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sgsara 106w ago
Yay. Naomi's 11 months old today! The last month of her first year of life. 😢.
sgsara 112w ago
Auntie Mandy mini reunion.
sgsara 120w ago
Lol This is awesome. I say you dont have to get married to prove your love, but not even having the option to do so just makes you want it that much more. #loveislove #yayamerica #finally
sgsara 120w ago
Aaahhhh yeah. Full series. Finally! No life starts now...
sgsara 121w ago
Aahhhh. Old school jams this morning.
sgsara 123w ago
#throwbckrhursday to our trip to the beach. Yes it was #galveston but it was enjoyable. Summer has finally arrived.
sgsara 126w ago
Pizza, beer, Mad Men. Friday night 😜