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I tried to mentally prepare myself for this moment, but It doesn't feel real. It just feels like I'm gonna hear your claws hit the floor and you're gonna peak your head through the door and come lay next to me. Thank you for giving me my best 11 years. I will never forget those wonderful memories you left me. Like the 4th of Julys where you'd be terrified and scared and you'd hide under my bed. Or when I was terrified of being home alone and you slept next to me the entire night. Or whenever you'd growl when I petted you. And whenever I'd feed you Doritos cause you loved them. Coming home is never going to be the same anymore, I won't ever see you run towards me and wag your tail. You're no longer in pain and now you're resting. I will love you forever my sweet dog. 😔💔
Thank you to the lovely people that showed up to my birthday party tonight. I had such a blast and loved dressing up likes an 80's pop queen 💖 tonight was unforgettable. #TwentyFree
Me to my sister:
Here take a picture of me in front of the door that says 33 on it!
Well my birthday is coming to an end. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Spent my birthday doing the thing I do every birthday, celebrating at the happiest place on earth. I'm thankful for everything in my life right now, and I can truly say the 22 was happy, free, confusing and lonely at the same time (get it?) 😜 but I'm ready to see what 23 has in store for me. I hope it's as amazing and memorable as 22 was. Cant wait to do more celebrating on Friday ☺️🎉 #birthday #septemberbaby
When the dapper Dans sing you happy birthday and you're dying cause you're blessed by their amazing voices. 🙈💖 #birthdaygirl #23 #dapperdans
It's national dog day. Aka the best day ever. This is benji, he's been in my life since I was 12 (10 years). I love him so much and I hope he still has so much time left with us. 🐶💖
It's like I've got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright 🎶