. If you've got a special someone, be their cheerleader and take this health step together! Everybody needs to know their "normal". 🙆🏻 Btw @nevertakeitoff is having a 50% off sale on their entire @keepabreast collection! 100% of the proceeds of this super cute collection benefits KAB! 📸 adorable couple @thejulietsimms and @andyblack by @ashleyosborn at @vanswarpedtour San Diego!
@andyblack of @blackveilbrides representing the self-check at @vanswarpedtour San Diego! 🤘🏻Download the Check Yourself! app & take the pledge to do your self-check every month. Link in bio ✨ p.s. The @nevertakeitoff @keepabreast collection is 50% right now! 100% of the proceeds from this super cute collection goes to KAB! 💖 Check out their site! Use code KAB50 📸 by @ashleyosborn
Download the FREE @keepabreast Check Yourself! app! ✨ Know what is "normal" for YOUR body 🙆🏻 schedule a monthly reminder ⏰ Be your own health advocate 👊🏻 link in bio! 📹 by @raftr featuring super cute @juulliiee 🎶 by @shira_girl 💘
@handslikehouses putting their hands to their boobies! (or pecks, sorry boys). Here's @alexaustinhlh at @vanswarpedtour San Diego by @ashleyosborn. Download the Check Yourself! app and post your own #checkyourselfie!
Thank you to Michelle @the_xx_project & Sara @tantrisyoga for curating such a beautiful event honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month for KAB last night! Our Founder, @shaneyjo was asked to be on a panel with some truly inspiring & rad women (@laviniajoy @sophiechiche @_kimberlysnyder & @ahlewis) to speak about the importance of breast health, women entrepreneurship, and their Wellness journey! Thank you to everyone who participated💕
Daily exercise is important to us here at the @keepabreast HQ🏃🏻‍♀️Thanks to our friends @sportsresearch & @sweetsweat for creating this awesome jump rope! Such a helpful tool to help us through our #fit4prevention journey💓 Check out all our partners who are part of our blog '30 Great Ways to Give to Get with Keep A Breast'✨
Breast cancer is not just a US issue. It is a global issue. This is why it is so important that our app is accessible to people all over the world. The app is currently available in 6 languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Dutch with even more languages to come. Everyone deserves access to breast health education and support. Download it now and tell your friends - including your international ones! 🌎🌍🌏💕
Our friends and fellow @1percentftp partners at @smogcitybeer are prepping for their Weekly October #PintsforPrevention event Thursday Night! They’ll be donating a $1 of every pink pint sold to #keepabreast every Thursday this month! Now those are some #DoGooders 💕 #smogcitycares #onepercentfortheplanet
We're seriously so grateful for all the guys who took a #checkyourselfie for us. Men get breast cancer too. Although it's less common, it happens!! Pecs = breast tissue! 😱Guys, download our app and learn more about the self-check! Developing a healthy routine and knowing what is "normal" for your body is important for everyone! Take a #checkyourselfie showing your commitment to self-check and to empower the people close to you. 📸 @tlums of @beartoothband by @ashleyosborn at @vanswarpedtour San Diego!
Have you checked out our new blog '30 Ways to Give to Get with Keep A Breast'? Our friends @thetatatop have the cutest bathing suit tops 😍
When you educate yourself, you empower yourself. 👊🏻 Download the free @keepabreast Check Yourself! app and be your own health advocate. Link in @keepabreast's bio. #checkyourselfie 📸 @calebshomo of @beartoothband by @ashleyosborn at @vanswarpedtour San Diego!
Our Founder, @shaneyjo expressed how important it is to take some time for yourself💗 Even if it is just 30 mins. So whether you decide to use your break for some much needed #fit4prevention fitness time, do your self-check, or dip into the ocean, it’s all about loving your body and giving yourself that extra time to be your own self advocate✨ Side note- How cute is that towel from Skova?! Check it out in our 30 Ways to Give to Get with Keep A Breast blog! (📸: @updateswithkat) #selflove #checkyourselfie
Frontside grab your boobies and check yourself! Download our app to and learn to how to do a breast self-check! 📷 @matthensley22 of @floggingmollyband by @desiree_astorga
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 7:24 PM
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Don't let anyone tell you that you are "too young" for cancer. Download our Check Yourself! app and being your self-check routine and a special relationship with your boobies and your body. Knowing your "normal" could potentially save your life.
Our Community Outreach Director loves @gomacro bars! Especially the Sunny Uplift Cherries + Berries 😍
Knowing your boobies is 'The Answer' to early detection. 💡@jake_garland of @memphismayfire checking himself at @vanswarpedtour! 👌🏻download our Check Yourself app to learn how to self-check & schedule a monthly reminder! 📷 @ashleyosborn