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afhotkiss 288w ago
Timary mi sister princess :)

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“There’s something missing in my home🐶💔I feel it day and night, I know will take time and strength, Before things feel quiet right.😢😥😪 But just for now, I need to mourn, my 💔 it needs to mend😔 You’ll live for ever in my heart💞 my sweet little Moo !
Gone to soon today are 9 months since you left me !
I love you 💕😘 forever until we meet again !
My Dear 🥀MOO💫 You left 🌈...and forgot to tell my heart ❤️ How to go on without You 🐶💕💞😪😓😥Remembering you every day ...
Buttercup and Mommy taking a nap 🐾🐶❤️😴😴
Happy Birthday My Sweet Baby 🎀MOO🎀 in Doggie 🌈Heaven Mommy Remembers You Every Day and Love you 💞and misses You Very Much !🥀💔💕. 03-12-2004 to 12-22-2016😢😓
I'm so sorry 😐 I couldn't SAVE YOU 💞🐾🖤🐶😪💔😪😪😪
My beautiful Angel when your heart stop beating 💗 My heart just broke in two, knowing that here on earth , There will never be Another just like you 🐾🖤🐶💔🐶💗💞💕
Your Wings Were Ready But My ❤️ Heart Was Not💔🐾🐶🖤
You were my favorite hello & my hardest good bye 😪🖤🐾🐶💔
I'll meet you at the rainbow 🌈 bridge my sweet love ❤️😪😪
My heart is been shattered 💔by the loss of my beloved lil Angel Moo💞🖤🐾🐶she passed away Dec -22-2016 due to a Liver Failure she crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge 💞🐾🖤🐶💔but she left Peacefully surrounded by us her family she was warm and she gave us kisses before her big bright eyes shutdown forever 😪😪😪but most of all she felt loved and adored always ...She will live forever in our hearts 💕 my fury baby is Unforgettable 🐾🐾
My heart is shattered today 🐾🖤💔💕💞After 12 years of pure unconditional love our Beloved Fury Baby close her beautiful eyes and went to 🌈 bridge , Thank you to all our followers 😪😰 RIP my Beloved Angel 12-22-16 you will live in ours hearts 💕 forever !
Moo was buried today in our home 🏡!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 🎄 ❄️❄️❄️ ...
Thinking right now ... what should I ask Santa Claus 🎅 for Christmas... A sweater ? Treats ?A new Bed ?A new Toy ?💝🛍 I really don't know what I want ?...
Anybody give some ideas please😂😊💕😘😘😘
Hi my IG family 💞 I'm busy looking for something 😂! Momma 🐶have you seen my lil blue ball ...I think is under this table 😂can you please get it for me ...
Good morning my IG family is the first day of summer and is getting hot in here , so I decided to stay cool with my AC 24/7 along with my siblings 🐶🐶🐶 please everybody make sure every fury friend stay indoors have plenty of water and toys 💦💦⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾🏐🏉 to keep us busy !
Have a beautiful day everybody 🍦🍧🌞
Hot night in Cali 🐶 so I decided to stay in my back yard and just watch this beautiful moon! 💞💕😘😘😘
My cousin and I @juankrlososorio 💞🐶💕🙏🏼 never imagine that one day he will share his bed with me !!!
Thinking of you my IG family 🙏🏼💞💕😘😘😘😘
Live,Love,Wag,Walk ...If I was granted one wish ... I would wish that my M🌸🌸 could live forever 🙏🏼💞🐶💕!
Hello my IG family Love you All
Mikey and Moo 🐶💞💕🐶 Brother and Sister Love. Chili nights sharing the bed !